Are condos taking over detached freehold homes?

Tuesday Feb 27th, 2018


What we are going to learn below is if the condos have become the living standard in Toronto. As per the new initiative which was taken by the City of Toronto, families living in high-rise building condos in the downtown Toronto contribute about 70 percent. It is also known as Vertical communities. Ever since the 60s, the high-rise buildings have been affordable to the downsizers or to the people who are buying for the first time. Nowadays, it is a growing truth when considering the new and... [read more]

How to Invest in Canada’s Crowd Funded Real Estate

Monday Sep 11th, 2017


Over the years, Crowdfunding has evolved dynamically. It is basically a practice of funding in property or projects from the public of different countries, mainly through internet. People with high opulence approach the crowdfunding website, choose the project they like to invest in and get return on investment over a bunch of hold years. There exists a high risk, but even a small investment can help you raise a large amount of capital. If you are thinking of investing your hand-earned... [read more]

How Can Shifting Homes Become Super Easy

Tuesday Aug 22nd, 2017


Whether we are upgrading our residence to a more desirable, bigger home, or moving in with a partner, relocating to a new spot is definitely a challenging task. Settling in and getting comfortable in a new environment can be a little difficult. Though in the long run, relocation often turns out beneficial for our lifestyle and peace of mind, yet with all these cons of shifting, most people delay it as much as they can. Shifting can be a very hard thing to do but if you plan it right, it can... [read more]

7 Steps of the Home Buying Process

Saturday Apr 29th, 2017


A home is a pool of memories built everyday with friends, family and neighbors. It also helps build a financial foundation of your future. Buying a home sounds exciting but it is not an easy decision. It comes with its own share of challenges and confusion. Toronto Condo Team is here to help you understand the home buying process. Let us have a look at the various Steps of the Home Buying Process Step 1: Are you ready to own a home? The first step in buying a home is your readiness to... [read more]


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