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Making Every Inch Count; Boosting the Space of Your Micro-condo

Wednesday Mar 13th, 2019


luxury condos in Toronto

Doesn't it seem like Toronto condos are shrinking faster and more steadily than the breathing room on public transit. However, since it appears that prices don't appear to be going down anytime soon, we just have to swallow the bitter truth. So how are city dwellers who cannot afford Luxury condos in Toronto, managing to live in such an exorbitantly pricey city?

This is where micro condos come into play. Coming somewhere between roughly between 275 and 400 square feet, these condos are perfect for millennials looking to amp up their lifestyle within their budget. However, such cramped quarters can be quite a bummer. So if you are looking to make the most of your micro-condo, here are a few options to consider:

All of the lights

From industrial lamps and metallic pendants to vintage-style Edison bulbs and statement chandeliers, lighting is all the rage these days. Especially for those having to live in a cramped 300-square-foot space, this trend is nothing short of a blessing. Leveraging the power of light to make a space look bigger than it is, is the oldest trick in the book, as any designer can vouch for.

The trick is to enhance the lighting at the corners where the walls meet, at the floor or the ceiling, to create the illusion of space and depth. A wide array of light sources can be used for this purpose, such as track lighting or floor lamps, and even wall mounted lights can work wonders for making sure that the entire room is well lit and appears spacious.

And above all, try to maximize your vertical space, especially if you are living in a condo with lofty ceilings. A long pendant can be dangled from the ceiling to draw the eye up, thus bringing the room’s height in the limelight, taking the focus away from the floor space. With such a wide array of lighting options to choose from, you can turn your boutique-sized space in to a luxury abode that you will love living in.

Illusions aren't just for magicians

When living in such close quarters, mirrors are your new best friends. These magical wonders can do volumes for your condo since they have an uncanny charm to make any space appear bigger than it is. Whether you decide to place one beside a lamp or behind a candle, a mirror will serve to create a relaxing ambiance while boosting a light’s reach.

Looking to trick your guests into thinking you have an extra window? All you have to do is to place a mirror across from a window so that all the natural light and outdoor view is reflected. Want to elevate your ceilings without moving a muscle? Bring in a floor length mirror to give off the illusion of a higher ceiling. Akin to what the strategic use of lighting can do, a well-placed mirror will make sure that your tiny living quarters get transformed into a mighty oasis.

Go for Multi-Functional Paraphernalia

Great things in life come in packages, such as multi-functional furniture. Rather than trying to revolve your entire structure around furniture, why not buy pieces that fit in with your lifestyle. For instance, since you need a chic dining table to entertain guests, why not tuck it snugly back against the wall when the party’s over, so that it doubles as a working desk. Similarly, instead of purchasing a run-of-the-mill coffee table, why not invest in a hollow ottoman that doubles as a storage container. Nesting tables are another favorite of mine, since they can be stacked together after their use to declutter your apartment. When you are already pressed for space, try to only choose versatile pieces that will complement your space, and can be put away at the end of the day to make every inch count.

The sky's the limit

Color is another element that can draw the eye when you are working with minimal floor space. The best way to do this is to invest in statement ceilings; the most happening design trend of the year. Using tiles, wood, wallpaper, paint, or whatever catches your fancy, you can go as bold as you want with a paint brush in your hand. Add some panache to your ceilings to transform your home from ceiling to floor.

While it is a common notion that white paints enhances space, feel free to run rampant with the use of colors. Just draw the line on one thing; try to avoid painting over the ceiling edges. Rather, use a glossy, light reflecting paint and take the color up over the crown molding to make your ceiling appear higher than it is. This contemporary design trend is sure to make your condo look amazing.

Think outside the box

Let your imagination run wild; sky is the limit. Try to visualize your space in a different way and put on your creative hat to maximize the layout. A blank wall that once housed family pictures can now be a floor to ceiling shelving. The back of your doors can double as handy storage solutions. Whatever you do, don’t overlook the ceiling. Think of it like another wall. Attach a hook or two and hang your planters, pots, or pans from the ceiling. Look into the nooks and crannies of your condo and scrutinize ways that you can save even an inch at a time.

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