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10 Space-saving Hacks for Your Cramped Condo

Friday Nov 19th, 2021


When you’re living in a 500 square foot condo in Toronto, you know that every inch is a luxury that cannot be neglected. Sometimes, it must feel like there isn’t enough space to swing your legs, but fret not. There is plenty you can do to augment storage and make your condo a little more spacious, bright, and homey.

Hang up accessories and kitchenware

If you are already pressed for space, it won’t hurt to utilize every nook and cranny if possible. Every inch counts, including your walls. You can leverage your blank walls as potential storage and install hooks or magnetic racks. You can hang everything from your handbags to sock organizers to scarves. This saves much more space than simply dumping them on the floor or stocking them in piles in your closets. When it comes to your kitchen, you can also mount rows of racks on the wall and hang pots, pans, towels, and kitchen tools on S-hooks. Magnetic frames also come in handy for storing your metal herb containers and corralling knives. Magnetic strips can be attached to the underside of hanging cabinets if you wish to hang mason jars and condiments. Magnetic strips can also be used in your bathrooms to hang your small-sized steel bathroom paraphernalia, such as bobby pins, nail cutters, and tweezers.

Murphy beds are the future

You probably know them as Murphy beds; these multifunctional pieces of furniture are a life-saver for small condos. They function as your average couch over the day and can transform into beds at night. Especially if you don’t have the luxury of a separate guest room, murphy beds let you play host.

False floor for invisible storage

I think it would be more appropriate to label this a space-doubling hack. Not only do false floors look and offer a modernistic touch to your condos, they instantly offer tons of storage without any real effort. The floors can be decked out with furniture as you wish, while your things are stowed beneath. No wonder these are becoming so popular with condo dwellers.

Over-the-Door Organizer

Over the door organizers are the best thing invented since sliced bread. They let you use the space against your door for storing virtually anything from your scarves to socks to cleaning supplies.

Over-the-toilet rack

Why waste the vertical space over your toilet? Over-the-toilet racks help you store a variety of bathroom supplies, toilet paper, or bath towels. Not to mention, you can even install over-the-toilet sinks in the bathroom to save space and make for a minimalistic decor. Another benefit of this arrangement is that the water from the basin can be used for flushing. Talk about killing two birds.

TV Wall Mount

Mounting your TV frees up a lot of space in your condo since you won’t need to bring in a TV console or any other furniture to hold it. That space can be used for any other furniture items. However, do ensure a sturdy attachment to make sure your TV stays put.

Swap side tables for Floating Shelves

Not all of us have spacious bedrooms to afford bedside tables. If your side tables are eating up a lot of room in your bedroom, you can always switch to little floating side shelves to augment space in the bedroom, while providing a minimalistic, modern look and feel. s

Install Corner Shelves

When we talk about utilizing every ounce of space, we mean the corner shelves as well. At first glance you may not register how much space you are ignoring in those wall corners, but when you install some corner shelves, they become the focal of the room do wonders for your space.

Raise your bed

Another place that can be leveraged for adding some extra secret storage is the space under your bed. This is where bed risers come into play. They instantly create space under your bed for storing luggage, bed linen, or seldom-used clothes and shoes, as well as anything that can fit. In addition, you can even get custom designed coffee tables and sofas with storage. The pull out storage won’t interfere with the function of the furniture and can be retracted when not in use. This works best for toys, shoes, or even books.

Storage Behind the Fridge

If your fridge isn’t pressed into a corner, use its free side to store even more stuff! Hang over the fridge door organizers to store all sauces, condiments, and herbs

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