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Top 5 Neighborhoods To Live In Downtown Toronto

Thursday Jul 18th, 2019


Toronto is one of the liveliest places to make a livelihood in. Being one of the populous cities in Canada, the city is quite literally a mosaic of wonderful locations to live in. Each neighbourhood in Toronto has its own distinct identity and an undeniable charm about it.

Downtown Toronto is certainly one of the best parts of Toronto to make a living in. The streets of Downtown Toronto are bustling, extremely vibrant, and well-suited for any kind of lifestyle. If one is looking for Toronto lofts or condos for sale, Downtown Toronto is the most preferred area amongst the homebuyers as well as investors.

The neighbourhoods that are a part of Downtown Toronto are constantly evolving, expanding into someplace better, someplace livelier and someplace more luxurious. One can find some of the best luxury condos in Toronto here. Each area in Downtown Toronto has some characteristics that set it apart from the rest and makes it unique. When looking for a place to live in Toronto, it can be quite daunting a task to find one which fits well in all the requirements. In this article, we will be discovering the top 5 areas for Toronto condos that one can purchase in Downtown Toronto. This article is sure to make your search for Toronto condos for sale easier.

Popular Neighbourhood #1: King West

King West is one of the busiest and most happening neighbourhoods of Downtown Toronto. There is a different kind of energy and vibrancy in this part of the region. The neighbourhood is a perfect area to live in for individuals who love to enjoy the city life at its best. Majority of housing options in the neighbourhood are condos only. This is because being a busy part of Toronto, the place has a lot of business and educational options for the individuals. Thus, many homebuyers are attracted to King West condos Toronto.

One will always find newer condo developments in King West, and the region is lined up with stunning, luxurious high-rise buildings. Most of the condo developments in the region are modern in architecture and style. The luxury condos Toronto that they have for sale or rent purposes have fantastic amenities and selling points for the homebuyers as well as investors.

Gym, fitness centers, lounge facilities, parking spaces, and great accessibility are the common amenities and features one may find in almost all the Toronto condos located in the King West neighbourhood of Downtown.

The rates for Toronto condos for sale in King West are a little on the upper side as compared to other places in the city. However, individuals get to have a condo in one of the most prime locations of Downtown Toronto in that price.

The neighbourhood talks of convenience and ease of accessibility to almost everything one can ask for. Nightlife in the region is beyond amazing. One can find popular bars and pubs such as Bar Ravel, Birreria Volo, Spice Route, Coopers Pub, and many more. Also, one can find plenty of restaurants, casual as well as fine dining places in this region. Luxurious dining places such as Patria, Buca, Gusto 101, Cibo, and Labora are found in this neighbourhood and enhance its grace even more. Since the residents in the region love luxury and access to amenities, one can find several yoga studios, fitness centers, jogging tracks, and gyms in the area.

King West condos Toronto are highly preferred by the individuals there for their close proximity to places like Rogers Centre, the place where Toronto Blue Jays baseball team plays and other places like Air Canada Centre and Echo Beach concert venue. The characteristic that makes this neighbourhood highly popular is its diversity. Individuals of all ages will find what they are looking for in this spread of Downtown Toronto.

The most popular and recent King West condos Toronto include 650 King Street West, 75 Portland Street, 55 Stewart Street condos and many more. All the Toronto lofts in the region provide easy access to famous spots such as Trinity Bellwoods Park, Lake Shore Blvd via Spadina Ave, etc. Owning a Toronto condo in the region is certainly one of the best decisions that one can make.

Popular Neighbourhood #2: Yorkville

Yorkville is considered to be one of the wealthiest regions in the whole of Toronto. However, there are certain developments which might be suitable for a middle-class living. It is popular as the neighbourhood where the rich stay and visit to make purchases as the world's best fashion brands such as Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Tiffany, and Louis Vuitton can be found here.

If individuals are looking for a high-class living, Yorkville condos for sale are amongst the top suggestions given to them. The atmosphere of this neighbourhood of the city is only elite and talks of complete luxury. The luxury condos Toronto are most talked about condos in the city and the homebuyers who love to experience an elite-class living eye this part of Downtown Toronto.

The Bloor and Bay station located in the region adds high accessibility ease to the place. The commute options around Yorkville are very convenient and provide easy access to fun areas such as Yonge and Eglinton, Church, and Wellesley. In fact, the area is filled with amazing places for entertainment and leisure, and thus, one doesn't really find much need to travel to other areas. There are quite a few fantastic bars, pubs, and restaurants located in Yorkville, which become another great selling point for Yorkville condos for sale. Restaurants like Bar Reyna, Duke of Cornwall and Hemingway's Restaurant are famous eateries located in this part of Downtown Toronto.

Being one of the luxurious locations of Downtown Toronto, one can often spot celebrities in the area either shopping at great malls or during the season of the Toronto International Film Festival which is held during the month of September.

