What Are Condos?

Wednesday Oct 26th, 2022

What Are Condos

What Are Condos? Living in a condo has many advantages. Condominiums are an excellent choice for first-time homebuyers. Indeed, it is a great choice for someone wishing to enjoy homeownership without a lot of maintenance. Furthermore, it provides a lifestyle of community living and walkable urban neighbourhoods. Unlike rented apartments, condos are privately owned apartments within a building. You can find their differences here. Read on further to get a detailed understanding of what... [read more]

Are Condo Fees Worth it? - Toronto Condo Team

Monday Oct 3rd, 2022

Are Condo Fees Worth it? - Toronto Condo Team

The condo fees you will be responsible for paying are an important consideration. All in all, irrespective of whether you intend to live there, rent it out, or use it as an investment that you plan to flip condo fees is an important aspect to think about. Before you buy, be sure you are comfortable with these fees. Bear in mind that you cannot discuss or amend these condo fees once you have purchased a condo property. You will undoubtedly wonder whether the condo fees are genuinely worth... [read more]

What's happening In Toronto's Downtown Condo Market?

Wednesday Aug 10th, 2022

What's happening in Toronto’s Downtown Condo Market?

After the initial stages of the pandemic, there was a noticeable rebound in the market for detached, semi-detached, and townhomes in the Greater Toronto Area. However, the market for condominium apartments was a little bit slower to adjust, but it finally did so in 2021. According to consumer polling, towards the end of 2020, first-time buyer activity was beginning to improve, especially in the City of Toronto. As a result, the condominium market saw an increase in listings and prices... [read more]

Best Places to Live Near Toronto

Tuesday Aug 23rd, 2022

Best Places To Live Near Toronto

The Greater Toronto Area is a mosaic of varied communities, as one might expect for such a diverse metropolis. With varying attractions and characteristics, new and old residents of Canada are sure to find the perfect neighbourhood that matches their unique lifestyle and taste. Toronto, Canada's most populous city, is recognized for its multiculturalism and tech potential throughout the country. Whether it's for the CN Tower or a nail-biting Raptors game, tourists and Canadians... [read more]

Everything You Need To Know About King Street West Toronto | Toronto Condo Team

Sunday Aug 7th, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About King Street West Toronto

King Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a major east-west business route. It was among the first roads built in 1793 during the settlement of York, renamed Toronto in 1834. The street became the principal commercial route of York and ancient Toronto after the erection of Market Square in 1803 at King and Jarvis avenues to host the first St. Lawrence Market farm shop.  Unfortunately, the ancient foundation was burned in the Great Fire of Toronto in 1849, although it was restored... [read more]


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