Toronto Condo Tenants

Dealing With Problematic Tenants

Wednesday Apr 28th, 2021


Toronto Condo tenants

One of the significant incentives that a condo has is that they can rent out their condo to earn extra income. Selling Toronto condos is becoming an extremely popular source of investment. This is so because after buying a condo, its owners can generally rent it to whoever they want and at whatever they wish to without any interference from a condo association board. Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp how Toronto condos for sale and lofts for sale in Toronto are changing the trends at a rapid pace.

However, there is a cliché. The condo owner has a free hand in deciding what they want to do with their condo. The real difficulty arises for the condo owner and the condo association when they come across problematic tenants.

Common Tenant Problems

A few of the most common reasons that make a condo tenant a troublesome problem include:

  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Not obeying property rules such as creating a loud noise, or blowing horns in a no horn zone around a condo
  • Disturbing neighbors on a regular basis
  • Not following property maintenance rules and regulations (when a tenant put curtains of a color which is not allowed by Homeowners Association)
  • Using the condo for illegal purposes (giving it on rent to others, using it for supplying of drugs)
  • Different in personalities of the tenant and owner

Ways to deal with problematic tenants

There are a number of condo tenants across Canada. Most of the people think of opting to rent the condo instead of selling them. This is usually because they owed more to the mortgage if the worth of the property was compared when they wished to move out. Contrarily, they may have got a new place to move. So, instead of keeping this vacant, they put it on rent.

You will surely deal with problematic tenants at some point in your life if you are an owner-occupant turned landlord.

Prevent Situations with Problematic Tenants

Let us look at some of the most interesting ways to prevent or address a problem tenant:

  • You should have deep knowledge and understanding not about the rights and duties of the landlord. In addition, you should also know the rights available for the tenants. It will help you if you are aware of other such laws that you might need to refer to in such a situation.
  • Your lease should clearly state all rules, regulations, and policies of the property you intend to lease. In case your condo association follows its own rules and regulations, you should provide its copy to your tenant.
  • Make sure any violation notices sent to your board are responded to and addressed by you. Your condo association can fine you as the property owner for tenant violations of the association’s rules and regulations. The association can go to the extent of evicting your tenant.
  • When dealing with problematic tenants, document the policies and procedures you use. It should contain important information such as your response time, medium of communication, notices and warnings. This also includes the copies of any document you must have shared.
  • You should submit a copy of your lease to your condo board as well. You have to do this under the condo law. If you fail to do this, it will result in fines immediately.
  • Behave in a respectful and kind manner when dealing with tenants. Remember, that you should maintain their privacy just as you would want to have it for you.
  • Don’t let your emotions take control while interacting with your tenants. Your policies should depict a firm and unmoving stand.
  • Stay peaceful, objective, and logical. In case the matter goes out of your hands, you should explain to your tenants how you want to be treated.
  • Hire a property manager. Hand over the case to them if you are not sure what to be done and when. Take help of the law if you feel the situation is beyond your control. If city ordinances and laws have been broken, talk to law enforcement.
  • Clearly state your maintenance expectation in your lease. Detail out the finances appropriately. Create structured payment options. Mention the date at which you should receive the payment. Have an end date mentioned at which you can get the amount deposited in your account.
  • Have regular inspections to avoid any end-moment crisis. You can have an elaborated move-in inspection.
  • Make use of mediation between neighbors and the tenants.
  • Implement a “Three strikes” policy. Warn the tenants and make them aware that eviction can be an option. When all other options fail, evictions can be the owners’ last resort.     

What are the rights of a landlord?

As a landlord, you should have a deep understanding and awareness of your rights. Some of the most prominent ones are:

  • You can sell your property
  • If you wish, then you can renovate your property
  • You can evict tenants who are breaking laws mentioned in the lease
  • You can end an agreement before the due date if all parties involved agree

Rights of the Condo Association

Let’s discuss some of the rights and powers that a condo association has.

The only real form of aid that the condo association has is contacting the unit owner and finding the unit owner for any breach committed by the tenant. The condo association can take the help of the authorities in case of any illegal activity or breaking of ordinances like leaving the leash of the house open.

The association can bring a civil lawsuit against the condo owner and the tenant if the condo association’s requests from the condo owner to deal with the problem go unanswered, and the problem continues. This also includes the request that the owner evicts the tenant. Moreover, it can result in consequences such as fines for the owner of the unit, forceful eviction, or agreement stating the change of behavior in the future or punishment.


Indeed, if you have put your condos for sale in Toronto or lease, you will have to handle several parts together. If you have any questions about anything, you can reach out to the Toronto Condo Team. With extensive experience, the team can surely help you in any situation.

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