Thinking Of Moving To Toronto? Learn Everything About Toronto

Tuesday Jul 5th, 2022


What to Know About Living in Toronto Are you considering moving to Toronto? Are you curious about what it's like to live in Canada's largest city? Check out Toronto Condo Team's guide with information to consider about living in Toronto. Toronto is the heartbeat of Canada, where over 3 million people reside. It's spacious, eccentric, and home to residents from all walks of life. With a wide range of attractions from world-class sports arenas, restaurants, bars and... [read more]

10 Toronto Condos With Innovative Rooftop Terraces & Outdoor Amenities

Wednesday Jun 15th, 2022

10 Toronto Condos With Innovative Rooftop Terraces & Outdoor Amenities

10 Toronto Condos with Innovative Rooftop Terraces and Outdoor Amenities As the preference for outdoor spaces and expansive views of the Toronto skyline increase, there has been an increase in the demand for condominiums with rooftop decks and outdoor amenities. Rooftop terraces and shared spaces create a sense of community with others in the condominium, provide with a room to entertain family and friends, organize barbeque's, grow gardens, host parties, and have a slice of nature... [read more]

Top Pros and Cons of Living in Downtown Toronto | Toronto Condo Team

Wednesday May 11th, 2022

Toronto Downtown Condos

Living in Downtown Toronto vs GTA Toronto combines family living with big-city living with world-class education, healthcare, endless career opportunities, and family-friendly attractions. As the biggest city in Canada, and one of the world’s most multicultural cities, Toronto has something to offer everyone. There are countless reasons to consider purchasing luxury condos or lofts in Downtown Toronto. Living in Toronto’s city centre gives you easy access to incredible... [read more]


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