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The Best Dogs for Condo Living

Saturday Nov 21st, 2020


Are you a dog lover? Unable to choose a furball to go along with you in your new condo? If you believe that huge space with a big fenced-in outdoor space is a must to have a dog, you need to revisit your thoughts! The truth is, while you enjoy living in a condo, there are a few tiny paws that will adapt according to space and steal your hearts. 

Understanding the dilemma between the love for dogs and smaller space, we know how hard it is just to filter out a breed when every breed is equally cute! To your rescue, here’s a full-fledged guide put together to get you just the right path!

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers is an ideal breed for small condo living. Commonly known as Yorkies, this breed is the first perfect match for your lifestyle. Standing almost 23 cm tall and weighing around 3 kilos, Yorkies will cover a small space in a condo.

These little wonders are highly intelligent, and with proper training, living in Toronto condos will be smooth. Moreover, Yorkies is a breed that doesn’t require much exercise. A quick walk in the morning and evening would be enough in a day.  

While this breed certainly has the determination, they don’t require much exercise. A quick walk of 15 to 20 minutes in the morning and another at night is enough. Besides this, they are very low-maintenance to boot. Also, there will be minimal shedding, which means you won’t have to constantly worry about vacuuming furniture. 

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is just another perfect breed for people who enjoy condo living. Shih Tzu refers to little lions, but there’s nothing fierce about this toy breed. They are the happiest, outgoing, affectionate house dogs who will just follow you from room to room. 

Bred solely to be companions, Shih Tzu is a little high-maintenance breed with affection towards nature. Hence, a grooming day would make you enjoy a day starting with fun and ending in a mess. They are very active when it comes to being alarmed by strangers. Moreover, most of the time, they are comfortable in their territory and enjoy being cuddled by the person they adore. These little lions will make you fall in love with their long flowing coats and hyped nature. 


With a compact size, Pugs are snorting and wrinkly-faced little characters with a cinnamon-roll tail. Although a large space is not a requirement for them, all they need is love. They will follow you around the house and probably love to sleep in bed with you. Moreover, they are very easy going and low maintenance. Their basic requirement is to daily walk to wiggle his tail. As for grooming, they shed a lot, so investment in a decent cleaner would be good. Also, they are very friendly with children and would love to run behind them. Pugs is another best option for condo living as they are quiet dogs that don’t bark without good reason. 


Do you have a requirement for a dog who is sweet, small and a little sassy? Chihuahua is the one for you. They are one of the best condo dogs due to their little stature. In fact, be it children or adults, everyone loves this breed. Chihuahuas crave attention and love from the humans they adore. 

They will make an ideal choice as they adapt as per the environment. Hence, even if you live in a smaller space, they will make their way into the condo. Moreover, they weigh around 2lbs and doesn’t require much exercise.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

How can someone resist their sweet little paws and face? Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a sensitive breed that loves being around people. Another best option in the list as they are known for their good behaviour and affection towards humans. Spaniel weighs around 10-20lbs, so carrying around them would be very easy. Moreover, daily walks are a must for them to play around with other animals. 

As we come towards the end, these are some of the best dogs for Toronto condo living. Every dog is an individual with love and affection towards hooman! Every dog has high capabilities to adapt to the surroundings. Which breed do you think will steal your heart and make the perfect condo dog?

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