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Tips to sell your Condo unit For More Than It’s Worth

Wednesday May 19th, 2021


Selling Toronto condos is a complicated process that involves a great deal of knowledge in real estate. You are misguided if you believe that purchasing Toronto condos is more daunting than selling them. This is because selling condos is a similarly complicated procedure in which one must simultaneously address many aspects.

Everything has to fall in order and preferred for sale to make the process go forward. This starts right from repairing the interiors and exteriors to seeking the best buyer who will afford the right price.

An Investment That Pays Off

Because of the kind of returns that the real estate industry offers, other investing strategies will barely beat profitability. If you're trying to sell an investment property or your existing condos, most buyers expect to get a better offer than the current selling price. And this is reasonable since the value of real estate property will continue to rise.

Let’s look at how you can speed up this cycle.

Tips to Sell your Condo unit For More Than It's Worth

Here's what you need to do to make the Toronto condos for sale bring about the best potential profit, maximizing your equity.

Strong Understanding of Local Market

The global housing market is rapidly evolving. Even on a local basis, we cannot expect market conditions to remain stable for long. Here, having a professional real estate agent represent you while selling your condos is critical to getting the best deal.

A smart real estate agent is one that fully comprehends the industry in which they work. Real estate agents have learned to read the market dynamics in place at any given time and recommend condo sellers on a price that is both fair. They do a comparative analysis of lofts for sale in Toronto and the characteristics of the property for sale with the facilities that accompany it.

Your real estate agent will do a detailed market study. It will include comparing similar assets that have sold in the previous months, calculating an asking price for your property, as well as thoroughly examining the past market patterns to forecast potential property sales.

Choosing The Right Time To Sell

The "best time to sell" isn't always the same for each property owner. External conditions can cause sellers to put their Condos for sale in Toronto. A few of these include the need to relocate to a nearby neighborhood or city due to job commitments, or to choose to move to a location with more facilities and schools. In such cases, the decision to sell gets solely based on financial considerations. Whatever the reason for selling your condos, the best time to sell does not rely solely on the season.

Inquire with your real estate agent on whether the prevailing business dynamics show a buyer's or seller's market. This would almost certainly affect the price your property will fetch.

Understand How Much Does Selling a Condo Costs

There are many hidden costs involved with selling Toronto condos for sale. Many buyers are unaware that these costs may impact the profit generated after the condo gets sold. A few of these costs comprise body corporate fees, unpaid council rates, bank fees, and legal expenses. The list further includes maintenance expenses moving and selling costs, servicing, and repairs.

Decide on the Right Price

One of the essential questions buyers ask real estate agents is how much money they can expect to get when their condos sell. A professional real estate agent may recommend an asking price equal to similar Condos for sale in Toronto in the city or neighborhood where the condos are being sold. A condo valuation like this will vary from what you expect in terms of the final sale price. Remember that an agent's suggested selling price is not necessarily the price at which a condo sells.

Setting the right sale price is crucial to making the condo sold in a fair amount of time for this exact purpose. If the price is too low, it will force the seller to accept an offer much lower than the asking price. A high sale price can cause your property to sit on the market for longer than you want.

The sweet spot is a value that competes with comparable properties in the suburb. You can also compare it with the neighborhood, or town where your property is located. However, this should be done considering current market conditions. You'll have to trust the real estate agent to predict the best-selling price. This includes their years of experience in the field that make them a trustworthy source of knowledge. In addition, it also caters to their established track record of sales that allows them to suggest a price that you'll be happy with.

Find a Professional Real Estate Agent

The most critical step in the selling process is to find a specialist who will be your companion on your journey from "on sale" to "sold." If you're wondering if you can sell your condo without a real estate agent, the answer is yes. However, if you want to sell your condo for the best possible price in the shortest amount of time, not getting a real estate agent on your side could cause you to regret your decision to sell it yourself.

Negotiate the best deal possible

As a seller, having several bidders on the property is the easiest way to negotiate for a competitive price. You should make your real estate agent contact the potential buyers. Let them inform them that there are several bidders, and request their "best and last" deals.

It's also important to remember that the best deal isn't necessarily the highest bid price. You should pay heed to the contingencies in the deal as a vendor. Contingencies cover the client by encouraging them to pull out of the contract in some situations.


It is not as easy as putting Toronto condos for sale on the market and waiting for customers to queue outside with stacks of money in hand to get the most value out of the deal. The right sale price is crucial. But only after you've considered your own personal conditions and criteria within the larger context of the local property market. If you have any doubts, we, at Toronto Condo Team, will assist you in selling the condos at the best price

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