Offsetting Traffic with Yonge North Subway Extension

Monday Jun 21st, 2021

Toronto Condo Team

The YNSE (Yonge North Subway Extension) will head north from Ontario's Finch Station to Markham, Vaughan, and Richmond Hill. With an increased focus on fewer vehicles, more walkable urban centers, and more walkers and cyclists, one aspect of successful city planning is the ability to effortlessly 'move people.’ And this smartly designed public transportation plan can be a great example for recognized growth zones and rising employment hubs. York Region is Canada's... [read more]

Reasons Behind the High Real-Estate Prices in Toronto

Monday Jun 14th, 2021

Toronto Condos

For many people, owning a property in Toronto has become a distant dream due to exorbitant prices that continue to set new records in 2021. While the pace of price growth comes slightly down from time to time, home prices will mostly continue on the upward trend. Combined with the fact that the median income in the city has failed to keep up with mounting house prices, it is quite impossible for most people to think about home ownership. From low-interest rates, to the proliferation of foreign... [read more]

Getting On The Property Ladder As A Student

Tuesday Jun 8th, 2021

Toronto Condos For Sale

Getting On The Property Ladder As A Student Most students will consider their next moves after three or four years at university, especially where they live. Most graduates prefer to rent with friends in their university area. On the other hand, a few others move to the city where they have been placed. However, wherever you want to move, you must consider if you can purchase a home to faster access the property ladder. While living in Toronto, you may see ads on Toronto condos for... [read more]

Tips to sell your Condo unit For More Than It’s Worth

Wednesday May 19th, 2021

Toronto Condo Team

Selling Toronto condos is a complicated process that involves a great deal of knowledge in real estate. You are misguided if you believe that purchasing Toronto condos is more daunting than selling them. This is because selling condos is a similarly complicated procedure in which one must simultaneously address many aspects. Everything has to fall in order and preferred for sale to make the process go forward. This starts right from repairing the interiors and exteriors to seeking the... [read more]

Guide To Buying Your First Condo In Toronto

Saturday May 8th, 2021

Buying A Condo In Toronto

A lot of people are showing a proclivity for condo living, especially the millennials who are choosing to buy condos as their starter homes. A condo gives you all of the perks of homeownership but without any of the grueling tasks that come with caring for a single-family home—like maintaining the plumbing and cooling, mowing the lawn, or cleaning the gutters. However, buying a Condo is not like buying a single-family home. There are a lot of factors to take into... [read more]


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