Staging Your Property for a Quick Sale

Wednesday Feb 22nd, 2017


When you approach a real estate agent to sell your property, he often suggests you for staging. Well, staging a property for sale, means decorating your home to showcase the best assets of your house in order to impress potential buyers. Staging helps sell your house quickly for the best possible price.

Although staging a property for sale is purely optional, it is actually a necessary part of a property deal. After all, who wants to settle down for a lesser price for his property when he can get a good price with a little staging?

Home staging turns out to be beneficial as no home buyer would like to do any improvement before moving into the house. And if they see any need for repair or renovation, they do try to negotiate the price of your property.

Some helpful staging tips can make a big difference in grabbing a good selling price of your house. Let us have a look at some of them:

Remove the clutter:

The major problem associated with clutter is that it diverts buyers from the best features of your house. Secondly, with clutter it looks like your house is not spacious enough. So, remove the clutter from your closet space rather than dumping everything in the closet space.


When it comes to the kitchen, many potential buyers look for new appliances that come along with your property. If you can’t afford to buy new ones, make sure you keep your existing appliances spotless.


This is an important aspect that you should consider, so make sure you remove all your family items, photos, names of your family members on specific items. It is quite important to do so, as buyers should be able to envision themselves in your property.

Remove Odours:

Pets, what you had for dinner previous night and other things that add odour to your house, make sure you remove the smell. You may be used to the smell that resides in your home, but others may not. So, make sure your house smells nice.


The buyer may or may not like the wallpaper you used for decorating your house. In order to eradicate any confusion, the best you can do is, just remove the wallpapers and paint the walls. Please note, painting over your present wallpaper is not a good idea as it will look quite shabby and will create a bad impression on the potential buyer.

Again, while painting your home, you may love to paint your rooms with your favorite color, which may or may not match the taste of the buyer. It is better to use neutral colours that please the masses and project a better image of the house you are willing to sell.


No one would want to live in a house with stained and dirty carpet, especially when someone used it that way. On the other hand, the expensive hardwood floors can add elegance and value to your house. They are easy to maintain, last longer and are a perfect choice for buyers who are allergic to dust and dirt.


Make sure the furniture in the rooms is appropriate for the size of rooms. Do not try to mess up with too much of furniture. The furniture that is big in size will obviously make the room look small. On the other hand, furniture that is too small can make the space look vacant.


It is recommended that you make use of natural light that comes in your house. Let the atmosphere come in and make sure you open all the curtains/blinds while showing your house to the buyer. You can add additional lighting wherever required. Try to replace light fixtures that are broken with new ones and let me tell you, it’s cost-effective too. If you think your existing light fixtures are perfectly fine, make sure you clean them thoroughly.


Your house’s exterior creates the first impression for your buyers to decide whether they would be interested to view the property inside. To make the exterior look impressive, make sure the trees, hedges and lawn is maintained properly, pruned perfectly and remove unwanted weeds. Wash the windows properly to brighten them and adding flower boxes can make it look good.

If possible you can power wash the home exterior to make it look freshly painted with less expense and efforts. You can buy new doormats for back and front doors.

Ceilings and Walls

If there are cracks in ceilings or walls of your house, it may create a negative impression and buyers may consider it as a foundation problem. In case your house has problems with foundation, you must fix them or let the buyer know about such problems in advance. It is better to go with the first option for getting a good price of your property. If you can get the cracks fixed with a repair, then you should not scare the potential buyers unnecessarily.

Final touches

Just before you are ready to show your house, make sure that all the staging efforts that you have put in are checked again with some final touches. These last minute touches can make your house inviting and warm. Some of these final touches can be adding fresh flowers, allowing fresh air to enter the house, at least for 10-15 minutes before the buyer visits your home. You can also add a scent that smells nice, neatly folded towels in your bathrooms etc.

Important Factor

Even if you have a good amount of money, do not spend too much money in staging a property for sale as you may land up spending more than required. Basically, you want to highlight the best features of your house. Remember, the features that sell your property are not necessarily the same as the features that make the home the right place for the buyer to live in. 

In order to get a good price for your property, your efforts put in for staging a property for sale should impress a wide range of buyers. The more buyers interested in buying your home, the higher the selling price you will get for your house.


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