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Spruce up Your Condo Living Room With these Brilliant Ideas

Friday May 24th, 2019


For me, the living room is the heart and soul of the house. It’s the space where I entertain guests and where we all gather around for a nice heart to heart every evening. This is why I feel that its aesthetics set the tempo for the rest of my house and I go to great lengths to make sure that it is as welcoming as its comfortable. Regardless of whether your condo has 1800 or 900 square feet, you want the style of the living area, spacing, organization, and furnishings to stand out and leave a mark.  If you are looking for a luxury condo for sale in Toronto you can visit this link:

Here are a few pointers to make your living room as amenable as possible.

What is your Living Room’s Purpose?

If you are looking to organize your condo for your needs, it helps if you know the functions and purposes of each room in your house. Your living room probably serves in one of the two roles:

·       It’s the first room you or anyone else sees upon entering your condo, which is why it sets the tone for your entire living space’s décor.

·       Every time you entertain guests or family, it provides for ultimate relaxation and entertainment.

However, you may be using your living room for other purposes as well. For instance, if you are living in an open concept floor plan, your living room could be flowing into the dining area. It could double as a gaming area or an area where you watch TV with family.  

Start with a Focal Point

Search for the focal point of your living room. It is the area where you want to direct the eye, and around which you need to plan the organization of your living room. For a living room, common focal points include picture windows, a large mirror, a gallery wall, the Television, the entertainment center, or the fireplace. Once you have decided on a focal point for the living room, make sure that the largest piece of furniture points to it.  

Living Room Furnishings

You may purchase the most expensive furniture pieces and it won’t make a different if they don’t fit in the space perfectly or overcrowd it. While oversized furniture makes a room feel smaller than it is, pieces that are too small in proportion to the room will make it seem empty. Regardless of size, most living rooms are furnished with:

·       A coffee table

·       Any number of arm chairs depending on the space you have

·       A sectional or a sofa. A sectional maximizes seating in small spaces

·       Side tables for the chairs and end tables for the sofa

·       Accents like rugs, art pieces, framed photos, mirrors, plants, and other décor such as statues and vases.

If you want to maximize seating without cluttering your living room space, you can consider adding an ottoman or a bench that doubles as a storage or stores another piece of furniture. Depending on your entertainment needs, you can be a better judge of your seating needs.

Additional optional furnishings that help you maximize the space in your condo living room are an ottoman, which can also provide seating, or a bench that stores another piece of furniture. Your entertainment needs will dictate whether or not these multifunctional pieces are needed in your condo living room’s organization.

Get Measurements

If you want to buy the right sized furniture for your living room, you need to make sure that you plan carefully. This comes down to sketching the room’s layout, measuring each corner, and drawing how the furniture will fit into it to scale. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when planning the living room’s layout:

·       Never push furniture up against walls

·       Ideally, the center table needs to be placed in a way that it is equally accessible from every seating option

·       Your living room TV should be displayed no more than 10 ft and no less than 6 ft from the seating area

·       Avoid hanging the TV directly above the fireplace

Whether you are entertaining an intimate group of 4 or a cheerful holiday crowd of 40, these sizing and spacing guidelines will make sure that your room is as comfortable as possible.

·       Route traffic around seating areas, allowing 30-48” gaps for people to pass through

·       All furniture pieces should be at least 30-36 inches apart

·       All seating options should be 3-10 feet apart

·       The central coffee table should be half the size of the largest sofa

·       The sofa and the coffee table should be 14-18 inches apart.

Adding Style to the Living Room

With a scalable plan in hand, you can get around to personalizing your space. Perhaps you already know what you more; more contemporary, modern, or rustic. If so, you can start focusing on the textures, shapes, sizes, and colors.

·       Here’s my two cents on colors; follow the 60-30-10 rule where you use 10% of the accent color, 30% of the secondary color, and 60% of the dominant color. This formula even applies to a nude or neutral palate.

·       Drapes framing tall windows, throw pillows, and area rugs are perfect for working in the accent color.

·       Keep the furniture style, size, and height diverse. You don’t want a cushy armchair neighboring a plush sofa. Additionally, chintz armchairs probably wont fare well over a busy rug.

·       Stage in opposites; for instance, a curvy sofa perfectly complements an angular lamp, while a leggy end table would work best next to a blocky chair.

·       Symmetry should set the tone and feel of the space. An asymmetrical layout says casual or informal, while symmetry epitomizes a formal environment.

·       A great suggestion is to introduce your condo community in your décor. For instance, if you live in a condo building offering sprawling views of lush green lawns and shimmering waterscapes of the nearby bay, why not use the scenic landscape and natural light to accentuate your living space. Tie it all together and you end up with a bigger and brighter living space, that seems to be flowing from room to room. A place to call home!


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