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3 Resplendent TORONTO LOFT BUILDINGS IN KING WEST to Take your Breath Away

Thursday Jan 17th, 2019


Looking for a perfect space to live in a city like Toronto is nothing less than a heave. Right from the design to the budget, you have to consider every aspect in order to find the Toronto Lofts or Toronto Condos of your dream.

Well, finding the perfect Toronto Lofts that match your need is not that difficult if you know the right contact to reach to. We, at TorontoCondoTeam, understand this and the importance of finding some good Toronto Lofts for Sale that matches your expectations. That is the reason we bring you our most favorite Toronto Lofts or Toronto Condos that are not only luxurious, but affordable too.

Have a look at our top 3 Toronto loft buildings in King West, which are everything you long for when looking for a place to buy, and/or, invest your money.

King West a.k.a. Entertainment District of the Toronto has it all and hosts one of the most astonishing Toronto Lofts or Toronto Condos! The street is filled with great restaurants, entertainment sites, and the most luxurious and homey Toronto Lofts or Toronto Condos. The neighborhood has gone through ravishing changes during the past 10 years. The establishment of some of the best condos in the city offering comfort, convenience, and access has made this place all in a single package deal.

Here are our three most favorite loft buildings in King West that should be on your must-visit list if you are looking to get a condo for yourself in King West.

Toronto Lofts 629 King Street West

Looking for absolute splendor? Then prepare to get your mind blown away by the Thompson residence which a wide range of condos with best prices, the most exquisite design, and luxurious amenities. Let’s take a look on the list of reasons why you should love this building as much as we do.

The Location of Toronto Lofts

These great condos in Toronto for sale at the Thompson Residences which is located at 629 King West Street & 38 Stewart Street are developed by the Freed Developments at a first-class ideal location. The residence is surrounded by restaurants, entertainment spots, and other living utilities, that are just a short walk away. The location is one of the best in Toronto. The landscape around the street is absolutely serene with Victoria Memorial Park located very close to these condos.

From fine dining to quick coffee and fast food break, the coolest eating spots are located right near the building. So, you are only a small jog away from satisfying your taste buds.

The Design of the Toronto Condos

This design of this residence is the true definition of exquisiteness and luxury. The building has 314 units. Each unit offers a comfortable design which focuses on providing its owner with their dream lifestyle. The building is architecturally designed to have 14 stories reflecting the style statement of its designer, and of course, its future owner, which is no surprise, considering that the building's plans were done by the most famous Saucier & Perrotte.

We can say with certainty that the design of this building classifies as environmentally friendly and green, as the residence is registered with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

The building also offers an incredibly beautiful landscape, and interestingly enough, the landscape of this residence has been designed by another brilliant and well-renowned architect who has won many titles and awards.

Let’s discuss some technical features of the building plans. Each unit possesses an open floor design. The height of the ceilings is from 9 feet to 10 feet high. The ceilings are made of concrete and uncovered. The kitchen is planned for the most recent & chic architectural design. It is an architectural marvel, without a doubt. There are huge windows that reach up to the ceiling giving the Toronto Condos a good view, a generous source of sunlight. You can now chill beside the sunlight, with a good book and a warm cup of coffee, like you always wanted. Not just that, each balcony and terrace in the building is properly equipped with outdoor lights.

The Amenities

If you are living in the Thomas residence, your life is nothing less than perfect. You don’t have to worry about bad management anymore. We know what it feels like when you don’t have a handyman in your buildings and those bad leakages just won’t get fixed. At 629 King West Street, you will have a 24-hour caretaker and handy-man.

Not only are the residents provided spacious parking for their convenience, but you also don’t have to worry about finding parking in the city if you get a visitor. The building offers bicycle parking for visitors. There are storage units in the basement that are secure where you can dump the extra stuff that won’t go with your condo’s style without having to sell it.

The perks offered are outstanding and this is definitely a go-to place to make your living dreams a reality.

The residences have world-class amnesties with a first-class location near beautiful Victoria Memorial Park.

The Price      

These outstanding amenities, the exquisite design, and the ideal location come with an affordable price.

Currently, the price is assigned per square inch of the condo. Approximately you will get a reasonable price of 1000 $ per square feet, on average. You can get a great deal of price as low as $ 500,000 and a maximum cost of $1,287,000.

Quick stats

  • Current price per sqft average in building: $1000 sq ft approx.
  • 41 Units Sold
  • Price range: as low as $ 500,000 – as high as $1,287,000
  • Size range: 499sqft- 1400 sqft



Number 2 on our list of Toronto Lofts for sale which is nothing less than a paradise for you condo hunters is the 650King. From having a posh location to its gorgeous architecture to its elite style, to its showcase amenities, this Toronto loft at 650 King Street has it all.

If you dream of high-class lavish living space, these condos are for you. In terms of luxury, we rate these lofts 10/10.

Here is a list of features that have landed this building a spot in the list of our top 3 favorite places to live in King Street.

The location of the Toronto Lofts

They cover the northeast corner of King and Bathurst in the center of Toronto. The location is ideal if you are a jogger and prefer parks nearby your residence. There is Victoria Square Park, Stanley Park and Carr Street Parkette nearby. Another plus point of the location is great public transportation available on the street.

