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Here’s How Buyers’ Wish-Lists Have Changed since the Pandemic

Monday Aug 23rd, 2021


Buying a Toronto Condo

Are you looking to sell your condo in Toronto? Forget that you were told about buyer expectations because the pandemic has completely turned the tables on what buyers look for in a condo. Here’s what a pandemic-buyer want in a condo:

Buyers want an old-school Floor Plan

The pandemic brought with it stay at home orders and indefinite work from home. Now more than ever, buyers are more conscious about the limitations imposed by the chic, open-concept condos that are characterized by narrow spaces and lack of clearly defined boundaries. Now that entire families are stuck at home all day, with condos doubling as offices, schools and everything in between, sound-proof walls and zoom-friendly work areas are looking more promising to prospective buyers. Buyers of today are demanding housing with clearly defined spaces and closed floor plans. Even better, if you have a spare den that can be turned into a make-shift gym, all the better. With fitness centers still closed across the country, fitness aficionados are having a hard time maintaining their health. In short, any spare space within the walls of your condo will be appreciated by buyers in the days to come.

Location isn’t A Huge Concern

Before the onset of the pandemic location was a major factor for buyers. Every buyer wanted a condo that was close to work as well as in the proximity of top-notch schools, entertainment areas, restaurants, hospitals, and so on. Now that we are living the reality of indefinite work from work and online learning, it is much easier to live anywhere you want without having to endure length commutes. It has become easier to get more space for less and actually buy the condo of your dreams.  Online grocery delivering and food delivering apps make it a breeze to get anything delivered to your home, which means that buyers aren’t as tied to the downtown core as they once were. Locations that were once considered out of the way have started to attract the attention of Metro Toronto home buyers. In fact, according to a report, COVID-19 is speeding up an exodus to Toronto’s suburbs and beyond for people who were frustrated with the city’s lack of family-friendly, affordable homes.

Condos with Outdoor Spaces are all the rage

For a long time, busy buyers only prioritized their interior living spaces since they hardly had time to relax at home anyway. Not to mention, since the outdoor space was included in a home’s overall floor-space, most buyers once considered balconies and yards a wastage of precious square feet that could have been utilized inside. However not that people are cooped up at home, they are starting to appreciate the breath of fresh air that outdoor spaces can provide without having to leave their homes. Many homebound Torontonians are looking for condos with more spacious outdoor spaces so that they can relax outside and some have even developed a penchant for gardening. For sellers with condos that offer private outdoor access, your property is going to sell like hotcakes in the days to come.

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