What Are Condos?

Wednesday Oct 26th, 2022

What Are Condos

What Are Condos? Living in a condo has many advantages. Condominiums are an excellent choice for first-time homebuyers. Indeed, it is a great choice for someone wishing to enjoy homeownership without a lot of maintenance. Furthermore, it provides a lifestyle of community living and walkable urban neighbourhoods. Unlike rented apartments, condos are privately owned apartments within a building. You can find their differences here. Read on further to get a detailed understanding of what... [read more]

High Is Rise As Rents Elevate In The GTA

Monday Jun 19th, 2017


Prices of property in Canada are alarmingly high. With more people shifting to the country every day, the overall density is increasing. The demand of land and property is booming as well. However, some areas are more affected than the others. There are many different reasons behind the high rise in the buying and rental prices of these areas. One of the areas with most elevated rental prices is Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Greater Toronto Area is Canada’s most populated metropolis area.... [read more]

Guide To Buying Your First Condo In Toronto

Saturday May 8th, 2021

Buying A Condo In Toronto

A lot of people are showing a proclivity for condo living, especially the millennials who are choosing to buy Toronto condos as their starter homes. A condo gives you all of the perks of homeownership but without any of the grueling tasks that come with caring for a single-family home—like maintaining the plumbing and cooling, mowing the lawn, or cleaning the gutters. However, buying a Condo is not like buying a single-family home. There are a lot of factors to take... [read more]

Are Condo Fees Worth it? - Toronto Condo Team

Monday Oct 3rd, 2022

Are Condo Fees Worth it? - Toronto Condo Team

The condo fees you will be responsible for paying are an important consideration. All in all, irrespective of whether you intend to live there, rent it out, or use it as an investment that you plan to flip condo fees is an important aspect to think about. Before you buy, be sure you are comfortable with these fees. Bear in mind that you cannot discuss or amend these condo fees once you have purchased a condo property. You will undoubtedly wonder whether the condo fees are genuinely worth... [read more]

How to Look for the Best Real Estate Agent in Toronto?

Wednesday Jan 26th, 2022

Toronto Condo Realtor

Are you considering selling or buying properties in Toronto? It is a long process for all buyers and sellers, regardless of the property, but knowing how to pick the right realtor in Toronto can positively impact your experience. It is not uncommon for family or friends to suggest a real estate agent in Toronto. However, you must also conduct your own investigation.
 There are many Toronto realtors in active practice working in the Greater Toronto Area. If you're unsure... [read more]


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