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Top Items That Make Your Condo Appear Dated

Saturday Feb 15th, 2020


Toronto Condo Team

Your condo maybe new, but your choice of interiors could inadvertently make it appear rather dated to the buyers. The hip, savvy informed buyers of today are aware of what they want and are not ready to compromise. Here are a few things which could be adding age to your condo:


We see buyers constantly complain about the condo floors, in both new and old units, since it is the most obvious part of your condo that you have to see every waking moment. We don’t see many people leaving a condo because the “floors are dated”, and it’s not like you have to live with it forever. Afterall, it is a simple fix right, just a minor renovation project? But if there’s one type of floor that offends the senses right off the bat, it must be the run-of-the-mill parquet. It can make even a refurbished condo appear obsolete.

White Appliances

Most buyers care more about the usability of their appliances, than the color, or at least that is what is what I heard when I suggested to a client that she swap out the white kitchen appliances for gleaming stainless steel. While, this may seem needless, it does make the condo more current. Perhaps, we are so used to seeing brand new, stainless steel appliances in Toronto condos, that white appliances immediately strike us as “old fashioned”.

Vertical Blinds

If you have vertical blinds at home, we are extremely sorry that you came across this point. It’s not that there is anything wrong with having them, but only 5% of all condos ever do. Horizontal blinds and Vertical drapes seem fine, but vertical blinds exude a “grand-parent” feel. If your condo unit combines vertical blinds and parquet floors, we say you are in for a major renovation project.

The Passthrough

While you can always change your blinds, swap out the appliances, and change the flooring, what can you do about that “passthrough” in the kitchen? It’s not a piece of cake to remove a wall. Today’s condo buyers show a predilection for open concept, with the kitchen opening to the dining. Most passthroughs show their age. So, it’s not a good idea to work around the passthrough when you are renovating.

Glass Block

What does the word conjure up? The “80’s” most probably! When I think of glass blocks, I can’t help but think of Charlie Sheen’s condo or Michael Douglas’ beach house. Not something modern buyers are looking for!

Fluorescent Lighting

The only thing that tops having a fluorescent light is the absence of a cover to prevent people from having their eyes bombarded all the time. Most often, condo owners swap out old kitchen appliances, change the light fixtures and get a fresh coat of paint to give the condo a fresh appearance. But, removing fluorescent lights isn’t a small feat. Removing them often requires drywalling, not to mention, doing so changes the ceiling height. But, having them around makes your condo reek of “age”, and condo buyers are becoming extremely picky these days!

Black Toilets

Wooden toilet seats are too obsolete, carpeted toilet seats make you think a grandma lived in your unit, and what about those white toilets with black seats?  We cannot even begin to describe how awful it sounds. Somehow, I am reminded of my grandma handing me Oreos with a glass of warm milk. But the worst of all, is a fully black toilet. It’s downright grotesque and a big No. Unless you intentionally want to scare away buyers, we suggest you renovate your toilets.

A Touch Of Green

Before I say anything, please know that I hold no grudges against green. I think it is a very cool color and “Greenery” is a much sought-after feature of some homes! Even our clients want some “Green Space” in the proximity of their units. But it doesn’t mean that green stone counters, green doors, and green tiles will appeal to your buyers. On the contrary, such items push buyers out the door faster than just about everything on our list.

Baseboard Heating

Now this is one item that doesn’t just look old; it indeed is old! 2020 developers don’t just think of baseboards to heat up condos when they can rely on gas. It is akin to a homebuilder installing an oil tank instead of a high-efficiency furnace. And the worst part is that it is one element of a condo that you cannot “renovate”. Not only is the cost of electric baseboard exceptionally high, the very knowledge of your “heat source” is enough to make your space feel too dated.


The kitchen is the focal point of almost any condo these days, and it’s the first thing people check out when they set foot inside. Yes, the kitchen. Most potential buyers make a B-line for the kitchen as soon as they enter a condo. If they see something reminiscent of the 80’s, the 90’s or even the 2000’s, they silently sneak out. While kitchens can be renovated, buyers immediately strike a potential unit off their list when they see that familiar “brown wood stripe” on the kitchen cabinets. It is undeniably 80’s and somehow makes you think that you are in the wrong condo. Imagine with such a kitchen, complete with a home phone on the wall and fluorescent lighting! Design nightmare!

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