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Small Condo Kitchen Island Ideas for Every Space and Budget

Thursday Jan 09th, 2020


If you are looking for condos for sale in Toronto under 400k, you must be biting your nails at the thought of a tiny kitchen space. However, a small kitchen space doesn’t have to be a recipe for disaster and mayhem. By incorporating a small kitchen island, it provides superfluous storage, augmented seating, enhanced span for multiple chefs and ample room for food preparation, while vamping up your kitchen style! It also alleviates you from the need of purchasing an additional kitchen or dining room table.

Since a kitchen island takes up hefty space, it is indispensable to make every element of its design worth its penny.  The strategic placement of the kitchen island is also imperative. If it’s in the center of the kitchen, make sure that it doesn’t obstruct your path, or if it’s on the periphery, it can only be used to store less frequented items. From ready-made kitchen islands, like a butcher’s cart, to repurposed items, such as bookshelves, crates or desks, these ideas would help you decide the features that would work best for your kitchen, your budget and the available space:

1) Restaurant Grade Kitchen Island

These industrially commercial worktables can be brought from any restaurant supply store. These sturdy, yet light weight, durable stainless steel Kitchen islands are fairly inexpensive and come in a range sizes, depending upon the space requirement of your condo kitchen and would make an eye-catching focal point. Some models come with locking wheels to make these islands extremely portable. You can easily wheel them out if they are not needed in the kitchen. Look for a model that comes with towel bars attached for fabric and open shelving below to enhance storage.

2) Drop Leaf Kitchen Island

A Rolling drop-leaf cart is ideal for small kitchens that need more workspace. Crafted of solid Beachwood with brushed nickel hardware, incorporating drawers, cabinets and an open shelf, this handy cart moves on lockable casters wherever it's needed, and then slides out of the way when not in use. If you are finding it difficult to find a drop leaf kitchen island, take inspiration from this contraption and leverage the idea to your advantage. You can integrate a drop leaf to a kitchen cabinet or wall for a make shift prep area or as an eating nook.

3) A Butcher’s Block

These relatively plaintive Block tables can double as a kitchen counter and coupled with a pair of counter stools, a snack bar! You can fabricate a butcher’s table yourself by foraging for a vintage chop block and fixing legs to it. The rustic wood would imbue a warm touch to a contemporary kitchen with modern sleek finishing and stainless steel appliances.  Additionally, a barrel topped with Carrara marble, is small enough to walk around but just the right height and size for prep work.

4) Table Kitchen Island

A highly cost-effective way to add a kitchen island to your kitchen is to repurpose old furniture, instead of dispensing with it.  Old sofa tables would be a great alternative to Kitchen islands as they are narrow enough to even sit in the entryway without being a nuisance. Additionally, an old dresser or a console topped with quartz would make a pretty sight. Even a bar height, narrow dining table can be fitted with hooks to fabricate a perfectly sized kitchen islands to suit your needs. A pair of architect’s drafting tables found at a thrift store could be modified with a glass top and make a fabulous counter.

5) Storable Kitchen Idea

If you are weary of the kitchen island bumping in your way, it is prudent to design a kitchen island that can fit in to a slot in the kitchen when not in use, perhaps under the sink. Better yet, when refurbishing the house, construct a rolling out cabinet that can be used as an extra counter and then rolled back in! This design is a blessing for space starved kitchens!

6) Cabinet Kitchen Island

A kitchen island combining both open and closed storage options can visually enhance the appearance of your small condo kitchen. A vintage cabinet can be crafted into an amazing kitchen island. If you can get your hands at a clothing store display cabinet, you can leverage the plethora of drawers and shelving to organize all the kitchen paraphernalia efficiently within the work triangle and get a wide countertop in turn. You can also add a hinged leaf to increase the surface area when flipped up.

7) Multi-Tier Kitchen Island

Condos for sale in Toronto under 400k usually lack storage spaces in kitchen. A multi-level kitchen island offers plenty of counter area, whether you need to hide the clutter or need ample space for meal-prep. The taller section of the kitchen section can be used for bar-height seating, while the ample storage space beneath the island can help you put away anything extra to keep your kitchen clutter-free.

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