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What Should Students Look for in a Condo

Tuesday Nov 30th, 2021


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A lot of condos in the vicinity of colleges and universities in Toronto offer current and prospective students a better alternative to near-campus housing and dormitories. Therefore, students looking to rent out condos should make a prudent choice to make their college lives more memorable, enjoyable, and productive.


When it comes to student condos, location can be a deal-breaker. A condo that is a few minutes’ walk from the college is the best option, since it will help you save the time and money otherwise spent on commute if you live far away, as well as spare you the effort of travelling to and from college day by day. Cheap student housing that’ll require you to travel at least an hour to get to your school can spell more trouble down the road. Also, by cutting down on commute, you can put your time and money to better use. When we talk about location, make sure the condo is in the proximity of shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment opportunities, as well as healthcare centers and access to public commute. After all, you need to have fun in the after-school hours.


Since your choice of student accommodation should make life easier and more efficient for you, convenience is another very important factor to consider. For instance, your condo building should provide you with the necessary utilities that you need to study and complete projects, such as high-speed Wi-Fi connection and electrical sockets for phones and laptops. Not to mention, there should be an adequate supplies of water, lighting, ventilation, and electricity, among others. Furthermore, college students thrive on takeout and food deliveries, which is why most student-centric condos provide commercial establishments at the lobby, such as restaurants and convenience stores that deliver food. If you are not too keen on cooking for yourself, you can have all your meals delivered right at home without having to travel for food.

Some student-friendly condos also offer plenty of amenities on-site for students to allow them to concentrate on their studies, such as study rooms to facilitate group studies. Some properties even include modern and well-equipped libraries so that students can do their research without leaving the building. These amenities are especially welcome in a post-pandemic world where most students are stuck at home, and need a quiet, designated place to attend online classes and finish their assignments.

What’s Included in the Rent

If you are a student, living on a shoestring budget, every penny matters. Even though the prospect of a low rent sounds appealing to you right now, you have to make sure that you know what is included in that rent. You probably cannot afford surprises right now. A low rent per month might mean that it excludes all utility bills, which can take a strain on your already stretched finances. While dorm rents typically include all utilities, private accommodation is something else. If your rent is exclusive of bills, make sure to ask how much you can expect to splurge in utilities and plan accordingly. If the rent includes Wi-Fi, check that the connection will be decent enough to meet your study needs.

Even though you will be expected to pay a nominal HOA fee each month in addition to your rent, find out what amenities are offered by your condo. For instance, since most students are stuck at home since the onset of the pandemic, they will really appreciate the state-of-the-art cinema rooms, swimming pools, communal areas, BBQ areas, modern gyms and game rooms that are being offered as amenities by most condos. Condo associations also put an emphasis on creating a community feel for residents, including plenty of events so you can get to know your neighbors. Find out how much these amenities mean to you and if you are willing to pay extra for these conveniences.


As a student, you will be spending most of your waking hours outside the house. You’ll be keeping a lot of things inside your housing, such as your laptop, cash, and other valuables when you attend your classes. You can’t exactly concentrate at school if you are unsure of the security around your condo. Before choosing a student condo, be sure to check how secure the building is. Does it have CCTVs around the building? What kind of locks does your condo have? How many security guards are patrolling around the grounds?

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