 The architecture

650King is a work of art with state-of-the-art architecture and picturesque design. These Toronto lofts will definitely land you a place in the city’s most elite people, because of its location and architectural marvel. This is a paradise for people who want to make a statement about their unique taste.

The residence comprises of two different buildings which are built with state-of-the-art modern architecture. The total numbers of condos that are present in both of these beauties are 210. In terms of size, the lofts have a wide range with a variety of layouts to choose from. You can find the Toronto Lofts as small as 600 sq. ft. to a condo as large as 2000 sq. ft. making the building livable whether you are a bachelor or a couple hoping to start a family. All of the 210 units and the different layouts have extravagant finishing.

There is a range of bedroom numbers to choose from as per your need. You can easily find a wide variety of options like 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, penthouses, 1 den, 2 dens, in other words, several options to choose making it suitable for small to large families.

Each loft in the buildings has concrete ceilings which are exposed. The suites also feature columns throughout. Let us come to the modernized high-end design of these suites. You can choose between 1 story or 2 story suites, and the height of the ceiling varies between 9 feet in the first one to 10 feet in the second one. The bedrooms are extravagant and the doors in bedrooms, as well as closets, have customized glass sliding. Adding to these modern features, the windows are planned to allow sunlight in which quickly gives a spacious and bright look to the condo, because of their huge size. They are floor to ceiling windows allow a beautiful view as well as proper ventilation.

Let’s talk a little about the flooring plan.  There is an elegant and durable hardwood floor in all rooms, whereas the closet and bathrooms are floored with porcelain tiles. In the bathrooms, there are 2 types of tubs to choose from, a deep soaker tub and shower plus tub. The bathroom designs are a reflection of elite lifestyle with its ultra-luxurious design and vanities. The glass shower stalls, the white attachments, and shower sets look super sexy and leave a high-end finish.

Now come to the kitchen! There are stone counters in all kitchens at 650 King West & 95 Bathurst St lofts in Toronto. One will fall in love with the designer cabinetry. The design is spacious and provides added space to the counter due to the cabinets. The kitchen comes with already installed appliances made from stainless steel, all of the state-of-the-art.

The amenities

The amenities offered at the buildings at 650 King West & 95 Bathurst Street in Toronto are just as luxurious as the super-extravagant design. The residents of these lofts are offered a courtyard made of slate floors which are shaded black. There are a number of posh amenities like a deluxe pool, parking for bicycles for visitors, glass walls through-out the buildings, a fully equipped gym for its residents, full-time handyman and concierge to keep maintenance up to the mark, parking and storage space for residents.

To sum up, the lofts and condos at 650 King Street West are some of the hottest and most wanted in the city.

The price

Comparing to the design, services, and amenities; the price range in unbelievable. You can get a condo at an average price of $1000 per square feet, with a price as low as $460,000 to as high as $1,000,000.

Quick Stats

  • Current price per sq. ft. : $1000 per sq. ft. approximately
  • Unites sold: 6
  • Price range:  $ 460,000 - $1,000,000
  • Size range 499 sq. ft. - 1200 sq. ft.



The location of the Toronto Lofts

111 Bathurst St condos are located north of King Street West. They have a 255 unit building with an incredible location. The location is both homey and convenient. Daily errands do not require a car. Parks, restaurants, grocery stores, and entertainment sites are nearby. Nearby parks include Victoria Square Park, Carr Street Parkette and Stanley Park.

The street is a paradise for bikers and people who love taking a walk. All kinds of Public transportation is close by making the neighborhood ideal to live in.

The architecture

The condos for sale at 111 Bathurst Street are designed like loft and are the true reflection of city life. They have a modern chic design. The size of the lofts ranges from 655 sq. ft. to 1500 sq.ft.

There are roomy lofts, studio Toronto Condos, and penthouses as well to choose from.

With exposed concrete ceilings that are 9 feet high, hardwood floors, ultra-modern kitchen design, and floor to ceiling windows for a scenic finish, these condos in Toronto are super luxurious and are sure to leave a statement.

The kitchen and bathrooms are elegantly designed. The kitchen has the most modern operational appliances. The most interesting feature of these lofts are the hooked gas barbecues in the terrace. You can have guest over for a comfortable get-together all the time.

The design is the embodiment of modern city living and is perfect for a wide variety of audience.


The amenities are of exactly that of a Luxury condos Toronto.  There is a rooftop patio with an attached barbecue for holidays and parties. A 24-hour concierge will tend to the maintenance of the building. The security system is top notch and you don’t have to worry about any criminal activities. There are a media and party room making these lofts in Toronto bliss for those who love socializing and modern city life.

The pricing

The package comes at an affordable price. Current price per square feet on average in the building is approximately $1000 sqft, meaning you can get a condo in as low as $411,000 to as high as $1,500,000.

Quick stats

  • Current price range: &1000 per sq. ft. average approx.
  • Units sold: 21
  • Price range: $ 411,000 - $1,500,000
  • Size range 499sqft- 1500 sq. ft.

There are various Condos for Sale in Downtown Toronto where you can find Toronto Lofts for Sale of your dream. There are many Luxury condos for sale in Toronto as the year begins. Yorkville condos are for sale as well that you can choose to reside in. How great would it be to live in these three buildings if you are looking for a place at West Street Toronto? Don’t wait and go visit them today!



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