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Calling Out to All Dog Lovers; Here Are 7 Best Dog Breeds for Condo Living

Tuesday Mar 30th, 2021


The biggest reserva-on of pet lovers when it comes to choosing the condo life is whether they will be able to keep a dog inside such cramped quarters, with an obvious dearth of outdoor space. However, there are plenty of low-energy and calm dog breeds that are perfectly suitable for the condo life and won’t get you in a rough spot with the association or your neighbours. Here are some of the best dog breeds that you can consider keeping as a Toronto condo dweller.

Bichon Frise

If you are looking for super adorable dogs as pets, you can’t get a cuter breed than these liAle balls of fluff. Their small size makes them ideal for condo living since most condo association impose restrictions on the size and types of pets that you are allowed to keep. Not to mention, even if you are pressed for space, I am sure you can eke out some room for these 6-11lbs of cuteness. Having these four-legged Havanese friends will be a lot of fun. While this breed is perfectly suited for small living quarters, be sure to take them out for walks daily. Since most condos these days have doggy parks, or are in the proximity of one, this shouldn’t be any problem.

Yorkshire Terriers

If terriers are more your thing, Yorkshire terriers make some of the best condo dogs. Being rather small in size, these small four-legged friends don’t take up much space, and are a popular op-on with condo residents. Furthermore, these terriers can be easily trained, and they won’t create a lot of nuisance throughout the small space. They are also a rather friendly breed, so I am sure your neighbours will love them.

Miniature Pinschers

Even if you are living in the -niest of condos, these dogs won’t create any fuss since they can easily stay cooped up at for long hours. Miniature Pinschers might look like smaller versions of Dobermans, but they share many traits with Greyhounds and Dachshunds. This breed makes great pets since they exhibit excep-onal energy and intelligence, and can be trained with ease.


On average, a Chihuahua weighs around 2lbs, which makes them suitable for even the smallest condos. Chihuahuas are the ideal condo dogs since they don’t need much exercise and can easily adapt to cramped living quarters and are also easier to carry around. Most people instantly fall in love with them so rest assured, you will never hear any complaints from your neighbours.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Being one of the friendliest dog breeds on earth, these pets are ideal for people who are looking for a dog for good cuddles. These small spaniels weight around 10-20lbs, which makes them perfect for apartment dwellers living in closed living quarters. This spaniel breed is also known for happily staying most of the -me indoors, which is something condo dwellers would really appreciate. Even if your condo isn’t exactly pet friendly, this is one breed that won’t get you in any trouble with the association 


Most people think that Dachshunds are a small and fierce breed, but they are uber-friendly dogs. Also known as sausage dogs, these dogs make ideal pets for people with liAle children at home. Even if you have other dogs in the condo, Dachshunds get along well with almost any breed and don’t create any fuss. They are also content with not getting enough attention or exercise, which makes them the best choice for condo dwellers. Even though it can be slightly challenging to train them, rest assured, this low-maintenance breed won’t get you in any rough spots.

Toy Fox Terries

Last but not the least, this breed is another ideal choice for condo or apartment dwellers. Toy Fox Terriers are easy to train, and they are quite clever and loyal. Their small size makes them adapt easily to the smallest of places. This breed is highly protective so consider having them as pets if you have small children at home. If you are looking for a dog that does not require attention all the time and will be a loyal pet, you should definitely get a toy fox terrier.

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