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Top 9 Condo Development Regions In Toronto

Tuesday Mar 05th, 2019



Toronto condos

Condos have completely changed the way of living. The number of amenities provided and the state of art infrastructure and design is something unparalleled when it comes to Toronto condos. With a population of over 2.7 million people, real estate is definitely one of the most flourishing business in the region.

In Toronto, there are numerous condos that are up for grabs. With buildings rising above the skyline along with all the luxurious amenities, Toronto condos for sale provides the residents with a wide range of options to settle in.

The Best Available Condo Options In Toronto

The Toronto condos cater to a wide variety of residents. Be it working professionals or young bachelors or even sophisticated retirees, condos can be a luxurious home for everyone.

There are multiple factors that go into consideration while choosing the best condos in Toronto. Right from stunning views to the best amenities to modern designs, there are numerous factors one has to consider while looking for condos for sale Toronto. Here’s a curated list of the best regions available for potential residents.

#1. West Hill, Centennial Scarborough Neighbourhood

With the rouge river to its east and Lake Ontario to its Southwest Hill is a beautiful open area. Condos in the West Hill centennial neighborhood costs go up to $253,822. A person with an income of $40,000 and up can easily afford to own a condo in a place like this. West Hill, located in Scarborough has the east point park with bike trails, a pond, baseball diamonds and some of the best eats just at pot union. The Guild and Sweetlife Condos are popular developments in the region.

Scarborough, the former city and administrative capital of the great Toronto area, is one of the most diverse and multicultural places. Its mostly filled with suburban houses, busy roads, and shopping centers. Real estate is generally cheap here, so you'll find that there are condos for sale Toronto available. The people here are deemed to be the most relaxed and friendly.

#2. Malvern and Rouge Neighbourhood

The Malvern and Rouge neighborhoods are located north of highway 401 and to the east of Markham Road. The average condo prices here are $332,969.

Once you’ve discovered Malvern to the Northeast, you'll also realize its one of the low budgeted condos living options in Toronto. Its one of the only neighborhoods where you can get more at a much lower cost. Family-friendly activities available in this region range from sports complexes and the nearby Toronto zoo. There are many ravines and parks including the Rouge Park too. Herbal splendor is also a very attractive place with green spaces, woodlands, and nature.

So, the next time you see Toronto condos for sale in Malvern, we suggest you to jump at the wonderful opportunity. Ten88 Condos and Daniels FirstHome Markham Sheppard are amongst the popular precondos that investors are eyeing in the region. Malvern Town Center, being in close vicinity to all the real estate developments in the region acts as a major shopping hub in the area.

#3. King West Neighborhood

Often compared to Soho in New York, King West village is one of the best neighborhoods to live in when it comes to Toronto condos. With an intriguing mix of lovely old and new buildings, you'll find plenty of condos and loft opportunities here. Its one of the fastest growing neighborhoods of Toronto. Toronto lofts for sale here have never given such affordable prices.

Most of Toronto's iconic restaurants can be found here, and their historical theatres are fantastic. The average price of condos ranges from $450,000 to $540,000. Its affordable and the amenities will be according to the condo development. But that's the price you pay for living in the Canadian Soho neighborhood. If you are looking for a property purchase in the King West neighbourhood, Zen King West Condos and Garrison Point are the two condominium developments you should be considering.

#4. Entertainment District

The Entertainment District, as well as the King West area, are part of Downtown Toronto. Both the neighborhoods are popular places to live in. To experience the true Downtown vibe all day, every day, we suggest looking for condos in this neighborhood. Here you will find the CN Tower, the Rogers Center, the Royal Alexandra Theatre and a lot of live entertainment places.

If you are a nightlife kind of a person with a love of bars and nightclubs, then Entertainment District is your place. It is highly likely that you will find a lot of listings online just as soon as you put in ‘condos for sale downtown Toronto.' Since this district falls in the vicinity of downtown the average price for Toronto condos for sale here much higher than the listing before. Good condos with great amenities would go up to $850,000 to $900,000 easily. Being situated in a rich location, the condo options here are aplenty! Empire Maverick Condos, Carlyle Condos, Central Condos and 27 Adelaide St W are amongst the many popular and luxurious condos available in the region.

#5. Distillery District

Living in the Distillery district basically means living in a popular location with a charming and unique neighborhood. If you plan to live in a condo or loft in this area, you will be closer to a lot of restaurants, cafes, art galleries, a jewelry boutique, and some local markets. The Distillery district is also a huge historic place known for its creative business and shopping and dining.

Here, you'll find that the average cost of condos ranges between $550,000 to $900,000 depending on the development, amenities, and location. Living in districts like the Entertainment district and the Distillery district means only one thing, every day you will be swamped by new activities and events in Toronto lofts for sale! Looking for Toronto condos for sale in this neighbourhood? 33 Parliament St and 60 Mill St are good options for precondos to consider. They are fit for investment as well as living purposes.

