How to Invest in Canada’s Crowd Funded Real Estate

How to Invest in Canada’s Crowd Funded Real Estate

Monday Sep 11th, 2017


How to Invest in Canada’s Crowd Funded Real Estate

How to Invest in Canada’s Crowd Funded Real Estate

Over the years, Crowdfunding has evolved dynamically. It is basically a practice of funding in property or projects from the public of different countries, mainly through internet. People with high opulence approach the crowdfunding website, choose the project they like to invest in and get return on investment over a bunch of hold years. There exists a high risk, but even a small investment can help you raise a large amount of capital.

If you are thinking of investing your hand-earned money in Canada, then the crowdfunding real estate is viable. Statistics show a boom in crowdfunding investments over the years since 2012. Crowdfunding industry as a whole raised funds of volume $34 B in 2015. The maximum amount of crowdfunding was raised by P2P lending ($25 B), and minimum by Equity ($2.5 B).

Types of Real Estate Investments in Canada:

1. Multi-family residential projects:

It is one of the most viable and beneficiary kinds of investment in Canada. This is because no matter what is your economic cycle, living in homes is inevitable. Investment in residential projects is at lowest risk because the operating cost of the building, at least for the lease period, is borne to lender or buyer. However, if you lose a tenant, you won’t be facing much loss as compared to the other investment grounds. The perks of being a Canadian crowdfunding investor in Multi-family residential projects is that, you may get 14%-18% return on investment whereas the minimum investment cost is $10,000.

2. Industrial in Vancouver:

Vancouver being the top 10 lowest risk countries in the world, enjoys strength in many economic sectors. It is the focal point for investment and attracts over a half Billion dollars every year in venture capital. Green economy, Technology, Digital entertainment and Interactive and Social Enterprise are the industrial strength sectors in Canada. In general, a smaller average investment and a low operating cost can give a healthy return on investment in this sector. It also includes industrial dependable such as warehousing, manufacturing, development etc. Investment in industrials is considered to be the leading factor in economic growth. A good option of investment in industrials is equity where the return on investment is around 6%-8%.

3. Investment in Retail property:

Retail property significantly involves the area utilized for selling consumer products and services, or for their marketing. This kind of property ranges from big shopping malls to a pedestrian French Fries cabin. Canada is a place of tourists and thus, investment in retail properties can pay you perks. One satisfaction here is that retailers do not move their occupancy as soon as in the case of office. However, the risk of losing tenants is the minimum. If you invest in retail centers with good occupancy, you can expect 6%-7% return on investment.

4. Investment in Office property:

Even an investment in class-B office in Toronto can give you returns equivalent to class-A properties, which means benefit indeed. All you need is small renovation cost and some management techniques and you are done! Mark that due to variable market trends, the return on investment in this sector is also variable. As the formal ‘white-collared’ jobs increased, the demand and occupancy of office space will also increase. Office spaces have many driving attributes, so ensure that you invest in the right place. Rent values of this type of property drastically increase in times of prosperity and rapid economic growth.

Tips to Invest in Canada’s Crowd Funded Real Estate:

1. Don’t be an equity investor in Alberta:

Invest your bread in senior debts projects in Canada. According to CCN Business news, “But the TD’s study of data over the last decade suggests that while average debt loads in Canada increased at twice the pace of income, the debts of seniors grew at three times that rate, and contributed as much as half to the overall debt growth.” 75 percent of the senior debt in the market of Alberta can create 6% return on investment these days which is indeed a good return.

2. Invest on geniality prevailed in Ontario:

Investor can get a return of 12% over a period of five years in Ontario. The Ontario economy can be boosted even with a low currency investment.

3. Toronto Condo market 2017:

Due to the increasing demands of Canadians for condo accommodation, investors are more inclined towards this sector. It is likely to see increase in price throughout next year. The advice is to invest 20% of your capital here in condo market and avail 12% return on investment.

Investment is an important decision that you take to double up your earnings. Make this decision with proper analysis because though you have multiple brilliant opportunities available in Canada, yet the risk factor is still there. Some of the investments can give you quick return. For example, the high rise trend of condos and lofts in Canada is a good opportunity for crowd funding investors. 

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