Toronto Condo Market Predicted to ‘Rough it Up’ as 2019 Trickles on

Wednesday May 01st, 2019

Etobicoke Condos

In recent times, Toronto’s condo market has seen its fair share of limited supply, rising rents, and a detachment from the market. With developers and analysts putting their heads together to predict the market trends of 2019, we are seeing signs that reveal how market could get a bit rough for new renters, builders, and buyers. Affordability poses the biggest problem here. Revised condo Prices are deterring most first-time buyers in Toronto. Preconstruction condos are going over... [read more]

A Quick Real Estate Market Update On Toronto

Tuesday Feb 26th, 2019

Toronto Condo Market

                    Real estate is getting interestingly creative and navigating through uncertainty in the Canadian market. Lifestyle trends are changing, with technological change in the markets, and social changes. With change all around, the real estate market cannot stay quiet for long. There have been alterations in the real estate market and Toronto condos for sale have seen a major rise in recent past.... [read more]

High Is Rise As Rents Elevate In The GTA

Monday Jun 19th, 2017


Prices of property in Canada are alarmingly high. With more people shifting to the country every day, the overall density is increasing. The demand of land and property is booming as well. However, some areas are more affected than the others. There are many different reasons behind the high rise in the buying and rental prices of these areas. One of the areas with most elevated rental prices is Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Greater Toronto Area is Canada’s most populated metropolis area.... [read more]


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