How Can Shifting Homes Become Super Easy

How Can Shifting Homes Become Super Easy

Tuesday Aug 22nd, 2017


How Can Shifting Homes Become Super Easy

How Can Shifting Homes Become Super Easy

Whether we are upgrading our residence to a more desirable, bigger home, or moving in with a partner, relocating to a new spot is definitely a challenging task. Settling in and getting comfortable in a new environment can be a little difficult. Though in the long run, relocation often turns out beneficial for our lifestyle and peace of mind, yet with all these cons of shifting, most people delay it as much as they can. Shifting can be a very hard thing to do but if you plan it right, it can be a piece of cake for you. If you are shifting home and want everything to go smoothly, you'll need to prepare well.

Here are a few tips that will make your Toronto Home shifting simpler and less stressful:


Brainstorming and planning are habits that can save your time with every task. Making a proper list and planning about how you will be doing the shifting what all would you need, will do half of your work. Unless you are moving in a hurry, it is probable that you have at least a month or two to ensure shifting goes smoothly. In this case, it is always better to jot down tasks that need to be accomplished week by week until the ‘Moving Day’ arrives.


But first, make a list! Having a list of everything that needs to be packed will keep your mind at peace and ensure things run smoothly. Packing everything that you don’t immediately need, in advance, will only make the task stress free. Start with kitchen appliances, crockery, books, filed documents, sports equipment, etc. Make a proper plan to do packing of rooms one by one. If you schedule to pack every single room separately then it won't is a mess when shifting starts.


For a successful move, packing and unpacking box is necessary. This box should contain all keys, any tools you might need to construct furniture, scissors, screwdrivers, masking tape, dust cloths, and glue. Having these items, all in the same box, will save you time when setting up your new home. Keep things that you would need urgently after shifting in this specified box. Also, make sure to keep first aid in this box to avoid any emergency. Make sure to keep this box in your reach all the time. Do not let it get piled under other stuff.


It is important to contact your insurance provider to make sure that your current house’s insurance policy should cease the day after you’ve moved out and your next insurance policy should start the day before you move into the new one. This way you are prepared for that one day when you are technically not living anywhere. It provides you safety and also keeps your insurance intact. Also this way you will be prepared for all the paperwork and insurance even before you move to a new place. This will take your burden off. It will allow you to focus on unpacking in your new house without worrying about rushing to get insurance done.


Moving to a new place is stressful and it is very easy to lose the new keys or have them locked inside the house by mistake. Have spare keys cut as soon as you have the keys to your new home.   


A first day box should contain a change of clothing, your toiletry bag, toilet paper, bed linen, towels, electric bulbs, eating utensils, garbage bags etc. Pack these in a transparent, plastic box so that it doesn’t mix. This one box promises a comfortable first night at your new home. Imagine searching for a toothbrush through boxes at midnight!


Make sure your belongings are packed before your help arrives. Whether it’s your friends or you have hired professional help, have everything packed in boxes and ready to be loaded in the truck or the car. With all the other expenses, you don’t want to spend more if you leave professionals waiting. It’ll reduce the delay too.


You may need cash when shifting homes- catching a cab, buying lunch, paying movers- so keep some cash with yourself to save the hassle of tracking an ATM in a new neighborhood.


Your attitude plays a huge role in having a stress free Moving Day. Invite some friends, play some music, and have fun out of it. This will keep you positive and upbeat which is essential for your focus.   

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