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Turn Your Luxury Condo into a Smart Home with These Gadgets

Monday Mar 11th, 2019


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Technology has gone up a notch in the last decade and has now become so ubiquitous that you can make it work for your home as well. Smart homes are not limited to sci-fi movies anymore. With gadgets like automated light systems, intuitive control systems, and thermostats that heat up your condo even before you open your front door, internet of things has enabled all your devices to stay connected to the internet. Not only can they take your commands, they can send you information and communicate with you. If you are looking to buy a luxury condo for sale, here are a few tech-savvy gadgets that can turn your new luxury condo in to a truly smart home:

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

This is your most comprehensive kitchen appliance ever. Fitted with state-of-the-art stereo speakers and a 21.5 full HD Super AMOLED touchscreen, this Samsung appliance lives up to its name; the ultimate family hub. Your condo kitchen won’t be truly smart without a refrigerator that lets you order grocery straight from the fridge and have anything delivered right to your doorstep, see the contents of your fridge without even opening it, and the best part: view recipes on the monitor while you cook.

Amazon WeMo Switch devices

Do you often overlook to leave appliances plugged in when you go out of your condo? Fret no more. These switches connect to your Wi-Fi network, plug into an existing AC outlet and let you turn off or on any appliance plugged into them with the help of a corresponding app. This app opens up a lot of doors for home automation. For instance, you can have an energy-intensive appliance automatically shut down once it has consumed a certain number of units.

August Smart Lock

While there are no frills attached to opening a lock, the August Smart Lock helps you control a door lock remotely. Not only does the Smart Lock look good, it is easy to install, and instead of replacing your deadlock, it goes over it. Nevertheless, unlocking doors without touching anything is something to show off in front of your friends. When you use a contemporary hub or August’s connect accessory, you can dictate your smart lock to determine who to allow into the house in your absence. The cable guy will surely get a jump if the smart lock locks him in on the day of installation


This home monitoring system is bound to spark some interest. The Leeo Smart Nightlight is programmed to detect irregularities in light, movement, temperature, and sound. While it offers great protection to your condo unit when you are not home, its biggest market is young techies who leverage this tool to keep an eye out for their aging parents who live on their own. If the app notices a prolonged lack of movement or gets alarmed by the sound of a fall, it will send you an alert.


This one-of-its-kind home sensing solution monitors and alerts you of changes in temperature and humidity, and water leaks. Some condos are exposed to water temperature, mould, and moisture. Failing to monitor and maintain these issues could incur a fortune for the associations and owners.
Wally App lets you monitor all of this remotely. It will notify you instantly when water levels go beyond a certain limit.


Don’t like coming home to chilly and bleak surroundings? Tado makes sure your home is warm and cozy by turning on your heating before you reach home. Not only that, it can call an elevator, disable the system lights and turn on the lights as soon as you arrive. It wants to have your home ready for you when you come. It helps you save up on electricity bills by turning on these appliances using your smart home’s location. Based on your phone’s location, it automatically knows when you are on your way home and acts accordingly.

Click & grow indoor smart fresh herb garden kit

Want to take the unpredictability out of indoor gardening? Want access to fresh flowers, fruits, herbs in the comforts of your condo? With the help of this cutting-edge Smart garden kit, all you have to do is insert the plant capsules, fill in the water tank and switch it on, sit back, and relax.

Built-in sensors and especially developed smart soil get the best configuration of nutrients, oxygen, and water so that your plants grow and bloom without you breaking a sweat. This innovative technology makes sure your plants are brimming with nutrition and grow really fast. Say goodbye to harmful substances, plant hormones and pesticides. 


Fully-featured, Botvac is an extremely versatile, potent solution for everyday cleaning of floors and surfaces. With a wide cleaning path and dual cleaning modes, it cleans from room to room efficiently. Not only does it recharge automatically, it cleans across the entire room until every nook and cranny is sparkling clean. The Neato app makes helps you clean from anywhere and anytime. It works best for homes for allergies and pets.

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