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Great Neighbourhoods For Toronto Condos

Friday Jul 17th, 2020


Planning to move to a new city can seem like an overbearing task. With the worries of shifting and finding the right places to live in, the process tends to tire one out. Toronto is becoming an up-and-coming hub for people who want to move to a new place. People look for Toronto condos for sale that provides good job opportunities while offering an abundance of enjoyable activities to partake in on the weekends. This article will help you out with understanding in-depth about the most popular neighbourhoods of Toronto.

After considering different factors, Toronto Condo Team has created a list of the most feasible regions for you.

The best neighbourhoods to find Toronto condos for sale

Here is a list of a few best neighbourhoods that you would like to check out before finalizing on a Toronto condo to move to:

Old Town Toronto

If you’re looking for a place where the old and the new co-exist, then Old Town Toronto is the right place for you. Established in the year 1793, Old Town, then known as the Town of York, was the social hub for all sorts of activities.

Still a lively joint, the city boasts of one of the biggest gourmet locations, St. Lawrence Market. It was started nearly 200 years ago, and the market continues to thrive till date. There are nearly 120 vendors, merchants, and artisans that are the life of this market. Fresh fruits, fish, meat, vegetables, grains, etc. are a special charm to one of the best markets in the world.

Nearby, the Distillery District is present too. It consists of Victorian buildings collection that has been restored, and the District is currently known as the Gooderham & Worts Distillery.

The creators of this area were looking for a region that would give birth to new foods, new ideas, fresh designs, and interesting lifestyles and working environments, and they succeeded.

Going the extra mile to repurpose the original materials in order to let the place maintain its old-timey charm while incorporating the best of modern features, the Distillery District is truly a wonderful site to visit and live close to.

This restoration process has turned this district into a village consisting of having exquisite stores, galleries, shopping outlets, restaurants, theatres, etc.

Entertainment District

An area close to Downtown Toronto, the Entertainment District, includes everything that screams fun and frolic. Starting from the Toronto International Film Festival to the CN Tower, this town is full of attractions in all directions. Home to one of the most well-known nightclubs in Downtown Toronto, the Entertainment District boasts of celebrity sightings in all possible directions. Running into Drake at a basketball or baseball game would be a high possibility in this district for residents of Toronto condos.

One of the popular nightclubs, called Inside, has seen celebrities and entertainers such as Jason Kidd, Antawn Jamison, Barry Bonds, etc. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is a popular visit for families taking up Toronto condos for sale.

A stroll on Canada’s Walk of Fame, coupled with a stop at Luckee Restaurant and Bar, seems like an ideal day spent in this District. Comedy shows held at the Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club can be a fine end to a pleasing day.

The early 2000s were marked by an increasing trend of converting old warehouses into lofts and condos and condominium towers in this area. By 2005, this area had nearly 7,500 residents residing in Toronto condos. Currently, the Entertainment District is seeing a rapid increase in the number of residential areas and hotels that are under construction in this area.

The Annex and Yorkville

Adjacent to the Toronto University, the Annexe is a community in Downtown Toronto. Primarily a student quarter, this neighbourhood has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, food, and Toronto condos.

Lee’s Palace has been the Annex’s staple concert venue. A bright-coloured graffiti-style exterior makes it hard to miss. BVM Books, which is one of Toronto’s famous bookstore chains, is present here. Specializing in used books, this area is perfect for someone who is highly interested in cultural elements.

Coffee shops, theaters, restaurants, bookshops, galleries, and many other such niche locations attract residents towards the Toronto condos located here.

Adjacent to the Annex is the neighbourhood of Bloor-Yorkville, which is currently one of the most elegant shopping districts in Toronto. A hippie joint in the 60s, Bloor-Yorkville features small Victorian homes, courtyards, and alleyways riddled with fashion boutiques.

Popular cafes such as the Boulud and Moi are important places to checkout. Yorkville boasts of a Four Seasons Hotel as well. The University of Toronto borders this city, which makes it a popular student hub.

Kensington Market, AGO District and Chinatown

Kensington Market is known as the Bohemian heart of Canada. A multicultural neighbourhood in downtown Toronto, it is one of the most well-known neighbourhoods in the city. In 2006, this Market was designated as a National Historic Site of Canada.

It abounds in independent stores, restaurants, and bars that bring the world's foods to one tightly knit community. Vintage clothing shops complete the free-spirited aura that this Market gives off. The Art Gallery of Ontario is one of the biggest art museums in North America present in this neighbourhood.

Chinatown is a vibrant and multicultural location in Toronto. Most of its residents are descendants of immigrants from Asia. A pedestrian-driven neighbourhood, local transportation is the best way to explore this locality. This is the reason people look for Toronto condos for sale here. Mother’s Dumplings is a famous cozy restaurant here that offers home-cooked northeastern Chinese meals. The Chinese New Year celebrations, as well as the Toronto Chinatown Festivals, fill the region with festivity and joy. It is the go-to neighbourhood for Torontonians belonging to any and all cultures.

The Danforth

Starting off as a quiet Greek town in 1907, it has currently flourished into a lively community. The neighbourhood now has long strips of restaurants and bars. Broadview Espresso, a popular joint in Danforth, is a quiet place to start one's morning off with. The use of paper currency, along with the lack of Wi-Fi, gives this cage an old-fashioned charm.

The Carrot Commons is a stretch of shops and a community market, making it a popular hub for shoppers. The authentic Greek snack shops serve delectable munchies that one would like to binge on.

It is located just 45 minutes away from the TTC, thus making it great to buy Toronto condos here.  This cozy locality is a nice quiet escape if one likes some space and silence in a homely environment. However, on Fridays and Saturdays, this area turns into a core of nightlife, giving it an extra kick.

Toronto Condo Team is a group of real estate agents who specialize in the field of Toronto condos. After proper research and looking into multiple factors, these neighbourhoods were accumulated in this list of top neighbourhoods of the city.

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