Advantages of Buying a Condo on an Assignment Sale

Advantages of Buying a Condo on an Assignment Sale

Saturday Oct 29th, 2022


Advantages of Buying a Condo on an Assignment Sale

An assignment sale is not a typical real estate deal, and there are several essential aspects to consider when purchasing an assignment condo. Despite market circumstances, assignment condos are typically tricky to sell partly due to their significantly greater up-front obligations. Likewise, it gives an excellent opportunity for a buyer to acquire without confronting overwhelming competition. Let's learn more about assignment sales.

What is an assignment sale condo?

A buyer (the "Assignor") who has acquired a property subsequently transfers their ownership in that property to some other buyer (the "Assignee") before the property closing is engaged in a condo assignment sale. In essence, the Assignor is not selling assets; instead, they are selling their agreement together with the rights and responsibilities of the original arrangement with the Developer or original seller.

There are numerous reasons behind such sales. You should consult your real estate agent and tax accountant to acquire or transfer a pre-construction condominium assignment. They will offer you a better notion of the gains you will make from selling or purchasing the assignment condominiums in Toronto.

Most developers do not restrict condo assignment sales. However, before entering into it, carefully understand the contract and handle the associated transactions.

Are there any advantages to such transactions? Yes, find them below.

Advantages of buying a condo on an assignment sale

1. You Can Obtain a New Condo for Less Price

By acquiring a new condo sale on assignment, you will likely acquire a property that has already sold out for a certain time at a cost that is no longer available. Ideally, the price per square foot should be lower than the current pre-construction pricing. Not only can you purchase a brand-new apartment, but you can do it at a price that no longer applies in the current market.

1. Buying on Assignment Provides an Advantage to Buyers

After construction, it is common for investors seeking a speedy exit to sell before taking ownership. This creates a large quantity of inventory in a building, providing customers with additional options while the building is still under construction. In addition, investors are driven to compromise since they wish to terminate their contract before the condo's registration deadline, mainly if there is a large supply.

1. Built-In Equity

One of the most enticing aspects of purchasing a pre-construction condominium is the opportunity to accumulate equity while the building is being developed. When someone sells a condo before closing, they often leave a portion of the unit's equity for you to receive.

The condo market in Toronto remains strong, and perhaps pre-construction units generate substantial equity each year.

Things To Note For Condo Assignment Sales

1. It isn't possible to negotiate the Terms Of the Contract 

When purchasing a condo assignment, you acquire the existing contract from the original owner. It is crucial to have your attorney evaluate the contract, but keep in mind that the conditions agreed to by the Assignor are no longer negotiable.

1. Payment Structure

It differs from builder to builder, but a common deposit arrangement for a pre-construction condominium is 15% to 20% paid out over several years. Depending on the project stage, you will reimburse the Assignor for the payments they have already made when you acquire the assignment. The final payment will be made to the builder. Overall, this might amount to 15 to 20% upfront.

Based on the Assignor's conditions, you can sometimes acquire an assignment as low as a 5% down payment. By placing a smaller initial investment, the Assignor must wait till registration to reap profits. While this is not common, the probability grows as the registration deadline approaches and the building nears completion.

1. Complication in paperwork

The documentation associated with an assignment is somewhat more complex than a typical real estate deal. Use a realtor who is experienced with how to conduct an assignment sale, as many agents and some real estate attorneys are unfamiliar with this sort of transaction.

For this reason, allocating some additional funds for legal costs is essential. This should not be a concern with all the money you'll save in the long term.

1. Modifying Your Unit

Based on the assignment's timeline, you could be able to choose your preferred finishing. Usually, the builder approaches the client one year before completion to discuss these custom specifics.

Condo Assignment Sale Conclusion

Purchasing a condo on assignment might offer several advantages. Following registration, you can move into a brand-new building, maybe modify your unit, and acquire equity. You will also profit from the fact that you won't have to worry if the funds will not be locked up for several years in a pre-construction condo transaction. Moreover, you will receive a quick closing without the need to wait. Don't be afraid of assignment sales; simply deal with a broker with an amazing record of successful deals. There might be several questions about prospective buyers with this kind of sale. The Toronto Condo Team can help you out.

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