#6. Etobicoke Neighbourhood

Etobicoke offers breathtakingly beautiful views of Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline. This area is known for its tranquillity, gorgeous public parks like the centennial park, Samuel Smith Park and the Humber's bay park and lots of peace. Here you’ll find several condos and loft for sale. Etobicoke has grown in popularity over the years, but the only problem here is low population density.

This is the reason why there's a feeling of spaciousness and a calm charm in the whole area. The real estate in Etobicoke is mainly detached or semi-detached homes or single-family houses on big streets. However, you'll also find lots of condos and lofts for sale Toronto developments near the waterfront and the Humber River.

The price you pay to enjoy the Etobicoke as a condo owner is somewhere around $643,000. The best part about Etobicoke is their amazing lush landscape and natural beauty. To experience the best amenities and view in the region, IQ Condos Phase 3, 1124 Islington Ave, 1061 The Queensway, etc. are the modern designed condo options you should have a look at.

#7. Fort York Neighborhood

The Fort York neighborhood is a historical district with a military fort that was built way back in 1793. There are lots of newly built condos and lofts throughout this neighbourhood, and it's a great choice if you want to enjoy the Toronto waterfront condos. Fort York as a neighborhood has a lot of elements that homeowners and buyers look for.  There is a lot of green space and if you like parks, running, bicycling then having such great facilities nearby is a must. The Fort York condo neighborhood is in the development stage currently.

If you want, you can capture the early bird values on these condos and lofts. If you're looking for condos for sale Toronto, we highly suggest you check out the Fort York area. This area also has an art deco sense of style throughout with hints of 20th-century style showing in the architecture and construction in the area. The average price for condos here goes up to $500,000 for a one-bedroom condo. Studio condos are available for even less. The popular condos in the neighbourhood include fortune at Fort York, Atlantis at Waterpark City, etc. among others.

#8. Liberty Village

Highly appreciated by young adults and professionals for its multi-dimensional community culture, Liberty Village is the neighborhood to be in. Condos of any sizes and styles are available here. Newly built condos, Old buildings, restaurants, stores, pubs, café and much more is a part of this neighborhood. It is home to a lot of young crowds, innovative businesses, start-ups, and creative companies.

With no tourists, tonnes of parking, great eateries, and an adorable farmers market will sway anyone to live here. Liberty Village also boasts in being one of the cleanest neighborhoods and relatively quiet compared to the entire city. The average condos for sale Toronto prices here are $686,000 and above. It's the average price throughout the city, and you also get to live in one of the best neighborhoods. XO Condos, 1182 King St W, Liberty Central by the Lake Phase 2, etc. are the condos having all the desired amenities as well as urban design. Thus, if you are looking to buy condos in the area, consider these options at the top of the list!

#9. Financial District

The Finance hub of Canada is Toronto's Financial District. Especially known for its unique architecture, this posh area is the jewel of Toronto neighborhoods. Lined with big companies, banks, insurance companies, and corporate headquarters if you're a professional working living close to work can be a very suitable option. The Financial District literally occupies the heart of Toronto. It is densely populated with tall buildings and glass skyscrapers filing the blocks of these areas.

However, the condo experience offered in this neighborhood is nothing less than classy elegant and private. The rates of condos in this beautiful business sector are anywhere between $500,000 to $700,000 depending on the size of your condo, Style, Location, and development. Centered around King and Bay street if you’re work takes you to the Financial District then choosing to live here is a good choice. The United BLDG is the most talked about condo option in the area these days. If you are looking for a condo option to settle as a family or of you are a working professional, this condo will be ideal for you!

Varied housing options available

Toronto has become a highly on demand city. With so many people coming here for business opportunities, studies and work developers in the Downtown and York area have come up with astonishingly amazing housing options in the form of condos and lofts. Living in a city like Toronto doesn't come cheap. Owning a home in an Etobicoke neighborhood is out of the question for some of us. That's why condos and lofts on sale in Toronto are a true blessing.

When it comes to house hunting in Canada’s most sought out city, it is not just okay to limit your search to price and floorplan. Since buying a Toronto condo becomes an investment for the future, we should take into consideration the neighborhood that you will be investing in. You must choose a home in a neighborhood that works with your lifestyle and the future that you want for yourself. Find out which neighborhoods are most suited to your life. If you have children, you will need areas more suited to that need. If you plan on living there for the next 5 to 10 years, then you will need to make a decision accordingly. 

Different neighborhoods have a different price range, and a lot of developments offer various kinds of amenities. The prices also vary according to the amenities offered by the particular development. These add on features and amenities significantly increase the property's value too. Taking into consideration all of this, living in Toronto condo is one of the most viable and safe option today.


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