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Why is Yorkville a Haven for Condo Owners?

Tuesday Dec 04th, 2018


As one of the most dynamic neighborhoods of Toronto, Yorkville is synonymous with fine dining restaurants, haute couture fashion, elegant boutiques, luxury condominiums, and an endless bevy of exotic cars zooming through the streets. What was once construed as the home of Toronto’s alternative counterculture lifestyle and original indie music scene with its coffee houses, counterculture ideals, and bohemian clubs, is now sprawling with designer boutiques, commercial office towers, and four-star hotels.


Unlike other neighborhoods of Toronto, Yorkville’s history has seen a radical shift in its ideologies and aesthetics.  Yorkville was once a working-class residential neighborhood of picturesque gardens, beer breweries, brick manufacturing, and Victorian-style homes, before flourishing in the 1960’s as the ‘Canadian Capital’ of the hippie movement.


At a time when most coffee aficionados liked their lattes indoors, Yorkville paved the way for Toronto’s first café culture with the opening of myriad vibrant European-themed cafes with spacious patios. The 70’s era brought with it many changes, such as the developers bought and transformed rundown old homes and Yorkville property in to upscale boutiques, such as the York Square shopping centers and Hazleton Lanes. High-end retail stores soon opened up in the neighborhood in the 70’s and 80’s, such as Holt Renfrew and Harry Rosen. The famous coffee houses soon transformed into first-class art galleries, luxury condos, and commercial office spaces, evolving Yorkville into the thriving commercial hub that it is today.

Perks for Luxury Condo Residents in Yorkville

With its cascading waterfalls, benches, and groves of trees, meticulously designed to reflect the Canadian Landscape, the installation of the award-winning “Village of Yorkville Park” in 1993 transformed Yorkville full-circle from its shabby-hippie beginnings. Not only is it one of the most famous hotspots for tourists, urban families, and city dwellers, it’s one of the biggest perks for condo residents. If you are looking for Yorkville Condos for sale, here are a few perks you can enjoy there:


Shop till you Drop: Construed as a Mecca for Shop-aholics, Yorkville is a hub of shopping opportunities for all and sundry, from wallet-friendly small retail stores, to high-end opulent luxury brands. From one-stop-shop everything fabulous at Holt Renfrew, to discounted luxury goods, grocery havens like Whole Foods and Pusateri’s, and above 60 boutiques at Hazleton Lanes, there is surely something for everyone there. Pay a visit to Holt Renfrew for an amazing host of services such as a personal shopping experience, concierge valet parking, complimentary alterations, and a spa and salon.


Yorkville Park: Take a Stroll in the revitalized Robertson Davies Park and amble straight along the Cumberland Street to the award-winning “Village of Yorkville Park”, to behold the gigantic 650-ton rock from the Canadian Shield. Rumor has it that the Rock is over a billion years old. Can you believe it! Families, tourists and all our four-legged friends come to revel in the park’s anchor, which also forms the perfect background for those indispensable summer selfies.


Dining: Looking for a fine-dining experience with gourmet cuisines to celebrate a special occasion or want to catch a quick bite on your way to/from work? Yorkville is a repository of chic restaurants from authentic taste of Italy at Trattoria Nervosa, scrumptious escargot appetizers at Sassafraz, to the 50’s style breakfast diner at Flo’s, not to mention the exotic bevy of drinks at the panoramic rooftop patio at the park Hyatt Hotel. Locals and tourists alike flock to these Yorkville restaurants during the culinary Winterlicious and Summerlicious events.


Art and Culture: Bored of looking at the exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum? Get a dose of cultural inspiration by perusing through the 40 art galleries of Yorkville and find that perfect artwork that would adorn your condo décor flawlessly. Make sure your art journey passes through Liss Gallery, WORKshop Toronto, and Mayberry Fine Art, to see their collection of Canadian, International, and historical artworks.


Celebrity Encounters: In the Film circles, Toronto is fondly remembered as the “Hollywood North”, as a popular productivity center and filming destination, so Yorkville also sees its fair share of Celebrity exposure. Each year, the Toronto International Film Festival turns Toronto into a star haven with A-list parties and celebs, so it is a wonderful time for celebrity spotting. The best part is that most celebrities stay at the most luxe hotels of Yorkville, such as the Park Hyatt, the Intercontinental Hotel, the Hazleton Hotel, and the swanky Four Seasons. Luxury Lining in Yorkville fits is hailed as the “Mink Mile” of the city and fits in well with the ever-vacillating pulse of Toronto.

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