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Tuesday Jul 05th, 2022



What to Know About Living in Toronto

Are you considering moving to Toronto? Are you curious about what it's like to live in Canada's largest city? Check out Toronto Condo Team's guide with information to consider about living in Toronto.

Toronto is the heartbeat of Canada, where over 3 million people reside. It's spacious, eccentric, and home to residents from all walks of life. With a wide range of attractions from world-class sports arenas, restaurants, bars and the famous CN Tower, and a hub for business, finance, technology, entertainment and culture, living in Toronto puts you in the centre of the action. 

Here are a few more details regarding relocating to and residing in Toronto that we believe you should know.

Why Should You Choose To Live in Toronto?

Toronto is among the world's finest cities. It is one of the best cities to call home for many reasons, ranging from its safety to endless business, entertainment, and education opportunities. 

Let us look at some of the most prominent reasons for living in Toronto.

A Diverse Community

Toronto has a very diversified culture with residents from all over the world harmoniously coexisting. Residents of the city are from many ethnicities, religions and civilizations, bringing their culture and traditions to the city for others to experience and appreciate. You can dine at restaurants specializing in South American, Asian, Caribbean, European, and other cuisines or participate in Toronto's many cultural events and attractions.  

Over fifty percent of the population are immigrants who have eventually settled here, with over 250 ethnicities and 170 languages represented in the Toronto Region. When searching for a city that embraces cultures from around the world, living in Toronto is the best for you. 

Toronto Is Safe

Toronto is a fairly safe city to live in. While some Toronto districts experience conflict more often than others, most residents feel safe in their homes and neighbourhoods regardless of the time of day.

Embrace Your Hobbies and Try New Activities in Toronto

There are existing groups for every potential activity, from running, rock climbing, painting, playing music and more. With plenty to do and like-minded individuals to participate with, the most significant difficulty may be choosing which activity to explore next! 

Robust Healthcare

While living in Toronto, you will find an increased emphasis on healthcare. Canada boasts a universal healthcare system where residents can access high-quality treatment, regardless of ethnicity, religion, age or financial level. Residents will have access to world-class hospitals and rehab centres, walk-in clinics, dental offices, physiotherapy and chiropractic clinics, massage therapy, sports medicine, holistic medicine, mental health services and other healthcare services while living in Toronto. With ongoing investment in the healthcare sector, these measures enhance the citizens' lifestyle and health.

Experience All Four Seasons in Toronto

Toronto is a metropolis with four seasons, including hot summers, vibrant autumns, frosty winters, and drenching springs. In contrast to other Canadian cities (like Montreal and Ottawa), Toronto's wintertime is relatively mild.

In the Spring, residents can watch flowers and cherry blossoms bloom at green spaces like High Park, and during the Summer, it's time to soak in the sun at one of Toronto's many beaches and cultural festivals. In the Fall, residents can cheer on Toronto's sports teams, pick pumpkins and apples at nearby farms and visit the Winter Village in Distillery District or ice skate at Harbourfront in the Winter.  

Many Employment Opportunities 

Toronto's thriving economy means it may be simpler than you expect to find a stable career and growth opportunities. It is one of the top-ranked cities globally and is where you can find head offices in the financial services industry, including banking and insurance. 

As a significant centre for several sectors, including banking, cinematography, academics, and various technology such as artificial intelligence, residents living in Toronto will find it a fantastic city to establish their ideal profession. 

Enjoy The Summer Months At Many Beaches and Parks 

From Trinity Bellwoods, the Toronto Island, and Woodbine Beach to Rouge National Urban Park, you may exit the urban space to one of Toronto’s many beaches and parks without departing the Greater Toronto Area.

Many of Toronto's waterfront areas have sand or cobble beaches to enjoy. Residents living in Toronto often bring picnic blankets, tents, volleyballs and more to make the most of the open spaces.

Toronto Has World-Class Dining at Restaurants and Bars

Indulge in cuisine diversity at Toronto's many world-class restaurants and bars. Residents living in Toronto have access to cuisines worldwide, giving them a taste of different cultures and ingredients. You will find several destinations offering right from morning breakfast, brunch, lunch, and snacks to evening dinners everywhere, from food trucks and fast-food restaurants to fine dining establishments.

Bring your appetite to sample culinary experiences from Michelin star restaurants, eating in the clouds at the CN Tower, dining in a castle at Casa Loma or indulging in mouth-watering dishes from around the world. No matter where you live in Toronto, you can access tasty and nutritious selections across the area. 

Toronto is LGBTQ-Welcoming

It should be unsurprising that Toronto has been continuously rated as an outstanding location for the LGBTQ+ community, with residents living in Toronto exceptionally welcoming to everyone.

The famous Church Wellesley Gay Village is a notable hot spot featuring exciting nightlife, an inclusive community centre and top-of-the-line restaurants and bars. Further, the Toronto Pride Parade is an annual celebration of the diversity of the LGBT community. It is one of the largest organized gay pride festivals in the world, featuring several stages with live performers and DJs.

