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Why Do People Choose Luxury Condos Over mid-range Homes

Monday Apr 22nd, 2019


If you are at a place where you could upgrade your living arrangement, it is indispensable that you understand the choices available to you. People often debate over whether it is more financially viable to invest in a luxury condo when they could get a modest budget home in the same price tag, which may not make sense at a glance. However, although you may be sacrificing square-footage with a condo, there are several benefits to going this route, especially beneficial to your lifestyle. If you look beyond the necessities, a luxury condo offers amenities and advantages that most of us aren’t aware of. In the long run, a luxury condo would prove to be one of the best investments, whether you are looking to rent or sell.

Location and Privacy

Most luxury rental condos are likely to be located in a high-end part of town, in proximity with nightlife, shopping, and transit, or perhaps in the midst of a serene and quieter residential area, surrounded by trees and extensive gardens. Any way you look at it, the condo building is highly likely to offer privacy and the utmost degree of security. Luxury condo units are often sound-proofed to lessen encounter with other tenants. Think of private corridors and elevators, and round-the-clock doorman or concierge service at street level. Such complexes give off an exuberant feel with advanced security protocols such as security camera coverage, valet parking, and guest check-in.

Size Matters

As compared to standard condo units, square footage per unit for a luxury condo is greater. All that extra square footage goes towards the kinds of extra spaces and rooms that add to the exuberance of the condo. Amenities such as laundry rooms, pantries, dressing rooms, and powder rooms, augment the appeal of these units. And even in an urban environment, you will get a lot of usable outdoor space in the form of patios, balconies, and terraces, along with other outdoor amenities such as tennis court areas, outdoor pool, BBQ facilities, outdoor party, foundations, gardens.

Upgraded Materials

The use of upgraded surfaces and materials in the construction of the unit is a great hallmark of luxury. For instance, if you choose a unit in an industrial or heritage loft style building, you are likely to encounter:

  • Architectural features such as solid wood doors, beveled or stained glass, brick walls or exposed beams, crown molding or plaster cornices, hardwood floors, or higher ceilings.
  • Built-in features in a more contemporary building might include Internet connections and cable in each room, entertainment and music systems, and unobstructed windows and views.
  • Luxury grade fixtures and surfaces; for instance, luxe tiles in the bathroom, or natural granite or marble instead of engineered countertops.


When you live in a luxury condo unit, be prepared to be pampered with an extensive list of opulent amenities. Most luxury condo buildings offer high-end amenities such as saunas, swimming pools, fitness clubs, tennis court; everything you would expect from a high-end resort. In fact, most condo buildings are taking up the trend of accommodating fine dining restaurants on their ground floors. In addition, your condo building may provide dining spaces or private party places, some promising those with spectacular views, with an option of in-house catering for residents. Other popular amenities include room service, on-site spa facilities, indoor parking, pet sitting services.

In addition, there are a lot of reasons, people leave their houses and downsize to a luxury condo:

  • The kids leave the nest: Once your kids have grown off and taken flight, you might begin to wonder what to do with all that space that once seemed inadequate. In such a scenario, most house owners start feeling uncomfortable in their homes and move on to a condo. An empty house often provokes home owners to move to a condo, where there are more socializing opportunities and room for leisure.
  • Easy maintenance: Imagine the time and energy needed to maintain a house; both outdoors and indoors. A condo takes the hassles of exterior maintenance and yard work off your hands. In addition, being smaller than single unit houses, you will have fewer house chores on an average.
  • Liberating: You hardly need half the things stocked up at your house, beautifully concealed and often forgotten. It can be a liberating feeling to declutter and give away the possessions you no longer need. Moving to a luxury condo automatically coaxes you into a minimalistic lifestyle.
  • Greater mobility: A lot of people with wander lust in their eyes, make the decision of moving to a luxury condo unit. Free of the house and all the worries and security concerns associated with it, you can travel light as a bird.
  • More time: Without having to worry about maintaining and cleaning your abode, you can enjoy all the free time and indulge in leisurely activities you never had the time for.

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