How Are Toronto Condo Residents Faring With Airbnb?

Tuesday Dec 3rd, 2019

Toronto Condo Rentals

It’s no surprise that a recent report from Fairbnb, a national coalition of condo residents, affordable housing advocates, and union workers, has reported a 30 percent growth in Airbnb listings in the waterfront communities; a whopping 3,443 listings in December 2018 as compared to 2,644 the year before. The report also attributed 72 per cent of Airbnb’s revenue in Toronto to “ghost hotels”, which are Airbnb condo units run by hosts who have listed two or... [read more]

Are Toronto Airbnbs Turning Into Long-Term Rentals Amidst The Covid-19 Pandemic?

Thursday Apr 23rd, 2020

Toronto Condo Rentals

After struggling for years on end to stop their buildings from being used by short-term rental operators as de facto hotels, more and more Toronto Condos are finally putting a ban on Airbnbs, in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. At a time when self-isolation and social distancing are the new buzzwords, Airbnb and other such short-term rental platforms are giving in to global travel bans and experiencing an unprecedented number of booking cancellations. In particular, Maple Leaf... [read more]



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