LBGTQ+ residents living in Toronto live freely throughout the year. 

Access to High-Water and Green Spaces

Being close to the environment is among the most crucial aspects of maintaining mental wellness. Additionally, green places affect your physical health as well. If you intend to reside in Toronto, you won't find any difficulty doing this.

The city boasts many green and open areas, creating a lifestyle that combines urban living and peace. Additionally, there are also charming resorts suitable for a quick holiday. In addition, each season brings forth the best in this lovely city.

Stay Active and Healthy Throughout The Year

Toronto is a thriving city with citizens who put a premium on health and wellness. There are several organized and drop-in sports programs and events all year, such as kayaking, golfing, soccer and volleyball in the summer, snowboarding, ice skating and skiing in the winter! Toronto also has public bicycles and designated bike lanes to help residents get around the city while staying active. Living in Toronto will provide you with a culture that is both active and laid-back, emphasizing fitness.

Top Educational Institutions

There are various higher education institutions in Toronto. Students from all over Canada move to Toronto to attend post-secondary education at institutions such as The University of Toronto, Toronto Metropolitan University, OCAD University and colleges like George Brown, Centennial College, and Humber College

Many students have begun living in Toronto, contributing to its perpetual youthful vibe and eccentric lifestyle. 

Living Expenses in Toronto

The costs of housing, food, daycare, and commuting are among the highest in the nation. As in every city, the nearer you reside to the city centre, the higher your costs will be. Due to the high cost of living in Toronto, many individuals look for more affordable neighbourhoods beyond the city centre and suburbs. 

However, living in Toronto lofts and condos have become one of the most popular choices for residents as it is among the most cost-effective ways to live in the city. Condos in Toronto give residents access to world-class amenities, provide maintenance of shared and outdoor spaces and keep you in the heart of the city.

Also, Toronto might be an expensive city, but there are several possibilities for various budgets and ways of life. That is the beauty of this sparkling and energetic metropolis.

Toronto Is A Business Hub

Toronto is a significant contributor to Canada's economy, home to the headquarters of the top five Canadian banks and several important enterprises. Toronto is highly ranked in global competitiveness, innovation and quality of life and is a growing financial centre in North America.  

Toronto Has Many Unique Neighbourhoods and Communities 

The Greater Toronto Area is a mosaic of varied communities, as one might expect for such a diverse metropolis. With varying attractions and characteristics, new and old residents of Canada are sure to find the perfect neighbourhood that matches their unique lifestyle and taste.

Some of the most popular neighbourhoods in Toronto include Yorkville, the Entertainment District, King West, Midtown Toronto, North York and City Place. However, living outside the city centre provides an increased selection of family-friendly features to make residents with children, pets, the elderly and those looking to expand their families' lives easier and more comfortable.

Substantial Cannabis Subculture

Before cannabis was legalized in Canada, it was normal to detect its smell while strolling Toronto's streets. Many (but not all) Torontonians have enthusiastically welcomed the legalization of cannabis.

Beautiful City Skyline

Toronto's cityscape is truly breathtaking. Its astonishing skyscrapers, CN Towner and Rogers Centre, make it one of the world's most recognizable skylines in the world, boasting incredible views no matter where you are living in Toronto. 

The CN Tower has contributed to the skyline becoming one of the most immediately identifiable. The CN Tower is the highest globally, and its observation deck offers a breathtaking perspective of the Toronto cityscape.

Advice and Suggestions on Moving and Living in Toronto

If you are considering relocating to Toronto, you should keep the following in mind:

  • If your original identity papers, resume, or other crucial documents are in languages other than English or French, having them translated may help avoid hurdles and delays when applying for residence or jobs
  • You would have to get a marriage licence to stay in Toronto. This licence is valid for ninety days. It is not necessary to become a Canadian citizen to marry. Simply be a citizen of the nation, whether permanent or temporary.
  • Based on distance, transporting your items to Toronto may be costly. 
  • Typically, pubs and bars close at 2 AM, with the minimum drinking age at 19. 
  • Anticipate housing expenses to be higher than in other Canadian cities. The cost of living in Downtown Toronto might be significantly higher, with residences valued at over one million Canadian dollars. 

Living in Toronto is a novel experience. With everything at your doorstep, from career and education opportunities to night-life unlike anywhere else in the world, you will soon find the city to be home.

Before you invest in a Toronto Condo or Toronto real estate, it is essential to evaluate your needs and criteria and speak with a real-estate professional. 

At Toronto Condo Team, we know that buying a Toronto condo can be an overwhelming and daunting process. That's why our condo real-estate agents aim to provide friendly advice and guidance throughout this whole experience. We are located in the heart of Toronto, and therefore we have access to an exclusive range of condos for sale. 

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