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The Differences Between Physical Home Staging and Virtual Home Staging

Tuesday Apr 06th, 2021


Staged properties usually sell quicker and with more significant profits than those that don't have an attractive finish. The customers frequently find it difficult to picture themselves residing in a bare room or house. However, if one can offer the prospective investor a cozy, enticing property designed with beautiful accessories, you are indeed stealing your buyer's first impressions.

A realtor or a seller has to think about several determinants before listing their home on the market. Moreover, choosing the best aspects to showcase is undoubtedly the most significant decision throughout this selling procedure. It is so, as it assists in generating excitement and buzz in their property. Therefore, sellers go for various home staging types and land up confused about which one to select.

There are mainly two kinds of Home staging. They include Physical Home Staging and Virtual Home Staging.

Let us understand what these two kinds of staging are in detail.

What does Physical Home Staging mean?

Also known as Traditional Home Staging, Physical Home Staging entails hiring a home staging expert to help organize the properties for sale before it is put on the market. A professional home stager will usually bring all of the requisite furniture and decorative elements to show the home's key attributes. They concentrate chiefly on the configuration and design elements of the house.

Physical staging varies depending on a property's condition and specifications. Residences in excellent condition only need minimal modifications. On the other hand, older homes can necessitate more comprehensive efforts such as improvements and refurbishing, which cost substantially more.

Boon of Physical Staging

With Traditional Staging, customers have a more personal experience. They can see it, observe it happening. The designed decorations and furniture will enable the prospective buyer to establish an emotional bond when they visit the property in real life. The home's beauty and coziness, combined with the well-arranged and stylish furniture, give homebuyers the impression that they might sit back and rest in it. Hence, there are higher chances of them buying.

The second significant advantage is that the home will leave a strong impression on the purchaser’s mind. Staging will help purchasers see how flexible your flat's ground plan is. Investors would be less likely to be hurt up on things like the property's tricky layout or limited floor plan. However, home staging can also come up with an accurate solution to this. Additionally, the sellers can help speed up the selling process and increase the property's value, resulting in a higher sale price.

Bane of Physical Staging

The cost has always been the greatest downside for individuals. Making it different according to the size of the property and other factors, staging a home could prove to be expensive. Professional home stagers often charge commissions for an initial planning evaluation, followed by charges per staging space. However, this is well taken care of by the real estate team.

Another important point to consider is that this staging type is challenging and time-taking. It is tedious to arrange a staging schedule when the house already inhabits the owner itself or the tenants. Physical staging has a few bumpers, which is annoying, mainly if you're competing with a hot property market. However, if you pick a strong organization such as Toronto Condo Team to help you, it will least bother you.

Another disadvantage is that shifting furniture in and out of the house can result in property damage. Now, perhaps, the stagers will be vigilant and protect the home. However, there is still a slight possibility in this but can be easily managed by the Toronto Condo Team.

What does Virtual Home Staging mean?

Virtual staging refers to a collection of digital methods that enable home sellers to present their homes to potential buyers despite any physical alterations. This is usually accomplished by taking photos of the space and then digitally staging it with furniture and decorations using advanced software. Furthermore, it is all about modifying the architectural elements, showing the best part of the house to the potential buyers.

Virtual staging helps to show your property in the most standard way to customers, scouring the internet. Nevertheless, the setup efforts must be as realistic as possible.

Boon of Virtual Staging

The major boon of virtual staging is that it is very cost-effective. A home seller can show his house in a more alluring way to the buyers by spending only a few bucks. It costs only for the virtually staged photographs.

Coming to versatility, virtual stagings are the best type of staging. Through virtual staging, one can stage a chamber in a variety of ways. Sellers can show a particular space or room as the home office, resting room, gaming room, or any other. There seem to be many alternatives to get the investors curious about using the property as their dream one.

Eventually, virtual staging is much more convenient than physical staging. There would not be any worries regarding staging schedules if the renters are residing or if the owners haven't packed their stuff. Moreover, it is pretty more accessible to virtually stage space for a snapshot than to move in or install the furniture in real life.

Bane of Virtual Staging

The most significant drawback of digitally staging a property is that prospective buyers may assume the staging is genuine and honest. As per the buyer's point of view, it can be deceptive. Purchasers often look for a stunning residence for them on their budget on the internet. And there are times when they got misled while realizing it isn't nearly as good as it appears online. However, when you have the Toronto Condo Team besides you, you do not have to worry about transparency.


Conclusively, both physical and virtual staging have a different position in the seller's toolkit. The home's price range, the state of the economy, or a combination of factors affects the particular home staging type. However, bearing these considerations in mind will end up in better results.

To find out more about the type of condo staging you would like to apply for your property, book a call or drop a line to the Toronto Condo Team. Toronto Condo Team helps it's clients in the complete home staging process while increasing their home's value and surpassing the competition. Contact us today!

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