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Tips On Decorating A Small Condo Unit In Toronto

Monday Apr 18th, 2022


Tips On Decorating A Small Condo Unit In Toronto
Tips On Decorating A Small Condo Unit In Toronto

Living in a condo is more than finding a place to live. Living in a Toronto condo brings you closer to luxuries you otherwise wouldn't have access to in the average house or apartment building. The city's condos and lofts are luxurious homes in bustling city centres with every amenity you could need just a short distance away. Regardless of condo size, owning a unit in the city is something we all desire. 

Small condo units in Toronto can be made more beautiful through strategic renovating, decorating and furnishing. A well-utilized space makes even a small house look bigger and better than wasted spaces in a larger home. But not all of us have a complete plan about perfectly decorating your new condo to utilize the space.

This blog will outline several design and renovation techniques for small condos to enhance the space and maximize your comfort. 

Selecting Specific Paint Shades For Interior Walls

The colour design of any home is crucial to its outlook and the happiness of its people. Colours don't just fill the walls; they define your personality and can boost the overall feel of the space. Several studies suggest that brighter colours for interior walls provide happiness and energy and reduce stress and keep the environment inside the house pleasant. 

The rule of thumb with small or micro condos in Toronto is that white painted walls make rooms look bigger. White is always in fashion and makes reselling your condo easier as well. 

Pink can push up the look of your rooms and provide a sense of warmth if used correctly. Royal blue colour can be a good idea for condos with a lot of natural light. It can trick our sense of depth perception making the room look bigger, making it ideal for bedrooms. 

Earth tones are the perfect choice for living rooms which can go well with deep red, green and stark blues. Even in a busy city, they provide the space with a certain calmness and stillness. 

Gender-neutral colours like sage green are popular for common areas as they pair well with can also be considered for common areas. It again can go well with a wide variety of colours and tones.

However, colours with cool undertones and gender-neutral colours like sage green are popular for common areas as they complement almost all decorations.

Define Zones And Their Uses

Small condos are all about the best space utilization possible, allowing a room to serve several purposes at once. To maximize the space in your condo, use varying furniture like couches and rugs and unique colour schemes for different areas of the room. For example, your bedroom can also become a study if you place a study table and chair alongside your bed. 

When moving into your new condo, consider all the activities in your life and find a space for each. Proper planning and vision can help you utilize every square foot of your new home.

Use Illusions to Make The Space Larger

In a small condo, carefully placed artwork and illusions can make the space appear larger than it is. A well-placed mirror can double the light and give the illusion of double the room's length. Today, several decorative pieces, such as mirrors and glass, are available on the market that can instantly give a luxurious look to your house.

Moreover, to make the walls look taller, you can install full-length curtains from ceiling to floor. In the right colour and shade that compliments the room's colour, they will also provide a rich look to your house.

Use Multi-Functional Furniture

Living small does not mean living less. Small spaces need to be used creatively in smaller Toronto condos, and there is an array of multi-purpose furniture products available today that caters to the needs of small home buyers just like you.

Choosing furniture wisely, with pieces that are both adjustable and can be easily moved around, are ideal for small spaces. A sofa bed, a couch that can double as a bed, is the best example of carefully using available space. A fold-away dining table and a movable kitchen island are popular space-saving options. Using multi-functional furniture can also help reduce the overall costs of decorating your Toronto Condo.

Make Use Of Empty Space

When planning the interior decoration of your home, don't just think horizontally. Think vertically as well. The best part of using vertical space is that they don't take up extra visible space while providing greater storage capacity. Foldable tables, wall cabinets, and kitchen cabinets under the sink are just some of the many examples.

Large neutral furniture is essential for small condos. Choose couches, beds and dining tables that can fit anywhere, but consider wild and innovative pieces and accessories like bright pillows and cushions. They add colour to the otherwise neutral furniture.

Always decide on large furniture pieces like couches first as they take up the most space, and keep in mind the dimensions of each room. Only then move on to smaller items.

Brighten The Space With Lighting 

Lighting is the most overlooked yet crucial aspect of any home. Ideally, you need different types of lighting for different zones of your house.

Ideally, you should use three types of lighting for your home; bright light for studying, normal light for everyday use, ambient light for parties, and soft family moments. Dim lighting in the bedroom can set the mood for winding down after a long day.

There are several types of smart lights available on the market today. These options have the quality to provide different kinds of light in varying colours and intensities for different settings, using the same bulb.

Finally, your new home and balcony are ready to welcome you, your family, your guests and witness the most joyous moments of your life ahead. Take this opportunity to experiment with ideas, decorate the space with what makes you happy and showcase your unique personality with different design elements. Remember, you can always remove what you don't like or what doesn't work for you.

At Toronto Condo Team, we understand that condo living in Toronto is a lifestyle rather than living accommodations. If you are considering buying a condo in Toronto, we have the perfect luxury loft or condo for you. At Toronto Condo Team, our dedicated real estate brokers ensure the move to your new Toronto Condo be smooth and stress-free. Whether you have questions about the colour palettes or the type of furniture best suited for your home, our team works with you throughout the entire process.

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