Condos with Small Spaces Is the New Cool in Toronto

Thursday Jul 06th, 2017


Whenever a new trend attracts more people in the society, the optimized versions of that trend immediately emerge. Same goes for the small spaced condos in Toronto. Where these condos are becoming the choice of home buyers and lenders, interior designers are becoming smarter to provide a smart living in these condos. As there is an increased inclination towards condos and lofts in Canada, we are amazed to see their inventions in the optimization of furniture, placement of goods, household items, etc. Interior designers have solutions for your small spaced condos, that make it more spacious to fit in your belongings ye keeping the look elegant and soothing.

Large space provides you ease in managing your home items, electronics, and furniture. On contrary, small spaces can create a large mess. Most of the small spaces, if not optimized properly, give a feel of clutter as a whole. Of course, living in a house with stuff overflowing and sliding down on your head can be depressing. But wait! It has become the history. For now, small spaces are no headache if you have decided to buy a condo in Toronto. It’s the new cool in town. Let's have a look at the top notch creations of condos interior:

Multi-Function Cozy Bed:

No space for a single bed, a double one, and a sofa? No worries when you can get this fantabulous multi-function creation. You can have all these three in a single sofa. It can amazingly transmute to a single bed at night, a sofa in the day and into a double bed when you are planning a night stay with your friends. Multi-function beds come with additional storage spaces for shoes or clothes. This way it eradicates your need to have a separate huge closet or shoe rack as well.

Utilization of Wall Space:

Condos usually have high ceilings, so the buyers can enjoy the large vertical space. Think about hidden drawers and shelves in the wall. You can hide all the messy stuff behind the walls and enjoy clean living in your happy condo.

If you have a spare cycle or if your bike is not in use, hang a hook at the ceiling of your condo and you are done. Similarly, any such weighted item that occupies large space on a floor can easily be accommodated.

Kitchen and Dining:

Ladies always want a wider area in their kitchen to enjoy the cooking environment. Likewise, men want to have their meal on a dining table. How to meet both the requirements when you live in a condo? Seriously, it is just a piece of cake if you have this amazing creation. Now your kitchen counter is your dining table. Each chair is piled over the other while cooking. Pull the hidden board, have your chair and enjoy the meal!

Refrigerate This Way:

Toronto condos are just cool in their own way. You can have the refrigerator fixed at one wall of your kitchen with no space wasted. No space wasted means, there are cabinets deployed at the upper part of the refrigerator. Or you can say there is big vacant space under the cabinet where the refrigerator can be easily fixed. Enjoy even vertical surfaces in your kitchen and that undoubtedly give a lavish outlook. Let the in-built dispenser outshine!

Stash Your Bed:

We see another astounding furniture optimization in condos of Toronto. Well it’s really cool to have a stashed bed to surprise your friends and guests who might think you don't have a bed in your condo at first sight. It will be breathtaking for any viewer to see a bed emerging from a wall. Oh well, lucky condo people.

Large Occupancy Drawers:

While drawers are constant in every home, they are needed in bulk. And if you can't manage them in bulk, here is the optimized version, the Divided drawer! This trend of portions or shelves within a single drawer is seen in Toronto condos. This really helps in a kitchen where small sized utensils are difficult to handle. You can place anything you want in a vertical direction. Now you don't need a bulk of drawers rather a single drawer to handle your stuff in bulk.

For all those Canadians planning to buy a home, condos and its cool optimizations can never be overlooked. We have dotted down very few of the coolest creations just for the condos. There are many more hacks I would say that you can enjoy. Smaller homes are happier than larger, and if that is a condo in Toronto nothing is more amazing than this. This big trend in Toronto has made lives of people easier and happier than before.


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