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Top Favorite Restaurants In Toronto

Wednesday Oct 09th, 2019


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The number of eating options in Toronto can provide everyone with different cuisines from different parts of the world. This is one Canadian city that simply loves exploring new and better culinary options. There are several flavors, cooking styles, ingredients, chefs, and of course, some of the best restaurants that one can find in Toronto. The city of Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, and it embraces the different foodie trends with open arms. One can easily find some of the best Thai cuisine, fine dining options, bars, street food, and plenty more in various neighborhoods of Toronto. Explore some of the best restaurants in Toronto and the amalgamation of techniques and flavors from various cultures in a single city.

Toronto Restaurants

#1 Kōjin

In 2018, one of the best restaurants in Toronto, Daishō was closed by David Chang, who claimed that the time had come. However, Kōjin definitely lives up to its predecessor and in some ways even betters Daishō. The restaurant is built around crackling wood grill and it the vision of Paula Navarrete who is the head chef at the restaurant. The cooking at Kōjin is one of the best in the town and located in the neighborhood of Financial District, and one can easily access the stunning restaurant without any hassle.

One of the best dishes available at Kōjin is the griddled flatbread, which is chewy and crispy just like the arepas and English muffin. You can put some Niagara ham or fatty butter along with sour cherries or melted brie to go with it. People also prefer the caramelized onion which is completed by the prime rib in a mini cast iron pan. Paula Navarrete has definitely created some of the best dishes in one of the best restaurants in Toronto.

#2 Coffee Oysters Champagne

Coffee Oysters Champagne is a swanky restaurant that is full of secrets. This tiny eatery has a secret restaurant, À Toi. But, before we get to that, you need to enjoy the coffee, oysters, and champagne. The perfectly blended single-origin coffee beans and provide a great start to the day and with a platter of well-dressed oysters along with a glass of bubbly during the night time. Located in the neighborhood of Entertainment District, one can find the largest list of the champagnes in the world at COC. They have around 25 bottles of Champagne and a number of sparkling wine bottles.

The combo of oysters and champagne is an unreal one and will definitely make you feel giddy. Moreover, the variety of champagnes that are available at COC makes it even better. However, if you are tired of oysters, which most people aren't, you can take a tour to the À Toi. The place lies beyond the walls that are pink onyx and the room that is full of crystalline champagne bottles. The fun lies in getting there, and even though you can't click pictures, the memories are going to be there for a lifetime. À Toi provides a wide variety of refined eats and cocktails. Definitely, a must-visit place in Toronto. 

#3: Laissez Faire

Located in King West, Laissez Faire opened in place of the popular restaurant in the neighborhood, The Home of the Brave. The coziness of the place will make you want to visit it again and again. The vibes of the warm place are casual yet sophisticated.

Inspired by the French culture and style, the restaurant serves dishes completely French in style and appeal, and the visitors to the restaurant love it. Unique in style, the head chef, Zach Barnes, keeps a menu that is more flavorful and lighter in taste and has plenty of vegetarian dishes rather than the heavy ones like crabs. Just like the French would have it, Laissez Faire showcases effortlessness in its décor as well as the food menu. The restaurant is open only in the evenings. One can try out the chef's rail over the weekends where they will be able to enjoy an eight to ten-course meal for which the venue keeps changing and is decided by the head chef himself. Or, the mouthwatering and elegant French dishes are always an option!

#4: Casa La Palma

Casa La Palma might get hidden by a number of Italian restaurants, but the place situated at Dundas West has quite an amazing cuisine to offer. The theme of the restaurant is inspired by Palm Springs past, and thus, its ambiance, as well as the menu, showcases the classic essence of it. The place has a central hearth fireplace, and the seating is of low modular type. This setting brings in the feeling of tranquility and warmth as soon as one enters the restaurant.

The menu of the place is classic and considers four sections, namely, rough cheese, seafood, salumi, and snacks. All the sections have the restaurant's specials in them and just can't be missed! The chickpea fritters happen to be the most favorite of many because of their crustiness on the outside and the herby flavor with a spice blend. Oysters at Casa La Palma are also quite appreciated. The menu of the place is headed by Executive Chef Julian D'Ippolito and is one of the most famous spots in Dundas West, where people like to enjoy warm and delicious meals.

#5: Seoul Shakers

The restaurant has a perfect setting meant for lively and casual evenings where you would want to relax and have a jolly, vibrant time at a vibrant place. The restaurant and bar of Seoul Shakers are loved by the people of the city for the dishes they have on offer. The restaurant is famous for its Korean dishes that are authentic and flavorful. The theme and vibe of the restaurant are very much in sync with the other eateries owned by the owner of Seoul Shakers, Leemo Han. The ambiance of the restaurant features dim lighting, neon-colored furniture, and informal sitting stools. Also, to enhance the appeal, the place has got a jungle-like, wild collection of a number of houseplants.

Dishes like Pork belly steak ssam, Hwe dup bap and Tempura salt cod (a fish dish) cooked in authentic Korean style are the famous dishes at the restaurant which visitors usually come for. Most of the dishes are tangy in nature with a hint of herbs and spices to bring out the classic Korean taste in them. Undoubtedly, a nice meal for the people to enjoy!

#6: Fet Zun

If you love eating middle Eastern delicacies and piping hot pitas, the food that has the plates drenched with flavors and oils, this is the must-visit restaurant for you! The place is extremely lively, with a vibrant ambiance and homely atmosphere that adds a lot of warmth and aroma to the restaurant. Anthony Rose, the head chef, has decided the menu of the place to be unique and way different from other Rose's restaurants such as Rose and Sons or Fat Pasha.

One can see the influence of Turkey and Morocco in the style of cooking as well as the serving and ambiance of the whole restaurant. One can try out the amazing and mouthwatering platters of different fish and meat at the place and indulge in some flavorful happiness. Known for the soft and smoky pita bread, hummus and tahini cooking, Fet Zun will make you want to visit the place over and over for its food and the taste that is unforgettable!

#7: Bar Buca Eglinton

Owned by King Street Food Company, Bar Buca Eglinton is the second restaurant under their name. Located at Eglinton, close to the Bay Street neighborhoods, the restaurant has an elegance and undeniable finesse associated with it. The place has got high ceilings, rich furniture, and a menu filled with dishes that are classic, olive oil-drenched and have an authentic Italian flavor.

The place is quite lavish, around 2500 square feet in area and can easily have 60 diners for a lavish brunch on the weekends. The menu over the weekdays is quite standard and offers two types of dishes. There is a breakfast menu that lasts from 7 am up till 11 am. After this, the main menu starts, which feature delicious pizzas and other Italian dishes. A few dishes that are true to Bar Buca Eglinton and won't really be found anywhere else in the neighborhood include Arancia Rossa or the blood orange salad. On the weekends, the restaurant serves a brunch menu meant for the people to enjoy a full meal and relish every Italian delicacy served at the restaurant.

When the talk is about restaurants, Toronto simply has endless of them! Whatever cuisine and type of dishes appeal to you, you are bound to find them in the bustling neighborhoods of Toronto in their rich, authentic flavors. Toronto is a city designed for food lovers! One can find what he/she might be looking for easily and at the time at which he/she desires! There are plenty of lively and vibrant eateries across Toronto as well as the quiet and romantic ones for the people to enjoy. In today's times, Toronto is so developed that in whichever part you own a condo, you will be able to access wonderful cuisines nearby you itself!

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