Checklist for Moving to a Condo

Checklist for Moving to a Condo

Monday Apr 04th, 2022


Checklist for Moving to a Condo

Congratulations! It's finally time to plan your move into your dream condo in Toronto. Although it may look simple, moving is no easy feat and is not as straightforward as packing up your belongings and loading them into a truck. Toronto, Ontario is a bustling, metropolitan city with unique challenges while moving homes. Without a proper moving plan customized to your needs and conditions, your move may become the biggest headache and cost you more money than necessary.

Our Toronto Condo Team team has created a checklist for moving to a condo to help you navigate this transitional time. 


Create A Plan

Planning is an essential part of any move. No matter how difficult, the most significant battles have been won owing to meticulous planning. You must consider your move to your new Toronto Condo similar to a battle. Planning your moves, proper allocation of your resources and most importantly, leaving no material behind must be the goal.

Deciding what you want to take and get rid of will help you reduce the burden of a heavy move. As some of us have a peculiar attachment to old things, there is a simple rule of thumb to follow. Throw away or donate items you have not used in the past 12 months and are unlikely to use in the next year. A garage sale, gifting items to loved ones or donating to charity or second-hand stores are several ways to reduce your packing list. 

While taking stock of your items, it is the perfect opportunity to measure your large furniture to plan their transportation methods and place in your new condo. Utilize this opportunity to measure all your furniture so that you can plan their realignment into the realities of the new house and create innovative space-saving plans for the size of your new home. Do not forget to label all your boxes with their belongings and the room they belong to. This careful planning will come in very handy when unpacking as you can preferentially unpack the stuff you need the most. Also, a good idea would be to list all your boxes and their items.

Keep your clothing and other personal items that you will need in the intermediate period of moving separate from others. You may need a different list for this. Keep them to the minimum and pack them in the suitcases you already own, keeping them together and airline friendly if you are moving from a different city or country. 

You should begin disconnecting from your old home two weeks before move-in day. End all your subscriptions, pay pending bills and redirect your mail to the new address.

Get Moving Quotes

Many companies in Toronto offer moving services at varied prices. We advise requesting quotes to review before your move-in date to find the best moving company. Take your time and decide with a calm mind as this process involves paperwork and reading the fine print. It is vital to choose the company based on their services and available time frame, not just the cheapest. 

Taking factors such as the packing offered is essential to consider when choosing a moving company. Moreover, you should also consider the time they are taking to move your items, the level of security offered, the risks and liabilities, and the overall cost of hiring the company.

Another helpful tip is to ensure the best packaging for your fragile items, such as LED televisions or glass crockery. These items often tend to break or crack in the middle of a move. Also, if you have plants to be moved, pay special attention to the movers' plans and their special care instructions.

Organize Your Travel Plan

If you are moving to Toronto from a faraway city or even a different country, make sure you have made proper arrangements for moving your family and pets. Ideally, you will need to arrive in the city at least a day before your belongings arrive.

While receiving your belongings from the moving company, check all boxes properly using the list previously created. This will help ensure all your belongings are accounted for and will help you place appropriate boxes in different rooms.

Ideally, the kitchen should be unpacked first; therefore, take extra precautions while packing kitchen items. If you plan well, you will face minimal difficulties in moving into a new home or a new city.

Book An Elevator

Many condos have private entries, so this task does not apply. However, if you are moving into a building with an elevator, you will need to reserve one in advance to move your belongings and large pieces of furniture. Booking an elevator in advance allows your moving company to work smoothly and does not inconvenience other building residents. 

If you are considering moving to Toronto, we have the perfect luxury loft or condo for you. At Toronto Condo Team, our dedicated real estate brokers ensure the move to your new Toronto Condo be smooth and stress-free. Whether you are buying your first condo in Toronto or want to learn more about picking the best neighbourhood, our team works with you throughout the entire process.

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