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Feng Shui Your Condo Unit to Instigate a Feel-good Ambiance

Wednesday Apr 10th, 2019


According to Feng Shui experts, small condos need Feng Shui way more than larger houses. Not only do they stand at a disadvantage due to their cramped space, they are also subjected to a concentrated exposure of negative energy. Negative energy is stagnant energy. Having negative energy in your space leads to arguments and poor health. You also lose out on career and romantic opportunities as a result. However, fret not, as you can ward off bad luck with these effective Feng Shui practices.

Choose lucky colors for Your Condo Interiors

The right Fend Shui colors can have an enriching and uplifting effect on your condo. While we have rather become acquainted with how people respond to colors, Feng Shui actually makes sure that colors have a positive influence on your home. The embodiment of cheeriness and sunlight, the fire and earth color of yellow brightens up your home. The symbol of romance, courage, and passion, the fire element red introduces the elements of joy and excitement in your home. Orange is another fire element that is subtler than red but invokes the same feelings. This social color encourages lively conversations and is reminiscent of happy times and memories, as well as serving to fuel sexual desire. If your aim is to foster growth, health, and vibrancy, the wood element of green is your go-to hue. The metal element of white invokes new beginnings, innocence and freshness. Blue is an excellent choice to instigate a feeling of calmness, tranquility, and peace.  If you are not looking to repaint your walls, make sure your décor reflects your preferred colors and everything blends together seamlessly.

Bring in fresh Plants, Flowers, and water

Colorful blooms can perk up any room, while indoor plants have always been famous for their positive health effects on people. These earth elements bring in good luck while improving a home’s ‘chi’. Bamboo is one such plant which is construed as a lucky charm by most cultures. Bamboos can chicness and character to your interior décor, in addition to their Feng Shui effect.  This contemporary decorative piece work wonders when it comes to promoting a serene and tranquil mood. No matter their size, fountains serve as gorgeous ornaments for your condo unit. Having a fountain installed in your condo is believed to symbolize money and helps in creating chi that attracts prosperity. 

Arrange your furniture in optimal ways

More than the type of furniture adorning your condo, its placement and arrangement play a bigger role in your home. Arranging myriad furniture pieces in a circular formation promotes a smoother flow of energy. Place your bed strategically in your bedroom so that it stands diagonally from your bedroom door. This way you lure in positive energy in your bedroom. Your bed should face the door but not stand in line with it. Similarly, your bed shouldn’t rest against a window or face away from the toilet. Should you wish to relax, you should be able to rest your back against a wall when you sit on your bed.

Apartment Location and Level

If you are looking for a luxury condo for sale, choose one on a higher level. There are obvious real estate and Feng Shui reasons backing up your choice: The higher up you live, the lesser the number of condos above you. This leaves lighter energy for your condo. In addition, think of better Chi, a better view from the balcony, and more natural light entering your apartment. From a Feng Shui perspective, better not to choose a condo facing the staircase doors or the elevators. The busy energy rising from the stairs and the elevators should be kept well away from your unit. Determine your lucky Feng Shui directions, and see if your apartment door can face that way.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Mirrors create the illusion of a larger space and have been used for ages to make any room appear larger than it is. From a Feng Shui viewpoint, it helps improve the flow of positive energy in your small condo unit. This is rather important since mirrors bounce and reflect light. However, never put a mirror directly across the toilet of your main door. Feng Shui experts assert that this brings in bad luck.

Declutter your home

One of the most inexpensive and feasible ways of improving the chi in your home is to eliminate clutter in your home. Not to mention, it is a welcome treat for your wallet, as you can sell stuff that is just sitting idle at your condo. After all, decluttering lets you compartmentalize things that you can part with and things that you absolutely need. The entryway of your condo is one such area that needs to be organized, as it paves the way for free and smooth flow of energy. Learn to clean up after yourself, stay organized, and tuck things away after you have used them. In addition to Feng-shuing your home, decluttering enhances the look and feel of your unit and you will think more clearly with your neat space.

Choose Adornments with positive symbolism

During a renovation project, fill your home with decors that exude a positive, feel-good vibe. You can consider incorporating framed pictures of your pets and family in your condo, in addition to souvenirs that you have collected from your travels. You will come up with a lot of personal things to frame and adorn your wall. Decors with a classy, luxe touch remind you of your successes as well as accomplishments. Any ornaments that exude negativity, such as guns and swords, should be kept at bay. Hanging a horseshoe at your home above your door also gives off positive effects, since it is construed as a lucky token in many cultures. Point it upwards and make sure that you never run out of luck; point it downwards and pass on the good luck to anyone who passes through your doorway.

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