Micro-condo living: This Minuscule Toronto Condo Is $2,000/Month and It Doesn’t Even Have an Oven

Thursday Aug 1st, 2019

Toronto Condos

In Toronto, a city swamped by new condo developments every day, it is not uncommon to stumble across absurd apartment listings every so often. This new condo development in Toronto has left us lost for words. It seems as if every new year is seeing Toronto Condos shrink ever further. As one of the most expensive cities of Canada, Toronto will inevitably become inaccessible to the common person. With little in the way of amenities and prohibitive prices, condos are fast becoming Airbnb... [read more]

Yet another Toronto Church Being Transformed into a Condo Development

Wednesday Aug 7th, 2019

Toronto Condos For Sale

Could you live in a church in Toronto? Well, kind of. Swept up in the condo frenzy, the city has been taking historical churches and converting them into livable condo developments. If you were looking for something more than a cookie-cutter Toronto condo for sale, here’s something to get your attention. Yet another church conversion has been planned in Toronto, according to a development application filed with the city on Wednesday. Established in 1906, St.... [read more]

Condos with Small Spaces Is the New Cool in Toronto

Thursday Jul 6th, 2017


Whenever a new trend attracts more people in the society, the optimized versions of that trend immediately emerge. Same goes for the small spaced condos in Toronto. Where these condos are becoming the choice of home buyers and lenders, interior designers are becoming smarter to provide a smart living in these condos. As there is an increased inclination towards condos and lofts in Canada, we are amazed to see their inventions in the optimization of furniture, placement of goods, household... [read more]



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