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What is Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)?

Friday Dec 24th, 2021


You are now able to view your newly purchased Toronto lofts. It doesn't matter at what stage in the sales process the unit was purchased, it's quite normal to have waited around four years for this moment.

You entrust the builder with the completion of your unit according to the standards and requirements you specified in the contract when you sign the APS (Agreement of Purchase or Sale). So, there is no way you can predict if anything could go wrong with a property purchase. Thus, PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) exists in order to help you make sure that the luxury condo you're buying has been built properly.

What Involves in a PDI?

PDI is the first-ever opportunity you can get to look at your completed home. Your builder will help you with a comprehensive inspection in which they will also mention how heating, plumbing or ventilation systems work. So, this is the ​time when you have to enlist the problems that you find in the new home.

There are many technicians involved in assembling your interior. These include plumbers, cabinet builders, and countertop artisans. As such, you may have problems with missing pieces, construction deficiencies, incorrect or incomplete finishes, errors with upgrades and finishes, and items that don't work properly. Also, cosmetic issues like scratched floors, paints, or wood floors may become a part of your list. It will be more difficult for you to prove the deficiencies before occupancy.

You can hire an independent home inspector if you require a second opinion. But, you should make sure that the inspector is qualified in doing the PDIs. For instance, they should identify damaged areas, missing items, and other problems. While you make a rough list, the builder should also note these items on the PDI Form in order to confirm the issue before occupancy.

After the inspection is completed, you will have to sign the PDI Form. This is essentially your agreement to all items that the builder promised to fix.

The PDI takes place approximately one to two weeks before closing. This allows the builder to have enough time for any repairs or maintenance that may have been required. The increasing demand for housing has made it more common for builders not to complete the PDI inspection before you move in.

The PDI does not include common elements like hallways, trash rooms, and lockers. The board of directors of the condominium corporation will report on these issues and take action. To ensure that you identify all defects, board members often consult the owners before submitting a PDI of the building corporation for common elements or warranty claims.

Do I really need a PDI?

Absolutely! You will need a PDI if your property is newly built. Provincial government requires you to conduct pre-delivery inspections. According to Ontario's New Home Warranty Plan Act, all builders should register their new homes and condominiums at the Tarion Warranty Corporation. You don't need a PDI for resale homes, which are those that have had a previous occupant. Certainly, for most loans from banks, you will still have to conduct a home inspection.

During the PDI, a representative will show you around your Toronto loft. They will have a checklist that they can go over. As a purchaser, you have the responsibility to point out any problems. You can also bring along a friend, parent, professional inspector or other trusted person with you. They can assist you in looking for small details that might be overlooked while you are busy learning about all of the exciting new features in your unit.

Complete the Conciliation Evaluation

Your PDI gives you the opportunity to record your property's conditions before it is occupied. So, make sure to take down all information. Although it may seem like another piece, the form is actually an important piece of evidence for Tarion to complete a conciliation evaluation for Toronto condos for sale.

You need this assessment if you haven't fixed pre-occupancy damage and missing items after moving in. Likewise, if you haven’t noted the issue on the PDI Form, it might be difficult for you to establish that it existed before you moved-in.

Checklist for PDI

Depending upon where you live, and which builder is working with you, there may be a predetermined list of things that must be reviewed during your PDI. We highly recommend that you bring your PDI list with you to the inspection.

What should you bring to your inspection of your luxury loft?

  • Measure tape to determine the dimensions of spaces you will need for new furniture.
  • Photographs that you take with your phone or camera. Ensure that they capture the time and date details.
  • Notepad and pen or any other electronic device for making notes
  • Agreement of Purchase or Sale.
  • Floor plan
  • A friend, a relative or any reliable person

Identify these things during your inspection:

  • Countertop chips or scratches
  • Floors or walls damaged or scuffed
  • Item damaged, incomplete or missing.
  • Any unauthorized "substitutions" for items you select in accordance with your buy agreement.

Remember to check the balcony and look out for things such as:

  • Check the gas line (if applicable). Let the rep verify that it is working correctly.
  • It is important to ensure that the window or balcony door screens are in good working order.
  • Doors and windows that aren’t secure or don’t open and close easily.
  • Quality of work.

What happens if you forget to highlight a problem during the PDI?

At or before your PDI appointment, you will receive a Certificate Of Completion & Possession. This document contains your property’s enrolment number with Tarion, as well the occupancy date. This is also the beginning date for your warranty. When you take possession, your Tarion warranty period begins. This date allows you to make warranty claims for both new and unresolved issues.

It may be more difficult for you to prove that the granite countertop chip wasn't caused by your move-in. So, it is important to take a photo of the damage and immediately email it to the builder. This record will prove the property was in good condition before you took the possession.

Finally, submit the warranty claims within the timeframes that Tarion sets. If you get late in submitting it, you may not avail the benefits of Tarion’s warranty.


Your PDI (Personal Data Information) is one final step before you take possession of your new property. The process can be daunting, but our agents are there to help you every step of your way. Contact TorontoCondoTeam today for more information on Toronto condos for sale

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