At Toronto Condo Team, we make your project stand out of the crowd. To us marketing matters and our approach for our clients listings is to acheive the highest possible sale. Our mission is simple when it comes to listing and promoting our clients condos and lofts. We believe in a good balance when selling your property. From setting the correct price to planning and promoting the listing, along with giving the right look and feel with our in house designers. Our marketing team gets it right when it comes to putting your property in our hands. Our work speaks for itself and our results are outstanding.  By listing your condo with our team you maximize the visibility of your property. With a strong user base of our site, our followers put their trust in us. Hence, we deliver the right information to them. We have listed hundreds of pre and post constructed condos and have had many projects come to life. Condo and loft listings on our site can generate you an outstanding mileage. This helps in increasing the overall worth and value of the project. When condos plan on expanding or when the individual owners plan on selling condos, the maximized outreach can help in locking the best selling rates. In today’s fast-paced world, standing out of the crowd is the ultimate challenge. While many projects take over the elite neighborhoods of Toronto, we can help your project in shadowing these areas! 

Our job at Toronto Condo Team is to make your condo accessible to as many people as possible. To do just that, we provide daily updated listings in real time on our site. This makes your condo visible to a large number of audiences, anyone who visits our website. Unlike other marketing strategies, internet marketing will attract potential buyers from all over Toronto About 95% of buyers start their search on the internet. Our website can also present your condo in a more personalized way that will attract the buyers effectively.

Internet marketing gives the marketing campaign a more professional feel and increases the customers’ trust in it.

Few Advantages of Web Internet Marketing Are:

► Convenience and quick service. Marketing online is extremely convenient as you do not have to put out much physical effort, and it is also readily accessible by masses. Photos and videos of your condos will be uploaded in the details of your listed condo in our website.

► Web internet allows us to keep track of the customers showing interest in your condos. This way we can pick out serious prospective buyers. By pinpointing the serious buyers, we can separate them from casual buyers and arrange meetings with them. They can then come to your place physically and have a look. This way, we can avoid casual buyers from wasting your time.

► We can also illustrate the number of potential buyers in the details of your listed condo. This will increase the competition and urgency among the buyers. They will want to snatch their dream condo before anyone else. This will put you in an advantageous position when negotiating your price objectives.

► Content on our website is search engine optimized. Meaning the traffic for our website will always be relative to the content. This will ensure that your condos are always viewed by interested parties and potential buyers. Incoming traffic is very important as they are the ones going to buy from you, and we ensure that the traffic is not strayed. Incoming traffic is always of people looking to buy condos, and hence the pool of potential buyers increases. It will allow you more people to negotiate with, and you can sell to whoever meets your price objectives optimally.

► Internet marketing ensures that your condo is not only advertised in the local area but all over Toronto or even Canada. This way, your potential buyers can come from all over. If the number of audiences is limited to the local area, you may miss out on a client that could meet your price objective more optimally. A larger audience means more potential buyers. And if there are more potential buyers, you can hunt for one that you like.

► Internet marketing can handle multiple customers at once. Our website’s efficient infrastructure and an expert team of customer support work together to provide your prospective buyers all the information they need. This also eliminates the need for you communicating the details of your condo again and again. All the required details are available on our web page dedicated to your condo. All the important aspects, positive reviews by different people, frequently asked questions and interested parties. All of this is available for your potential buyers to view and make up their minds without hassling you.

► Internet marketing is also very feasible for prospective buyers. Not everybody has enough time and energy to come to your place and look around to get the required details. This way they can get the details at their home in front of their screens. It also saves you from the hassle of reading your place again and again for visits

Our teams of experts in marketing at will advertise your condos to the best of their abilities. We get you a generous number of potential buyers. This will allow you to sell your condo on your own terms and conditions and at a price that suits you. One of the ways to advertise your condo that we will use is direct mail.

Through direct mail we send your condo offers directly to addresses of people in their mail boxes. We include brochures, have a look pamphlets and sales letter in these direct mails sent to potential buyers. Below are the some of the unique benefits of direct mail marketing:

► It is highly targeting. Since, we know people who contact or visit us in order to search for condos. We target these potential buyers when it comes to selling your condo and practice direct mailing.

► It is greatly measurable. We know exactly how many people are we sending mails to. Hence, we can control that target. We also decide which social class and which area are we trying to target through direct mail.

► It is cost effective. Usually mailing through curious in Canada doesn’t cost much. We design aesthetically pleasing brochures for condos and send their copies to potential buyers.

► High response rate. We have observed a great response rate when it comes to direct mail. At least half of the people targeted through direct mail are likely to revert back and inquire about the offer made.

