Five Most Aesthetic Ideas to Design Small

Tuesday Aug 01st, 2017


Who says you cannot design your home on a budget?

Contrary to the general idea, home decorating does not require a vast fortune.  Use your own creative and aesthetic style to decorate your home.  Using and reusing things wisely can be of great help.

There are no set of rules when it comes to home décor. Every room has its own purpose and each one of us has a different idea of what a perfect, beautiful home should look like. Decoration on a tight budget may seem hard to some. There are plenty of things out there for home decoration. You can never get enough of home decoration objects if you visit a market. What leaves you more disappointed is the fact that these perfect items don't suit your budget generally. Fancy decorations are expensive and usually out of range. If you are renovating with a small budget then buying every single new item can be a burden on your pocket. As much as our ideas of decoration differ, here are the best ideas you can use to give your home a beautiful, cozy and aesthetic look while staying on a budget:


    Hang a picture wall frame in your room to personalize it and give it a beautiful look. Hanging multiple frames or a single frame on a wall will work equally. Hanging an abstract art/painting on a wall will create a focal point of the room.  An oversize piece of art can create a chic look and add a wow factor to your room. Hanging family photos can also give your home a personalized feel. Having pictures of your baby all around your house can be endearing and eye pleasing to every guest. These pictures also usually have sentimental value and they stay with you for a long time. Personalized pictures can never be out of trend, so it is also a long-term investment. You won't have to worry about changing these pictures for quite some time.

    The best part of this idea is that it is very light on your pocket. Every family has tons of photos that are memorable and can be framed. Also for wall art, keep an eye out on flea markets which keep art and offer them at reasonable prices. Another option would be to make your own art or hang some personal photos. The cost will most likely be on frames for family photos. You can easily get very cool frames for a very low price from the market. Make sure to surf market a lot then choose few frames to add on walls of your home.


    When decorating your room, incorporate an element of history. The addition of anything from a mirror or a side table or any accessory will add a sense of age to your room. The older the accessory is, the better. Your room will give off a new air of wisdom and elegance. A single element will pull off the effect. Antique decorations are always in trend. It’s always mesmerizing to look at the pieces of history in present time. These historic items can be kept in your house for a long time and will still attract people.
    Area rugs add color and pattern to a room and redefine its look. Bold colors and patterns can do the trick. A simple, elegant pattern can also be selected. You can consider having an area rug for the dining table. It can contrast with the floor or something that matches the other furniture or elements in the room. You can also mix and match them with your wall hangings or color of walls. They give a contrast to your simple and plain floor. If you think that your floor is old fashioned but you don’t have the budget to go for new one, then rugs are the best choice to fill the gap.


    Experiment with different materials, styles, combinations, etc. to come up with an entirely unique décor for your home. Go wild with your imagination to mix and match fabrics. A layered mix of textures will make your space inviting, dynamic and luxurious. You can use different fabrics in the bedroom to give it a warm and cozy look. A fluffy rug or covering a wall with fabric will work nicely.    


    Clocks have become an important element in interior design. Clocks can cover a bare wall and certainly make an interesting option. Living room or sitting room walls are the best places for oversized clocks. Interesting designs can be explored which certainly make a room look complete. A contrast can be set when choosing the color for the clock, giving your room an aesthetic, cool look.      

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