Are Condo Fees Worth it? - Toronto Condo Team

Monday Oct 3rd, 2022

Are Condo Fees Worth it? - Toronto Condo Team

The condo fees you will be responsible for paying are an important consideration. All in all, irrespective of whether you intend to live there, rent it out, or use it as an investment that you plan to flip condo fees is an important aspect to think about. Before you buy, be sure you are comfortable with these fees. Bear in mind that you cannot discuss or amend these condo fees once you have purchased a condo property. You will undoubtedly wonder whether the condo fees are genuinely worth... [read more]

How Much Down Payment For A Condo

Wednesday Feb 23rd, 2022

Luxury Condos Toronto

Calculating Your Downpayment for Condo In Toronto Making plans to buy a brand new property is a reason to celebrate. However, it can be challenging to determine the exact down payment needed for a condo in Toronto. At The Toronto Condo Team, we have created an outline of down payments for condos so you have all the information and can pay for your new home. What Is The Cost Of A Condo Downpayment? The typical down payment for Condos in Toronto could go down to as little as 5%.... [read more]

New Toronto Parking Space Requirement Policy, A Right Move?

Saturday Feb 5th, 2022

Toronto Condos

Toronto City Council has put forth a new parking space requirement policy for new condo development projects in Toronto Climate change and changing habits of the urban residents have made it easier for the Toronto City Council to decide whether a minimum parking area for the new development projects is a good idea.
 With a decrease in available parking spaces for luxury Toronto Condos, fewer vehicles will belong to residents in the city. Therefore, fewer vehicles will cause less... [read more]

Turn Your Condo Into A Well-Lit Abode With These Wonderful Lighting Ideas

Friday Oct 25th, 2019

Toronto Condo Team

Condo residents are always in a conundrum when it comes to selecting light fixtures that make up for the minimal floor space and lack of natural light, and make the condo come off as spacious. To give your condo a well-lit makeover, here are a few expert tips on choosing the best light fixtures for your space. Incorporate Eye-Catching Ceiling Fixtures Incorporate a bold ceiling fixture to make your space seem open and draw your attention upward. A large, over-scale, ceiling fixture... [read more]

Turn Your Condo Balcony into A Lively Haven with These Expert Tips

Monday Aug 12th, 2019

toronto luxury condos

The condo balcony or verda is often the most underutilized area in a condo. Condo balconies are the most personal open space a condo dweller can get within their units. Not to mention, it’s part of the total square meter count that you have paid for. So, instead of whiling it away or not making the most of it, why not accessorize that space as an extension of your personal living space? Condo dwellers are in fact notorious for complaining about the lack of space. Here are a... [read more]


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