The region has plenty of spots which add grace and charm to it and are extremely appealing to the eye. Yorkville Park is a majestic location set in the bustling neighbourhood that offers a gorgeous landscape and reflects the history and diversity of Canada. The neighbourhood is also famous for its rich culture and art because of the art galleries like the Canadian Fine Arts Gallery, Loch Gallery, Mayberry Fine Art, and Mira Godard Gallery. Museums such as the Gardiner Museum and the Royal Ontario Museum are also amongst the iconic sites in Yorkville.

New Yorkville condos for sale such as One Bloor, The Four Seasons Residences and Hazelton Avenue are the popular Toronto lofts that homebuyers and investors have a keen liking for in this neighbourhood of Downtown Toronto.

Popular Neighbourhood #3: Etobicoke

Waterfront is considered to be one of the most leisure-filled neighbourhoods in Downtown Toronto. Waterfront may seem the kind of place that one would associate with older individuals and families. However, that is not really the case when we talk about Downtown Toronto. Waterfront is the perfect neighbourhood for those individuals who love living near the water and enjoy such kind of a view from their condos. Since it is not really located in the busy streets of Toronto, the neighbourhood offers a really serene and peaceful environment as well as the atmosphere.

Etobicoke is one of the ideal waterfront neighbourhoods in Downtown Toronto. Stations such as Royal York, Kipling, and Islington fall under the Etobicoke region. This fact makes Etobicoke condos a popular choice among the homebuyers in Toronto. The region is perfect for those individuals who enjoy a mix of city life as well as the serenity of nature. Another exciting thing about living in Etobicoke condos is that they have plenty of recreation sites nearby. Thus, most of the Toronto lofts there has a wonderful and scenic view from them.

The region is located fairly close to Toronto Pearson International Airport, thus, adding more convenience and ease to the neighbourhood. Situated at the waterfront of the Lake Ontario, Etobicoke is considered to be a neighbourhood suitable for middle-class living through it affluent and lively. The serenity of the region is beyond comparison and offers a lovely surrounding to the Etobicoke condos. The tranquillity of Lake Ontario is ideal for individuals who like to come to a peaceful home after work. Moreover, regions such as the business district center are located quite close to this part of the neighbourhood. Thus, job opportunities around the location are also plenty.

Toronto Music Garden, located at the waterfront, adds liveliness to the entire neighbourhood with sweet, classical live music playing there. There are plenty of other outdoor activities that you can enjoy in Etobicoke like walking the streets of Lake View Market, rafting, watching movies at the cinema theatres there. The Etobicoke condos & design is contemporary in nature, a perfect blend of old with newer architecture to create a wonderful appeal.

The place is known for its suburban environment and has spectacular, lavish views. One can often find views of the city skyline, Lake Ontario as well as the CN Tower from their Toronto condos. The place has beautiful public parks and views ideal for professional photography. Locations such as rock garden, amazing streams, James Gardens near the River Humber are the iconic spots of the region. The amenities offered by Etobicoke condos are considered to be quite luxurious. Amenities such as swimming pools, lounge, fitness centers, party rooms, etc. are a part of almost all the condos in the neighbourhood. There are boating avenues such as the Mimico Cruising Club and Etobicoke Yacht Club present in close proximity of the luxury condos Toronto for the residents who enjoy boating and sailing at the waterfront. The popular Toronto condos for sale in the area include 16 Brookers Lane, 2175 Lake Shore, 80 Marine Parade and many more.

Popular Neighbourhood #4: City Place

Queen's Quay & Spadina or City Place as it is popularly known as, this neighbourhood of Downtown Toronto is often called "Paradise" by the residents of City Place condos. The region overlooks Lake Ontario and is quite picturesque. The place is considered just perfect for joggers and exercise enthusiasts. There are plenty of walkways and jogging tracks in the entire neighbourhood. Being close to all the facilities that a resident of Toronto condos can ask for, the area is thickly populated, and plenty of buildings of City Place condos are lined up along Queen's Quay. One can find both a cluster of high-rise, dense buildings as well as ghetto development in the same area. The region is popular for having Toronto condos for sale in high-rise towers at fairly low prices for the amenities they offer.

There are 509 Harbourfront and 510 Spadina and 511 Bathurst streetcar lines that are very easily accessible from the luxury condos Toronto located here and have a fairly great frequency too. These connect one to the subway system of Toronto as well as the Go Trains, which are merely a few stops away at Union Station, east of the neighbourhood.

Since the region is located in the heart of the city, everything one asks for is easily accessible from the Toronto condos located here. Famous spots such as the Rogers Centre, Union Station, Entertainment District, the CN Tower, and Air Canada Centre are located very close to the region. Also, one can easily access the Financial District, King West, Liberty Village, etc. conveniently.

Highways like Gardiner Expressway or Lakeshore Boulevard can be utilized for an easy commute from the City Place condos. Billy Bishop Airport isn't that far either; residents who wish to travel to far off places can catch a flight from this airport.

