Green Trend: Incorporate Green in Your Home Interior

Friday Oct 13th, 2017


Colors define our world. People, over the years, have attached different meanings to different colors. We design our clothes and homes considering the meanings attached to them.


With green comes the sense of nature, freshness and peace. Why, out of all the colors are we talking about green? The Pantone, color of the year 2017 is greenery, that’s why. Green is a color that is easy on the eyes. It is not only soothing and energizing o look at, but also provides an attractive “trans-seasonal” hue. Greenery is a mixture of yellow and green which means a combination of peace, nature and freedom with the sun, represented by yellow. This shade also refers to spring, which is considered to be the happiest season of all. Who knows it better than Canadians after all? This is why the green trend is on high rise in every household.


Following the Green Trend in Canada


If you love decorating your house and love to flow with the trend, you must have started to think about the ways you can incorporate “greenery” in your home décor. You need to incorporate the color green in your homes not only because it’s the color of the year but also because it has numerous positive effects on your life and your personality. From its meaning of balance, adding this color to your life develops a state of equilibrium between a person’s head and heart. The ‘Green’ color is known to renew the depleted energy. Thus, a person never loses energy or feels down when around this color. This color is considered as an emotionally positive color and gives an emotional clarity along with emotional calmness. As this color gives a sense of freshness and peace, incorporating this shade in your homes might help you relax and reduce your stress.


Here are some ideas that can help you redesign your homes in a modest and a trendy way


Decorating with Plants:


One very obvious way of incorporating green in your home décor is the addition of plants. You can place small pots on empty spaces on shelves or even on the sides of the staircase. Plants also purify the air. This way you incorporate the trend into your house and also get fresh air. You can keep air plants, succulents, and regular house plants if you plan on adding the green touch to your home. There are a lot of ways through which you can use plants to decorate your home. The more plants you add, the fresher your home will look and you will never feel tired. You can buy attractive pots for the plants which will beautify your home in the most natural way.


Paint your walls:


Another way to add the touch of green into your home is by choosing the shades of green for the walls. There are different shade ranges of green; you can opt for the darkest, the lightest or mild green for your walls. This will give you a sense of spring, balance and freedom. Not just paint but you can decorate your walls with wallpapers that have shades of green in it. You can also add wall hangings with green frames. Along with this, there are many other ways you can add green to the walls of your house.


Furniture in Green:


If you do not wish to go all green with the walls, you can get furniture in shades of green. The best choice for the furniture is dark green. This shade adds depth to your home. You can keep the walls light and add a bit darker green furniture; it will completely give your home a classy yet sober look. Furniture in green is very rarely found, therefore, adding furniture in green will give your home a unique and a trendy look.


Accessorize your house in Green:


If you think that having green walls or furniture is a bold move, buy small home accessories in green, such as pots, decoration pieces, cushions for the sofas, bed sheets, rugs etc. You can also keep paintings in your house that are sceneries with a lot of green in them. For a change, you can also switch to green crockery. Use a lot of green in your kitchens. You can even buy green towels for your kitchen and washrooms. Putting on green curtains might also add a different yet trendy look to your rooms. This way you can accessorize your house in green. If these minor changes suit your eye, you can then go for the bold changes.


Get Elegant with Emerald Green:


If your style is elegant and sophisticated and you want to keep it that way, emerald green is so in this season. You can use emerald green fabrics or even silk to create a sophisticated yet romantic atmosphere. You can use green fabrics for the sofa covers as well. Emerald green is very iconic for sophistication and richness.

These are some ways in which you can add the touch of green to your home and get a trendy look. Green color brings positive vibes with it and impacts life positively. In Canada, it has already been declared as the color of the year. So, come, decorate your house in green! Now you have every reason to incorporate green in your home décor. Isn’t it?








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