Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Move To Toronto

Monday Apr 03rd, 2017


Moving to a new city is not easy. It comes with its own share of challenges and difficulties but if you are planning to move to Toronto, you need not be afraid of the change. There are approximately 250,000 newcomers to Canada each year. Toronto is one of the cleanliest, livable and multi-cultural cities in the word. We bet once you know the top reasons why should you move to Toronto, you won’t be able to resist moving here!

1. Toronto is a Pool of Young Generation:

Well, the very first thing you will notice after entering Toronto is the demography here. Toronto is bloomed with the young generation who is a passionate workforce as well. It is the most welcoming cities in the world and you never know when you can have a prominent personality sitting next to you!

2. Toronto is a Food Hub

If you are looking for good food in Toronto, you have it available in all budgets. At any time of the day or night, you can enjoy at one of the best eateries in Toronto and satisfy your appetite. It offers world-class meals that are not heavy on your wallet.

3. Has an Efficient Public Transport

You don’t need to buy a car in Toronto, thanks to the TTC! TTC is the cheapest form of transportation available here.  So, no more worries to visit any corner of the city. It’s public transport heavily outweighs any other transportation option.

4. Cleanliness is Everywhere

Like we mentioned earlier as well, Toronto is one of the cleanliest cities in the world with active volunteers that help keep the city clean. If you intend to stay in a clean, green and a happy place, Toronto is one for you!

5. A perfect Multicultural Destination

Toronto is interestingly, one of most multicultural cities in the world.  It has streets and areas catering to almost every culture of the world. You name a culture and Toronto has a neighbourhood for it. Six Chinatowns, Little Italy, Little India, Greektown Koreatown are just some of them. The diversity in culture is what makes this place livelier ad colourful. Live your life cheerfully here in Toronto!

6. Best Education facilities

Whether you are looking for an elementary education or a professional education, Toronto is equipped with one of the best educational institutions in the entire North America. With University of Toronto ranking 24th in the Academic Ranking of World Universities, Toronto is a perfect place for education, whether it’s your first step towards school or the professional degree.

7. It’ s Safe

With the lowest cases of incidents of homicide and robbery,  Toronto is one of the safest cities in the world. The people here are helpful to each other and will leave no opportunity to help you in the way they can. As per the data, Toronto is safer than other large cities such as Montreal, Chicago or New York.

8. Growing as a Business Hub

Although Toronto is known for its Financial Centres establishment, it is growing fast as an IT business hub too which is hiring young professionals at an alarming rate. Thus, if you plan to make a new or fresh start to a glowing career, Toronto can open the door of opportunities for you!

9. Not Very Expensive

In comparison to other metro cities of the world, Toronto is not that expensive rather, it’s a reasonable destination to move to. Apart from the cheap eateries, it also offers an array of nightlife plans and festivals.

The realty sector can give your buy an appreciation of the current trending 12.5%, making it worthwhile for you to invest in the Toronto real estate market.

10.Has a great Climate

Well, this is something that can give you the best of both worlds sitting alone in Toronto. It has a humid continental climate which makes its winters pleasant and its summers warm.  You can enjoy both living with the snow and under the bright sun right here in Toronto!

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