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Turn Your Condo Balcony into A Lively Haven with These Expert Tips

Monday Aug 12th, 2019


The condo balcony or verda is often the most underutilized area in a condo. Condo balconies are the most personal open space a condo dweller can get within their units. Not to mention, it’s part of the total square meter count that you have paid for. So, instead of whiling it away or not making the most of it, why not accessorize that space as an extension of your personal living space? Condo dwellers are in fact notorious for complaining about the lack of space. Here are a few inspiring ideas to help you revamp your condo balcony!

1. Turn it into a Mini Patio

If you are looking to instill a rustic feel in your condo balcony, consider installing wooden floorings. You can get these at home depots per square meter. If you love the serenity of outdoors, why not grow a vertical garden enveloped by a standing fence and some vines. Throw in an outdoor table and a few chairs, and you have yourself a personal hideout.

2.  Establish Zones

Even in the postage stamp-sized balconies of most condos, mapping out your space is essential. Zoning helps you maximize functionality. Regardless of the size of your condo balcony, think about what you intended it for and what role you would like it to serve. Zoning is all the more essential for larger balconies since there are many more possibilities to consider. Should you go for a children’s play area or a sectional? A serving cart or a water feature? Determine how you want your outdoor space to function before taking up the overhaul project.

3. Warm it up

By default, most condo balconies you would come across are nothing, but slabs of concrete surrounded by glass. We suggest leveraging organic elements to infuse warmth in your outdoor space, such as plant life or wood floor decking. Such organic elements will completely change the look and feel of your balcony. When shopping for outdoor furniture, bear in mind that renewable and natural materials such as rattan, mahogany or teak, work best. Your space will go from concrete, cold, and sterile to inviting, friendly, and cozy in no time at all.

4. Choose small-scale furniture

Even if you look for luxury condos for sale in Toronto, chances are their balconies are going to be compact. Don’t worry, a lot of stores in Toronto house condo-sized furniture pieces mimicking those you have on the inside. Go for a bench that can be pushed up against a wall or a scaled-down sectional. If space is an issue, a comfy corner chair or a drop-leaf table can be your best bet.

5. Integrate storage

Most condos are space-deficient, and occupants are forever looking for ways to augment the available space. You can use double-duty furniture to add storage to your outdoor space. For instance, a chest that also doubles as a bench or a coffee table that houses storage space underneath. This allows you to tuck away accessories such as extra blankets, furniture covers, and throw pillows when not needed.

6. Inject color wherever possible

Don’t leave your outdoor space looking dull and bleak? Add a dash of color to your outdoor space with potted plants, outdoor rugs, or throw pillows. Especially if your indoor theme is muted, this is one area where you can play around with bright colors and emulate the vibrancy of nature. It’s less of a risk and fairly easy to change if you grow tired of the look.

7. Focus on flooring

Your choice of floor coverings depends on your budget and how exposed your balcony is to weather elements. Outdoor tiles are the most affordable, but hardwood decking is a better option, though it comes with a bigger price tag. Outdoor rugs are a more pocket-friendly option for renters, and you get a decent floor covering that’s trendy, too.

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8. Set the mood with outdoor lighting

Lanterns and LED string lights are perfect for outdoor use, especially resembling an outdoor chandelier centered above a dining table or the Edison bulb string lights. If your building restricts you from the types of lights you can hang, you always have the option of a solar powered lantern that gives off an ambient glow.

9. Go with greenery

Even though you may love greenery, faux plants are easier to maintain and control the look better. For instance, on my balcony, I use faux boxwood.  If you’ve got a green thumb, why not go for majesty palms during the summer months, since they give off a tropical feel and add privacy. Another great idea for your balcony includes a real or faux potted Ficus tree.

10. Create privacy

Bigger plants help make your space more private. Privacy screens, such as ivy leaf screens and Bamboo panels, keep off all prying eyes. Even though they fulfil the role of a curtain, they give off a more natural feel.

11. Use it or lose it

With the ever-shrinking square footage of new condos for sale in Toronto, a balcony gives you a great opportunity to extend your living space outside. It compensates for all that you lack on the inside. Perhaps you need an isolated reading corner where you can have a little “me time” and unwind with a good book? Do you need more space for entertaining? Say no to clutter and focus on functionality

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