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Tips On Renovating your Condo the Right Way

Thursday Dec 16th, 2021


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Transforming a condo doesn’t have to be a burden. With the right knowledge and efforts, you can revamp the look and feel of your condo. To make sure you aren’t hit with any unpleasant surprises, we add some valuable tips to make sure the process goes by smoothly.

Familiarize yourself with the rules

Since condos are run by something we call the Homeowner’s Association (HOA), it is pertinent to know the exact rules and policies of your HOA before diving into a full-scale overhaul project. While your HOA might not define the type of materials you can use or the colors you have to select, they may restrict the work to certain days of the week or times of the day at which the materials can be brought into the building or the service elevator can be used. You will also have to ask which walls, columns, and fixtures can be removed or opened without affecting the building structure. It is better to stay on top of the rules to avoid any hassles down the road. Additionally, you may need a permit or approval to begin any form of work. Knowing the rules first-hand will allow you to schedule the renovations in advance without any delays.

Stick to a budget

If you don’t want to run rampant and splurge a fortune, we advise you to plan how much you can spend on renovations and refurbishing early on into the process so that you know what to work with. Aside from the cost of paint, décor, furniture, accessories, flooring, fixtures and so on, also factor in the cost of building permits, materials, labor, contractors, and so forth. Not to mention, you should always make room for unexpected expenses that may crop up during the renovations. As a rule of thumb, 10% of your total budget should be kept in the reserve for any unplanned costs. To stick with your budget, take quotes from various contractors and suppliers to see which ones check the bill. Also, you may review your renovation ideas and eliminate anything that is non-essential or replace it with a cheaper alternative. Maybe you can find a similar elegant lamp in a thrift store.

Pay Special Attention to the Kitchen

When you are renovating your condo kitchen, be sure to update the cabinetry, especially if you are pressed for space. Condo dwellers wish to make the most of every nook and cranny and build up as many cabinets as possible. You can also install dividers, pull-out racks, or add hooks here and there to augment space. Also, it pays really well to change your countertops to granite, since granite countertops can really bring out the best in your condo kitchen. Similarly, you should also refurbish the flooring of your condo, perhaps with new tiles or hardwood or even opt for laminate as a more pocket-friendly option. A beautiful stove with a matching range hood can also do wonders for your kitchen, as can an oversized island that can double as an eating space.

Vamp up your Bathrooms

Condo bathrooms aren’t famous for being spacious, but there is still a lot that you can do to boost the look and feel of your bathrooms. For instance, you can replace your old shower curtains with chic clear panels to instantly modernize your bathroom. Similarly, you can give your bathroom walls a fresh coat of paint or even install gorgeous tiles on the walls on the floors. Laminate or wood paneling are popular options too. You can also buy pretty baskets to keep everything under the sink. For instance, you can have a basket for your cleaning supplies, or one for your towels or your toiletries. Arranging everything on the vanity will make your condo bathrooms appear messy all the time.

Live Somewhere Else During the Renovation

Between all the materials coming into and out of the condo, the resulting dust and debris, and the smell of paint filling your unit, it is a good idea to stay over with friends and family until the renovations are done and dusted with. Some condo building have guest suites that can be temporarily rented out if your unit is undergoing renovations or repairs. Not to mention, temporarily moving away will make sure you are not always in the way.

Paint the Entire Unit

We believe that nothing revamps the look and feel of your condo more than a fresh coat of paint. Especially, if you are planning to rent out your condo unit or sell it, a fresh coat of paint will add to the appeal of your unit. If your condo unit looks bleak and dreary or doesn’t get enough sunlight, it helps to paint with a bright and cheery colour to breathe life into your unit. If you already like the colours in your condo, simply refresh the paints on the walls, cabinets, cupboards, and everything else. Or if you want a new look, you should choose colours that best suit your theme and décor.

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