We also do email marketing. In this method, we use emails promote your condo, by sending direct emails to a group of people who might become your potential buyers. We target a specific set of individuals so that our email is not simply pushed to spam emails. Email marketing allows us to keep more personalized relation going with our previous customers. So, when we send an email with the details of your condo, they will not ignore it. They contact us if they are interested or forward it to any potential buyer they know about. This not only increases our client list but also provides more potential buyers for your condo.

Social media marketing is the entire rave nowadays, and for all the right reasons. There are many advantages of social media marketing and we use all of them to your full advantage. Social media is extensively utilized by our marketing experts to advertise your condos to masses to find your potential buyers.

Social media marketing is a key element of success for any marketing campaign and allows the product to sell quickly. Social media marketing requires less time and energy than other campaign techniques. And also captures a wider audience than any other method. Social media gives us access to a huge network of people to whom we do not even need to reach out personally. Even a start with a small number of the audience can make the campaign go viral if it is done effectively. And our expert marketing teams make sure that the marketing campaigns are very solid.

Few Advantages of Social Media Marketing Are:

► Your condos are advertised widely and to a large number of audiences. The pool of your prospective buyers will be huge. This allows you many opportunities to handle your transaction effectively. Our social media profiles are already interacting with a very large network. When we advertise your condo on our platforms, it will be seen by many potential buyers and shared by many others who might know any potential buyers. The sharing process goes on, and the audience increases immensely in little time. Our photography and videography also come on hand at this point, as they are used in marketing campaigns. This allows the users to get all the details on their screens. This will prevent them from the hassle of going around for asking the details, and you from the headache of answering the same thousand questions again and again.

► Through other marketing campaigns, the incoming traffic looking at your condo advertisement is usually the already built clientele. Social media allows us to access a wider range of customers to advertise your condos. Every social media profile we reach is another potential buyer for your condo. The optimized content of our marketing campaign allows the relative audience to reach the adverts and have a look at your condos.

► Integrating keywords optimally in our marketing campaign content also increases the search engine ranking of our post. Social media might get us a wide audience, but search engines still increase credibility. So high ranking of our social media posts even on search engines gives us and your condos by association a higher credibility and an edge over the competition. When the content is of high quality and with search engine credibility, it is liked and shared further. This is essentially creating a lot of brand ambassadors for your condos.

► Social media is a networking and communication platform for masses, and hence your potential buyers can connect with you through social media instead of arranging face to face meeting. This way you can communicate with many people at once without taking the time out of your daily schedules to meet them in person. Personal meetings also require you to attend one person at a time, and at the time that is feasible for you both. However social media allows you to reply to as many people simultaneously as you want. Prospective buyers can message you for details at any time feasible for them, and you can reply them at any time feasible for you. You can pick out the serious buyers from casual buyers by chatting with them and picking out their interests. You can also arrange physical meetings here with serious buyers if needed.

At Toronto Condo Team, professional photography and videography of each and every single project under our care. These photos and videos are then used by our marketing teams to create eye-catching advertisements for your condos. The more appealing a marketing campaign is, more prospective buyers will be interested in your place. Right kind of photography and videography goes a long way to design perfect adverts for any product.

Few Advantages Of The Visual Marketing Are:

► Through photos and videos, we can reach a wide range of people in very short time. A lot of people these days would rather see a 3 minutes video than to spend 15 minutes reading anything.

► Visuals are more effective in getting your message to your recipients. It allows potential buyers to see your condo virtually and see if it meets their needs and requirements. Not many people these days have the time or energy to physically go somewhere. Neither do you have time all the time to be able to receive potential buyers. Photos and videos solve this issue! Buyers can virtually visit your place through the pictures and videos, and if it fits their criteria then they can arrange a meeting with you.

► Visual content is a bit difficult to develop and requires energy. When buyers see you putting effort into them, they immediately start to trust you. They see the place without any presumptions and with an open mind.

► We can put up the photos and videos of your condo on our website under our list of projects. This way, anyone visiting our website can see the visual content and select the one that meets their requirements. Our videos are also optimized to hit the top ranking of Google hence, getting your condos instant exposure to millions of potential buyers.

► Videos can explain your condos without you having to. It will be showing every aspect of your place for the benefit of the buyers and telling them about the space.

► Even if our potential buyers are lazy, photos and videos are a great way to get through to them. It is super easy to consume, and people digest it quickly instead of having to read and interpret so many lines.

► Videos can not only help the buyers come to an understanding through visuals but also audio. We will explain and answer the important questions in the videos so that you will not have to every time a buyer meets you to visit your condo.

► Photos and videos play a very important role in any marketing campaign, and cannot be overlooked. It communicates to masses on a larger level than any other medium and attracts them. People get the message more quickly and effectively through photos and videos. And that is the whole purpose of marketing campaigns - to get a product as quickly and effectively to the audience as possible! In our case, it is your condo that is marketed to masses very effectively, resulting in quite a crowd of your potential buyers. You can then choose to sell your condo to anyone that fits your picture of ideal buyer!