The commodities that residents generally look for nearby when living it Toronto lofts include supermarkets, banks, drug stores, day-care facility, cafes, parks, etc. All these facilities and many more are available for the residents of the area. Thus, making it a perfect place to settle in. The most popular City Place condos include 170 Fort York library District, 85 Queens Wharf Spectra, 80 Queens Wharf Newton Condos, etc., among the others. The Shore Club, Sportsnet Grill, The Host and 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower are amongst the most popular restaurants that offer delicious cuisines in City Place neighbourhood.

Generally, one will find young singles as well as a couple who work in Downtown Toronto living in this area. Senior citizens don't have much to look forward to in this area other than enjoying a peaceful, serene environment at some of the public parks located here. However, there are a few localities established where the older population is a little more prominent.

Popular Neighbourhood #5: Entertainment District

If you are looking for the busiest streets in Downtown Toronto, Entertainment District is the perfect neighbourhood to find it in. The district is full of vibrancy, bustling traffic and is always on-the-go! The region is found to be busy during the day as well as night time.

During the day, one can find the area filled with creative individuals working in different industries, media firms as well as agencies. The cafes are crowded with different kind of individuals who enjoy the liveliness and crowdy environment at all times. During the night, the streets of Entertainment District are lit as there are plenty of bars, nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants lined up in almost every street of the Entertainment District. The neighbourhood is quite popular with the tag ‘The part of Toronto that never sleeps.' Famous nightclubs such as Crocodile Rock, Cure, and Orchid attract a huge crowd from different parts of Toronto. Montecito, Aanch, and Byblos are some of the famous restaurants in the area that offer amazing food.

There are several Toronto Entertainment District condos located between the stretch of University Avenue and Spadina Avenue. When we talk about culture and art, the place is simply rich. There are multiple famous theatres in the area as well as quite a few popular performing art centers. The famous cultural landmarks of the area include Metro Toronto Conversion Centre, the CN Tower, Rogers Centre, Toronto Railway Museum, etc. Roy Thompson Hall, the Princess of Wales theatre, Bell Media and the Four Seasons Centre, are other iconic spots of Entertainment District.

Undoubtedly, Toronto Entertainment District condos are the Toronto lofts for which people are ready to pay quite highly. The place is very well-suited for the individuals who love the city lights and don't might large crowds. The region is amongst the most happening parts of Ontario. The area has a dynamic business center as well as several modern-style office spaces which just add more convenience for the residents of Entertainment District condos. Mostly, the individuals working in Entertainment District reside in the Toronto condos located here.

Every facility that one can probably ask for is very easily available in this part of the town. Thus, plenty of homebuyers and investors eye this region and look for opportunities to purchase Toronto condos for sale as the advantages of owning a property in any of the condominium developments here are plenty. 224 King Street Theatre Park condos, 11 Charlotte Street king Charlotte condos as well as 295 Adelaide Street Pinnacle On Adelaide condos are amongst the most popular Toronto condo developments of the neighbourhood. The condos located here offer all the luxurious amenities that one can look for in a condo development. That is, Entertainment District condos offer lavish amenities such as fitness centers, gyms, party, and community rooms, meeting rooms and workplaces, lounges facilities, 24*7 concierge service, etc. All these amenities are a large selling point for the developers of the Toronto condos for sale in this area.

What are the factors one should keep in mind before buying a Toronto condo Downtown?

Whether you are looking for Toronto condos for sale in Downtown or other parts such as Queen West or Bay Street Toronto, there are certain factors which should be considered closely before finalizing on any Toronto loft. These are:

Location: The location plays a very important role as all the other factors are largely dependent on this one.

Proximity from schools, workplace, hospitals, etc.:  All these are very basic facilities that one requires for a living and thus, should be easily accessible from the condos.

Essential facilities: Essential facilities such as the presence of banks, grocery stores, malls, and drug stores nearby is also important.
Transit facilities: The type of commute options available in the region play an important role in deciding the Toronto condo you should be opting for.
Size and floor plan: For those of you particular about how much area you need and the kind of layout you wish to have for your dream house, this is an essential factor.

Budget: One shouldn't over-exceed the budget too much. Thus, it is ideal to prefer a condo development that fits well with the pricing that one has in mind.

Condo amenities: It is essential to compare and have a look at the amenities that are being offered as a part of the condo development.

Appliances and other equipment: The appliances, furniture as well as other equipment that are being made available as a part of the condo purchase are very important. They should do justice to the price being asked for the condo.

Developers: The developers working on the project play a key role too. Renowned developers who have past successful projects must be preferred over the other.

Downtown Toronto is one of the most popular areas of the city is highly known in the real estate market and thus, is priced highly too. There are plenty of famous neighbourhoods which offer attractive living options to the residents of the city. Deciding on which Toronto condo for sale one should buy can be a bit challenging for individuals. Thus, Toronto Condo Team has listed the above neighbourhoods as the best areas in Downtown Toronto after a lot of research and analysis. Also, a few of the most significant factors are listed which should be considered while making a condo purchase. By keeping those in mind, one is sure to make a wiser decision while buying a Toronto condo.

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