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The Top Architects In Toronto

Wednesday Oct 02nd, 2019


Toronto Condos

Toronto real estate market is always witnessing newer developments that are shaping up the city. Every new project that comes up in the city is making it more urbanized. Each project has the hard work and minds of plenty. Along with the developers, even the architects have a great role to play and are equally responsible for the success of the project.

Many architectural firms are engaged in building world-class condos, residences, educational centers, hospitals, international work, and much more. There are certain peculiarities associated with each one of them. However, in any industry, there are a few who stand out and fall at the top of the list. If you wish to know about the top architects in Toronto, keep reading!

List of some of the top Toronto Condo architects

#1: Hariri Pontarini

Hariri Pontarini is one of the leading architectural firms in the city. Started by Siamak Hariri and David Pontarini as a joint venture in the year 1994, the firm has gained a lot of popularity since its establishment. The portfolio of Hariri Pontarini Architects is a stellar one with a number of developments in the famous neighborhoods of Toronto.

Condos such as 1 Bloor Street in Yorkville and Minto 775 King West condos are amongst the successful real estate developments that these architects have been a part of. Apart from these condominium developments, other big projects such as Pinnacle One Yonge at Waterfront and Massey Tower also come under the portfolio of Hariri Pontarini Architects. Leaving these developments aside, the best architectural work that is appreciated globally and is done by these architects is the Baha’i Center of South America.

#2: KPMB Architects

Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg, KPMB is one of the finest architects of Canada that is located in Toronto. The designs by KPMB make the luxury and finesse as their primary goals in the properties they design. Known for creating sustainable as well as vibrant communities, the architects have established themselves really well in the city.

Cinema Tower, or the Festival Tower, one of the most popular sites in the city, is developed by KPMB. Festival Tower is located at 80 John Street and is all set to host the Toronto International Festival in a theatre that is part of the project. Many other successful projects designed by KPMB architects are present in King West, Entertainment District and other famous places of the city.

#3: CORE Architects

Established in 1994, CORE Architects Inc. is known in Toronto as one of the finest architects when it comes to the development of midsize condos in the hustle and bustle of the city. The most successful developments that are works of Core Architects are located in king West, one of the key neighborhoods of Toronto. These developments include but are not limited to 66 Portland Condos, 560 King Street Fashion House, 111 Bathurst St, and 650 King St among others.

There are plenty of other great projects by the company as well. For example, real estate properties such as 500 Wellington, 70-72 Carlton, and M City also add to the reasons behind the company's fame in today's world. Till date, CORE Architects Inc. has a total of 200 million square feet of area under the master-planned communities for which designing has been done by them.

#4: Architects Alliance

The firm has a wide variety of projects under its portfolio because of its diverse field experts in the company. That is, one can find designers as well as great technologists in the team at architectsAlliance that have great expertise in designing institutional, commercial, educational as well as condominium projects.

The main focus of the firm has always been to design developments that are both stylish as well as affordable for the people. One can find a number of projects by architectsAlliance all across Canada, Europe, and the United States. Situated in Yorkville neighborhood, 33 Yorkville Ave is one of the most successful developments in which the architectural and design aspects of the firm are visible and well-appreciated. Other popular projects by the firm include X Condominiums, the Thompson Hotel, ICE Condos, the Four Seasons, Sugar Wharf Condominiums, etc.

#5: Era Architects

Era Architects set their foot in the real estate industry of Toronto in the year 1999. Ever since the firm has witnessed only growth in terms of different fields of work. Not just focused on one; the company has spread its branches along with various styles of developments in the market. That is, one can see the contribution of Era Architects in various genres of development. These would broadly include developments in the entertainment sector, shopping malls and retail outlets, hotels and hospitality, etc.

1 Yorkville Ave, situated in Yorkville, is a popular residential condo development project in which the firm showcases its skills and expertise in the designs that it has created. Designs of popular developments of Era Architects also include the Art Gallery of Ontario, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Drake Devonshire Inn, etc.

#6: Kirkor Architects and Planners  

Kirkor Architects and Planners firm were started in the year 1981. Thus, the establishment of the company in the real estate market of the city is quite old now. The architectural firm is known for designing great developments, which are complexes, mixed-use communities, residential units, and much more.

The firm strongly believes in creating sustainable developments that not only match the urban standards of today but are equally good for the future prospects of living as well. Festival Tower, situated at 80 john Street that is going to hold the upcoming Toronto International Festival, is also having the inputs and creative designs of Kirkor Architects and Planners in its development. Other popular condominium developments that are popular by these architects are located in Waterfront. These are Aqua Vista Condos and Waves at Bayside Condos. Jade Condos and BloorVista Condos situated at Etobicoke, one of the leading urban neighborhoods of Toronto are also designed by Kirkor Architects and Planners.

#7: IBI Group

IBI Group is an architectural firm with a great vision. The firm has got a perfect team of skilled designers, architects, engineers, planners, and other professionals who are experts in the field. Apart from the condominium projects, the firm is quite popular in the market for having developed great schools, hospitals, retail and office spaces, etc. in the city.

The company's main approach is to create designs that are focused on the future. One can find sustainable architecture, intelligent systems for automation as well as creative designs in the developments which fall under the portfolio of IBI Group. One can find quite a few famous developments in Cityplace that are designed by the IBI Group architects. These developments include Concord Canada House and Newton Condos. Also, West Lake Condos situated in the Etobicoke neighborhood are also very popular and are designed by the experts at the firm.

#8: RAW Design

RAW Design finds its name in the list of top architects and design studios in the city. The firm is known to have a team that is highly creative, thinks out of the box, and meets the objectives laid out by the clients perfectly. The experts at the company come up with perfect design solutions to the problems posed by their clients.

Quite a few developments fall under the portfolio of RAW Design and are all situated in populous, leading and urban neighborhoods of the city. Two of the most iconic works of RAW Design, namely, 75 Queens Wharf and 85 Queens Wharf are both situated in Cityplace area of Toronto. The firm is also known for designing quite a few projects in other genres as well. Other successful projects that are designed by RAW Design are Tippett, The George, etc.

#9: Quadrangle

Quadrangle was started in the year 1986, and since then, it has been serving in the real estate industry of Toronto by providing excellent architectural as well as interior design projects. The firm is known to design mixed-use, commercial, retail as well as residential projects that are fine and elegant in design.

Projects such as Monde Condos at Waterfront and 36 Hazelton St condos at King West are popular developments designed by Quadrangle. Also, Mirabella Condos located at Etobicoke is also designed by the firm. Quadrangle's main idea is to create designs that are sustainable in nature. Also, they should be feasible, affordable, and reusable as far as possible in case of designs.

All the developments, be it in-development or developed, have hard work of many behind it. There are certain top-level architectural firms in Toronto that are a little popular than the other ones. This is because they have more experience and expertise in the field. There are a number of fantastic developments in popular neighborhoods of the city. These neighborhoods mostly include regions such as Etobicoke, CityPlace, Waterfront, King West, etc.

All the architects are the best in the industry and are known for something special about their firms, which makes their designs stand out in the real estate market.

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