We are always confident that your condo will sell in no time. With the help of our expert marketing team, we generate a generous pool of buyers for your condo, through different marketing techniques. You can then sell it to any buyer who meets your demands and suits your requirements. One of the said marketing techniques is holding an Open House.

► Open houses are a long-standing tradition for when anyone decides to sell their place. Going along with this tradition, we hold an open house for all of our projects. It is normally held on weekends, as most people are free from offices and other obligations then. The open house is advertised for buys through many means. This includes listing on our website, social media, real estate section of the newspaper, etc.

► For the open house, we will clean up and declutter your space if you are still living in it. This helps the potential buyers to visualize their personal setting in the area and decide if it is convenient for them. If you are not living in the condo, we will polish it if it needs any polishing, and then open it for viewing.


► Instead of waiting for the potential buyers to come and have a look at your home whenever they find it convenient, an open house for your condos allows potential buyers to come in and have a look at your place. We organize an open house for your condo, so they can come and have a look at a specified time. It can get stressful to make your home show ready again and again whenever a buyer decides to come have a look. This way you can deal with all of them in one sweep and also limit the number of times your space is opened for strangers.

► The open house allows you to handle all the potential clients at once. Handling each potential buyer independently can get hectic, especially answering the same questions again and again on different days. This gives us the advantage of entertaining a grioup of buyers and make the property feel important to act on for an offer.

► You can also pick out any interested party from the crowd. An open house allows serious buyers the opportunity to bring their friends and family to get an opinion. They might also want to have a second look in a less formal setting. They would be discussing this with you, amongst other important aspects of the condo.

► Buyers can also compare and contrast with other open houses. This gives us the opportunity to make your condo stand out from others. You can choose the date and timings of the open house of your condo as per your convenience. But you will also have to set it up so that most people are able to come.

► An open house also creates an opportunity for you to sell your place on your own terms. Because so many people viewing the house can make a serious buyer competitive against other buyers. Eager to secure the condo for themselves, they will want to act quickly in case anyone else gets it first. This puts you in a strong negotiating position.

► It also allows people to give you feedback about your home. You may not like it sometime, but it can be important. It tells you the potential your home has and then you can accordingly fix if there is anything that needs to be fixed. And hearing positive reviews of others about your home can also pick the interest of any potential buyer further. 

Home staging is about making a home appealing beyond decorating and cleaning so as to attract highest number of potential buyers.  It’s all about dressing the house to make it look bigger, cleaner, brighter, warmer and loving.  Staging is an art that help in selling the house more swiftly and for more money. More than anything else, Staging is all about preparing a house for sale. One can ofcourse do the home staging himself but it is the home staging by professional stagers that help the property sell for top dollar and quickly. Professional stagers are magicians with an art to give life to an otherwise dull house. The Toronto Condo Team has the best of the designers staging your condo who have an eye for detail and are known to make condos and lofts in Toronto come to life.  When selling, first impression is all that matters. Our designers have expertise and passion for creating stunning homes by strategically placing colors and accessories.  They have staged hundred's of properties on time and within budget. Their success on homes sold in 1 day has been tremendous. If you are thinking of selling get our team in for a free no obligation staging consualtion to decide what your condo needs to acheive top dollar on a sale.

► While 98% of buyers cannot envisage how can an empty room be used, 84% of buyers values online listing photos. By using the right piece of furniture, art, drapings, accessories and display, even a small space can work wonder! A matter of fact is, around 4000 homes are listed for sale in Toronto and the GTA every month. 8 seconds is all it takes for buyers to decide if they like your home or not. Increase the value of your home by home staging and outshine your competition. 

► Staging plays a very crucial role in attracting the potential buyers, bringing attention to the powerful feature of your house, apartment, loft or condo.  As per the data from the National Association of Realtors, the average staging investment varies between 1-3% of the home's asking price, generating a return of 8-10%! The longer a home stays on the market, the more the drop in its list price. Staging helps in selling your home quickly and for a better price.

Always remember, “The cost of staging is always less than your first price reduction.” It typically provides more than 500% return on investment and is a tax-deductible expenditure.

► 84% of buyers values online listing photos. Give them a reason to drive to your home by posting photos of the wonderfully staged rooms that will stand out amongst other options available to them.

► 98% of buyers cannot envisage how can an empty room be used, and this makes home staging all the more important. Who want the best features of his home to get overlooked? An empty home is just a structure made up of bricks and cement. Home staging adds the warmth and feelings of home.

Realtors are genuinely interested in showing a professionally staged home. The reason is simple. The home is more appealing and has the chances to fetch the best price. Also, the deals materialize faster.

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