11 Best Trends Of Condo Interior Design For 2019

Wednesday Sep 11th, 2019

Toronto Condo Team

The dawn of each new year brings with it new interior design fads and trends to consider, and keeping abreast can help you refurbish your condo with confidence and ease. Simialrly,2 019 brought with it a whole lot of fantastic condo design trends to take note of. Forget exposed lighting, subway tiles and rose gold, all reminiscent of 2018, and say hello to vintage, high-design ceilings, matte finishes, bolder colors, and metallic finishes. Here are some of the best condo design trends to... [read more]

It’s All About Staging Your Property!

Monday Apr 3rd, 2017


Home staging is about making a home appealing beyond decorating and cleaning so as to attract highest number of potential buyers.  It’s all about dressing the house to make it look bigger, cleaner, brighter, warmer and loving.  Staging is an art that help in selling the house more swiftly and for more money. More than anything else, Staging is all about preparing a house for sale. One can ofcourse do the home staging himself but it is the home staging by professional stagers... [read more]

How much does home staging cost?

Monday Jan 23rd, 2023

How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

How much does home staging cost?  Home staging is an important part of marketing a home for sale. It can help significantly increase the chances of getting your home sold in a shorter amount of time and for more money. However, home staging does come with a cost.  The cost of home staging depends on the size of your home, the number of rooms that need to be staged, and the home staging company you choose. The price of home staging can range anywhere from a few hundred... [read more]



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