5-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates

Tuesday Dec 19th, 2023

5-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates

 Understanding 5-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates: Your Complete Guide Introduction What Are 5-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates? A 5-year fixed mortgage rate is a loan with a fixed interest rate for the first five years. After this period, the rate can either reset to current market rates or convert to a variable rate, depending on the terms of your mortgage. This type of mortgage provides stability in your monthly payments, as the rate remains unchanged for a significant period. Why This... [read more]

CMHC changes mortgage rules in the COVID-19 era

Monday Jul 6th, 2020


Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is a Canadian Corporation that offers mortgage liquidity, housing assistance, advice, and research assistance to the Canadian citizens, the government, and the real estate industry. The CMHC is a crucial part of the Canadian administration because it administers the Covered Bond Legal Framework. Its key responsibilities are to register and maintain a list of issuers and programs and set up the Covered Bonds Guide. It is dedicated to helping... [read more]

Smart Backup Down Payment Sources for Toronto Condos

Saturday Jul 31st, 2021

Toronto Condo Buyers

Several homebuyers and tenants dream of owning a home or real estate property in Toronto. First-time buyers purchasing Toronto condos often find the down payment very demanding and challenging. This is because you need to pay at least 5% as a down payment for a condo. That will approve your application for an insured mortgage. If you are an investor who invests in condos for sale with a purchase price of over a million in Toronto, then generally, the down payment for the same would... [read more]

Mortgage Stress Test: Everything You Need To Know About It

Wednesday Aug 11th, 2021

Toronto Condo Team

The new mortgage stress test rules are out. With these rules, it will be more difficult for new and renewing mortgage borrowers to be eligible for their home loan commencing June 1st, 2021. The “stress test” now looks at a higher threshold. The Introduction to Stress Test A mortgage stress test was introduced in 2018 for all Canadian homebuyers. This catered to validating whether they can make a down payment of 20% or more on a home. Additionally, new mortgage stress test... [read more]

How Much Down Payment For A Condo

Wednesday Feb 23rd, 2022

Luxury Condos Toronto

Calculating Your Downpayment for Condo In Toronto Making plans to buy a brand new property is a reason to celebrate. However, it can be challenging to determine the exact down payment needed for a condo in Toronto. At The Toronto Condo Team, we have created an outline of down payments for condos so you have all the information and can pay for your new home. What Is The Cost Of A Condo Downpayment? The typical down payment for Condos in Toronto could go down to as little as 5%.... [read more]



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