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Tired of Staring At Blank Walls? Try These Unusual Wall Décor Tips To Liven Up Your Condo

Wednesday Dec 18th, 2019


Your blank walls are empty canvases, rife with opportunities for the taking. Wall décor is one of the main elements that can complete the look and feel of a condo. While displaying original artwork and classic paintings is the best way to refurbish any space, not everyone can afford the luxury. Don’t be dismayed if you cannot bring home a masterpiece. We can tell you plenty of unique and inexpensive ways to spruce up your condo walls. Toronto Condo Team has come up with some amazing wall décor ideas to turn those bare, stark walls into chic centerpieces. Pick up your hammer and nails; the fun begins.

1. Bookcases

Believe it or not, one of the best living room wall décor ideas is to place a bookcase against one wall. You don’t have to be a bookworm to appreciate this wall décor idea. Apart from books, you can stack the shelves with anything like antique glassware, decorative objects, plants, vases, frames, your trophies, or any other paraphernalia. A wall-to-wall bookshelf really makes a striking appearance and works best to display your prized possessions right in the living room.

2. Statement Mirrors

A mirror is one of the safest wall décor options that you have, and even makes your space appear more spacious than it is. However, instead of going for a mundane, purely functional type, choose something that creates an impact, such as an iridescent one or a sunburst mirror.

3. Gallery Wall

A gallery wall adds the right pop of color and all the personality that your condo walls need. Create a theme with a collection of photos or art pieces or throw in a mix of wall hangings. You can either go for an assortment of ornate, fancy frames to mix things up or just go with simple, cohesive frames. If you are looking to create the illusion of space, you can extend the gallery wall all the way up to the ceiling.

4. Pieces of Wallpaper

Since we have so many interesting wallpaper designs in the market, why not use a large piece of wallpaper as a piece of art for an interesting touch? You can either frame a large piece of wallpaper treated like an art piece or adhere a wallpaper to just a portion of the wall. Choose a peel-and-stick variety so that you can change the pattern easily without any effort or destroying the paint. If you are on a budget, go for discontinued patterns or discontinued remnants.

5. Fabric Or Rugs

If art with dimension and texture is your thing, a great wall décor idea is to hang a rug or some special textured fabric on your walls to lend them a chic look. You can frame delicate textiles, like the African Kuba cloth, or display them within shadow boxes. You can also hang tapestry or frame vintage scarves or other pieces of pretty fabric.

6. Children’s Artwork

If your children love art, or if they are all grown up and left the nest, you might want to treasure their childhood creations. Go through their favorites to frame and hang, not just restrain them to the typical refrigerator-and-magnet display. This is a relatively easy way to deck out your walls with a touch of nostalgia, without incurring a fortune.

7. Postcards

Do you have a collection of postcards from friends’ travels or your own sitting around in a box? Time to take out that collection and frame a series of them to craft a gorgeous collage. Choose a structured layout and use the same frame for each postcard to attract attention to the images.

8. A Personalized Map

Do you have a bit of a wander lust in you? Why not add a large word map to your condo wall décor. Get a customized map of a country, state, or city that is close to your heart in any color palette that fits in with your entire indoor theme. A great idea: incorporate a large-scale world map to your condo walls and place pins in places that you have visited.

9. A Cluster Of Baskets

Do you have a collection of pretty baskets that you would love to flaunt? We say you hang the whole bunch on a wall for a kaleidoscope of color. Grab your collection of decorative woven baskets in varying colors and sizes and play around with every possible combination before you grab your hammer and nails and put them up on the wall. Even if you don’t have vibrant ones, you can embark on a DIY project and paint the basket interior with craft paint.

10. Floating Shelves

Floating furniture can liven up any condo wall from floor to ceiling. While they are a spectacular update on their own, try adding a floating console underneath them to create a focal point that catches the eye spontaneously. Try decking them out with a plethora of objects such as plants, vases, and other objects to make your walls come to life

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