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11 Best Trends Of Condo Interior Design For 2019

Wednesday Sep 11th, 2019


The dawn of each new year brings with it new interior design fads and trends to consider, and keeping abreast can help you refurbish your condo with confidence and ease. Simialrly,2 019 brought with it a whole lot of fantastic condo design trends to take note of. Forget exposed lighting, subway tiles and rose gold, all reminiscent of 2018, and say hello to vintage, high-design ceilings, matte finishes, bolder colors, and metallic finishes. Here are some of the best condo design trends to consider in 2019 and beyond.

1. Mixed-Up Furniture

The days of scooping up a single bedroom set, or any other room for that matter, and calling it ‘refurbishing’ are long gone. Matching furniture is considered boring, mundane, and generic, well unless you want your room to look like a showroom. Spruce up your living room to reflect you from inside you. It should have a personal touch. Go all in on mixing various pieces from different periods, different colors, even your family heirlooms. Collect furniture as you go along. Showcasing your personal style will always be chic.

2. Vintage Ceiling

Nobody expected to see this trend make a splashing comeback in 2019.  The era of exposed lighting is long gone. We are going to see a lot of sconces and vintage pendants in copper and brass finishing as the year wears on. We are going to see a lot of designs merge together harmoniously this year, so don’t be shocked if someone’s condo makes you feel like you have just stepped into a scene from pride and prejudice.

3. High-Design Ceilings

Designers are increasingly focusing their attention on our condo ceilings; a hitherto overlooked feature. Designers are emphasizing on attention to detail all throughout your condos. Think wallpapers, exposed beams, wood clay, lacquered, painted, etc.

4. Light Finishes

The word “organic” is all the rage these days, and in keeping with this trend, furniture stores are fixating on lighter finishes for wood items to play up the wood grain, combined with bolder upholstery for contrast. Still love your teak or walnut furniture? Don’t worry. This is the time to ‘Mix it up’.

5. Equally Bold Art

This year entails you to develop a keener eye for art and be ready to experiment with a wider palette for wallcoverings. This means chucking out all your “dream house”, “home sweet home”, "live, laugh, love" signs. Any room brimming with such signs is far from being a dream house. Do not be afraid to play around with patterns and colors on your walls. Choose a wallpaper that defines you and complement it with stellar art or photographs. This ensures that your room feels like a reflection of you.

6. Velvet Furnishings

While most of us think of velvet as stuffy and vintage, it’s now viewed as a comforting and luxe fabrication. In fact, we are seeing a score of designers gravitating towards this multi-dimensional fabric due to its new-re-found popularity, since It is looking to be the most promising interior design trend of 2020.

7. Interesting Details In The kitchen

One thing is for certain; minimal and simplistic are out the window, to be replaced with maximalist, hand-crafted, and embellished, especially in condo kitchens. The modern appeal of rose gold, brass, and chrome will be replaced with leather pulls in different sizes and shapes.
The last decade saw kitchens that were too clean, simple, and minimalistic, almost sterile. Now, people are looking for more personalized kitchen designs for their condos, ones that blend seamlessly with over living spaces in the home and feel collected. Do you travel a lot? Why not showcase souvenirs on a shelf in the kitchen. In addition, think of collected dish wares, open or glass cabinets with cookbooks, and vintage rugs.
In addition, we are seeing a lot of colored cabinetry in condo kitchens in place of clinical white. Creating a mood and making a statement in colors like grey-washed greens and deep blues, and black is all the rage. These are gorgeously paired with hardware and fixtures in a wide array of contrasting metals.

8. Canopy Beds

They have been out of the scene since the 80’s, but they are making a comeback in 2019, with people looking for contemporary takes on grand canopy beds. It could be that people want to convert their condos into the ultimate comforting oasis or are too drawn to hotel-inspired bedroom suites. Minimally minded canopy beds come in all options and are readily available. Decked out with a slim silhouette, they can fit even in the small condo rooms without coming off as unnecessary and overbearing. According to a Toronto Condo Team designer, “To incorporate them in your bedroom, why not choose a canopy bed that is petite and subtle and won’t take up much space or make your small bedroom appear cramped.”

9. Copper Accents

While 2018 was all about rose gold in everything, 2019 is going to see a lot of copper accents, along with other metals and finishes. With its earthly quality and orange and red tones, copper offers a breath of fresh air that suits condo spaces well.

10. Floral Flairs And Foliage

Florals have always been welcomed with open arms, but this year is all about florals turning to foliage. From soft English garden prints to lush tropical foliage, 2019 is all about going green. One of the reasons for their popularity is that they are right for all seasons and not just exude a spring/summer vibe. This trend is not just limited to busy prints. Why not incoprorate more plants in your home, be it faux or real.

11. Mediterranean Marvels

Vacations enable us to escape the daily drudgery of life. This is why we always choose hotels that are nicer and more luxe than our homes. But this year, we are bringing the hotel style to your condos with the laidback look of the Mediterranean. All the favorite elements of the Mediterranean design come to your condo this year, with more blues, seashells, hand-knitted covers, and rustic rough-hewn wood

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